Drama on the high seas as Israel prepares to attack 12 ships with aid to Gaza

Israeli pirate commandos attack the Freedom Flotilla I murdering 9 and injuring 55 humanitarian aid volunteers.

Los Angeles, Alta California – June 28, 2011 – (ACN) The waters of the Mediterranean may again turn red with blood if the criminal state of Israel repeats what it did to the Freedom Flotilla on May 31 of last year. On that day heavily armed Israeli commando pirates brutally attacked peaceful humanitarian volunteers taking medicine and food to suffering Palestinians in Gaza. The murderous Israelis boarded the largest of the flotilla’s 6 ships called the Mavi Marmara and routinely killed in cold blood 9 volunteers and injured 55 others, 36 of these seriously. The crime took place on international waters. The six ships of the aid flotilla were attacked by 4 battle ships, 3 helicopters, 2 submarines, and 30 zodiac boats of the Israeli navy paid largely with USA tax dollars. ( See full report of this horrific incident at http://www.aztlan.net/Mavi_Marmara_Report.pdf )

One of the victims of the Israeli killers on the Mavi Marmara. The Zionist pirate shot point-blank destroying half of the volunteer’s head.

Today, another Freedom Flotilla, this time with 12 ships, is rendezvousing at an undisclosed location on the Mediterranean to again attempt to deliver essential humanitarian supplies to Gaza. The new flotilla dubbed “Freedom Flotilla II” is truly international in nature with ships and boats from the US, Canada, Ireland, Cambodia, France, Sweden, Spain, Greece and Italy. The passengers consists of over 1,000 pro-Palestinian activists hailing from 22 countries and includes Bill “Jimbo” Simmons (Choctaw) of the American Indian Movement (AIM).

The ships and boats have left undisclosed ports in Greece, France, Italy and other secret locations and are now on their way to the rendezvous point. Organizers are not disclosing locations for security reasons. Zionist Israel is making great efforts to sabotage the effort. Last year, they even planted Zionist Jews as passengers in the ill-fated flotilla. These Zionist agents were then able to sabotage the engines of two of the ships and in addition provided strategic information to the Israeli pirate commandos before their attack.

Palestinian baby burried in the rubble after Israeli “Operation Caste Lead” bombing strike

La Voz de Aztlan is happy to announced that we will have a reporter on the Freedom Flotilla even though the Israeli government has made serious threats to all journalists aboard. The Zionist official Oren Halman of the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) has issued stern warnings to reporters and journalists on the Freedom Flotilla II. He said any journalist they arrest will face stiff fines and have their cameras and equipment confiscated. In addition, Halman warned that arrested reporters will be barred from entering Israel for 10 years. La Voz de Aztlan previously sent a reporter on an aid mission to Gaza. This was with Viva Palestina USA in 2009. See his report at http://www.aztlan.net/viva_palestina_gaza_report.htm

Hard line Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized the IDF to utilize all force necessary to stop the Freedom Flotilla II from reaching the Gaza shore.

We must not underestimate the grave danger that the over 1,000 international humanitarian volunteers are in. There is great potential for a massacre of incalculable proportions to occur. The Zionist Israeli regime has proven to be merciless killers of innocent people and children as during Operation Caste Lead that began on December 27, 2008 and lasted for 22 horrible days. The military attack on Gaza resulted in the murder of over 1,400 Palestinian civilians including over 400 children. There are many other war crimes atributed to the murderous Zionists. These include the massacres of Sabra and Shatila in 1982 and the massacre of USA sailors during the USS Liberty incident in 1967.

If Israel attacks the Freedom Flotilla II and again commits murder on the high seas, we must act to end these continuing Zionist travesties once and for all . We must hold members of the US Senate and House of Representatives that are puppets of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) accountable. We must also refuse to send our tax dollars amounting to billions yearly to Israel and instead use these funds to feed and cloth our ever growing homeless population and provide some comfort to families who are now going hungry in America and are on the streets because of unemployment and foreclosures.

(www.aztlan.net / 29.06.2011)

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