Fundamental reforms should be undertaken after elections

BEN AROUS (TAP) – Progressive Democratic Party (PDP) Secretary-General Maya Jribi said that “the post-elections is a period in which fundamental reforms in political, administrative and economic fields should be undertaken.”

“These reforms should be in line with the preservation of the Tunisian citizen’s dignity and guarantee of his rights, away from any ideologies and extremism,” she specified.

Addressing a meeting on Saturday in Rades, governorate of Ben Arous, PDP Secretary-General warned against the continuity of economic stagnation and against insecurity which are direct causes of foreign investments’ drop, rise in unemployment rate and regression of tourism.

As regards the postponement of the National Constituent Assembly’s elections to next October 16, she voiced once more PDP’s rejection of this postponement, recalling the party’s main objectives, notably “the achievement of justice, democracy and well-being for all Tunisians.”

( / 25.06.2011)

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