Jordanian lifeline buys vessel to carry activists to Gaza



AMMAN, (PIC)– Wael Al-Saqa, the head of the Jordanian lifeline committee, has announced the purchase of a small ship to the tune of 560000 Euros to carry Jordanian activists to the Gaza Strip as part of the Freedom Flotilla II.

Saqa said, in a press release on Saturday, that the ship would carry 35 Jordanians out of 70 activists from five Arab countries, adding that the ship was registered as “Noor” company.

He said that the ship, which can accommodate up to 200 passengers, would be one of eight ships that compose the Freedom Flotilla II.

He said that 10% of its price was paid and that the council of Jordanian syndicates is to meet on Monday to decide on payment of the remaining 90%.

Saqa said he would attend a meeting for the international committee to end the siege on Gaza on Sunday in Turkey to discuss final preparations for the fleet, scheduled to set sail by the end of June, and names of solidarity activists who would take part in it.

The conferees would also discuss the international stands regarding the humanitarian fleet, he said, noting that the Zionist lobby in Europe was trying to pressure European governments to ban their nationals from participating in the fleet .

( / 26.06.2011)

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