Jamal El-Khudari, frontrunner for Palestinian premiership due in Cairo Sunday

Ahead of Tuesday, when the new Palestinian premier will be named, Jamal El-Khudari will arrive to Cairo Sunday, with sources saying the issue of who will follow Fayyad is almost resolved


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (C) stands between Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh (L) and senior Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan during the letter of appointment ceremony in Gaza in this February 15, 2007

Jamal El-Khudari, who has emerged as the most likely candidate for the Palestinian premiership, is expected to arrive to Cairo Sunday.

Al-Khudari has been avoiding comment on the prospects of his being the future prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, instead speaking of the necessity of reaching consensus over the premiership.

Al-Khudari, an independent political figure and head of the committee for breaking the siege on Gaza, is one among five names that were discussed in Fatah-Hamas talks held in Cairo last week.

According to Al-Khudari, the mission of any future prime minister should be to implement what has been agreed upon in the national reconciliation agreement struck between Fatah and Hamas, and to deal with the vast sufferings of the Palestinians.

According to informed sources that spoke to Ahram Online, the dispute over the naming of the new prime minister has almost ended, with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas withdrawing the name of his preferred candidate, Salam Fayyad, to avoid accusations of obstructing implementation of the reconciliation agreement.

Al-Khudari’s arrival will come two days before a ceremony expected to take place in Cairo Tuesday to announce the new prime minister. The event is to be chaired by Abbas and Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshal.

(english.ahram.org.eg / 18.06.2011)

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