First African convoy to Gaza gets ready for departure.

First African convoy to Gaza gets ready for departure.The final countdown to the departure of Africa’s first ever overlandaid convoy from Durban to Gaza has begun. It will culminate in a grand send off ceremony for the South African Relief Agency’s road convoy at the Durban City Hall at 09h00 on Sunday 26 June 2011.

Of special significance is the fact that Archbishop Desmond Tutu will be present along with the Premier of KZN, the Ambassador of Palestine and the Mayor of Durban to send us off with their prayers and best wishes for the success of this mission.

The convoy will be distributing aid to the needy in towns that they will be stopping over enroute through Africa. The main aid consignment consisting of baby milk powder, medicines, wheelchairs, crutches, medical equipment, school stationery, disposable diapers, portable electricity generators and ambulances are destined for Gaza. This huge undertaking would not have been possible without the support and the generosity of donors from the corporate sector, community organizations and concerned individuals.  (click to enlarge the article at bottom of the page to read about the fund raising efforts of the ‘Al-quds’ women)

Twenty one “heroes” headed by Sheikh Walid El Saadi, have volunteered to undertake this challenging 10,000 odd kilometre journey through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt to deliver this vital aid to the beleaguered and besieged people of Gaza. A further twenty five members will join us via our air convoy as will an equal number from Sudan and Egypt to swell our ranks prior to our entry into Gaza. Regular updates posted on our website and both the SA Relief and Africa to Gaza Aid Convoy face book pages, will provide

“live” tracking of the convoy’s progress.
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( / 25.06.2011)

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