Flotilla II 040711

We are overwhelmed by all the support messages. Thx to all! The world is watching – sooner or later we will end blockade of Gaza. #flotilla2

WE LOVE Mayor of Aghios Nikolaos negotiated on behalf of our travelers and people from the local social movement there. #solidarity

The Tahrir, Canada’s boat to Gaza: Two arrested, other activists remain on board to avoid arrest

Right now the Canadian boat to Gaza has 30 captains and they are all stuck on the ship but not under technical arrest by Greece #flotilla2

#flotilla2 Greece’s political elite may be enforcing Israel blockade, but Greek military vastly different to idf – still some humanity there

#flotilla2 Surreal moment – soldiers and passengers sitting talking. Soldiers bring personal usb keys for copies of pictures of boarding

#Flotilla2  is about our solidarity w/ the ppl of Gaza, changing Israel’s criminal policies & stopping the support they receive from US gov’t

2-arrested in kayak action to block coast guard (one canadian and one australian) from today’s Canadian boat breakout. Palestine we love you

Israel’s attempts to stop #flotilla2 expose its determinition to hold on to its repressive, inhuman and illegal policies at any cost.

RT @thesspirit: The Greek minister responsible for #flotilla2 decisions is @ch_papoutsis #flotilla #gaza > Everyone bombard him on here!

update: All travellers are moved up on deck are in good spirits and are not leaving the boat. #flotilla2 #canada4gaza

MT .@CanadaBoatGaza: When commandeered & towed by Greek CG, Tahrir was slammed into a concrete wall – boat taking on water now #flotilla2

#flotilla2 Tahrir passengers Soha Kneen & Michael Coleman assumed arrested for blocking path of coastguard boat in water when Tahrir escaped

#Flotilla2 still onboard Tahrir. 2 passgrs who blocked coastguard boat in water at beginning escape missing – assumed arrested michael&soha

#flotilla2 passengers now refusing to leave the Tahrir but have offloaded the medical aid for its safekeeping. Now discussing next move.

RT @CanadaBoatGaza: Very serious situation developing. Gas leaking. Greek coast guard slammed boat into concrete pier. Details to follow.

Activist’s say Greek Authorities have badly damaged the boat when they pulled it into port.”They are now sinking our boat” Stephan

Activist say they had a right to sail, were not in violation & say that Greece is violating international law to enforce the Gaza blockade

The gerneral feeling on the #tahrir is one of out rage at Greek government for helping Israel stop the #flotilla.

We sailed today w/ support of Greek civil society and people from all around the world. Tahrir will reach Gaza sooner or later. #flotilla2

Activist are now going into a meeting on the upper deck of the #tahrir to decide their next move

Demonstration underway in Rome at Greek Embassy condemning complicity in enforcing Israeli blockade of Gaza. #flotilla2

No one from the Tahrir has been arrested yet. But Greek police are here and no one is able to leave the boat. #flotilla2

#flotilla2 the Tahrir Canadian boat may have been damaged in the
interception – there is a fuel leak and smell of diesel now spreading

Greek govt has no right, under international law or their own domestic law, to prevent our boat from leaving Greece. #flotilla2

Try to contact your local pro #Palestine organizations and set up rallies to denounce #Greece illegal blockade of #Flotilla2! #Gaza

Kayakers were able to block Greek coast guard briefly when we left port. #canada4gaza #flotilla2

We left port without a captain. We released captain and crew from contract and sailed under control of international volunteers. #flotilla2

BREAKING: Long-running dispute between Turkey & Greece over Adriatic finally resolved: Israel owns ENTIRE Mediterranean. #flotilla2

Police are now lining the port while a large tugboat blocks the #tahrir at the doc

Contact Cdn MPs to tell them to support the Cdn citizens on the Tahrir – tell Greek govt to let them sail, let them go

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