Guest Post: Scientific Role of Muslims

Scientific achievements are an inherent part of the Muslim identity and there is a need to reinforce and encourage Muslim contributions in science, technology, business, medicine etc. It is an Islamic duty for Muslims to excel in all fields of scientific endeavours. This is a core value of Islam as a religion and as a civilisation which contributed to the progress of science and technology through out the ages.

There is a very important hadith that accurately describes the role of Muslims towards their society and to humanity. Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that says: “The believer is like rain, wherever he goes he brings goodness”.

Be a good Muslim role model, you cannot be a good Muslim unless you constantly seek knowledge, scientific and intellectual advancement for yourself and others. The first word in the Quran is Iqra which is an order to Read and seek knowledge constantly.

I can’t live hating the society I’m in. I have to be proactive. I have to get involved. Don’t be minimal in the effort you can make. Be successful in whatever area of life you are in. Respect those who are successful.

Instead of crying about what happens to Muslims, be proactive and prove to everyone that you as a Muslim are doing your best to contribute to your British society, Ummah and to the whole of humanity.

Islam always needs a lot of dedicated and talented Muslims to work hard and relentlessly contributing to the scientific and technological progress in every possible field. Muslims need to remember that the pursuit of science and success was always a core Islamic value. There is an entire chapter in Quran named “Iron” as Islam emphasises the importance of industry, technology and the pursuit of science and success. The Quran even describes the process of manufacturing the metal alloy which Dhul Qarnayn used to build the defensive wall that stops Gog and Magog.

Strong hearts always have room for compassion and forgiveness regardless of injustice. Weak hearts always have a sense of revenge that controls them.

Uneducated and unsuccessful Muslims sometimes cause more damage to Islam than Islam’s worst enemies.

Science and success are not only an important aspect of the Muslim character, science and success also provide a platform for Muslims and non Muslims to work together in peace and harmony, appreciating and respecting each other.

Cooperation between Muslims and non Muslims in science, business and charity work will strengthen coexistence, tolerance and peace. It will also prevent conflict and will undermine the efforts of the proponents of the clash of civilisations on both sides.

I implore you, please make Islam proud of you . Be active in the society, don’t isolate yourself.

Why don’t you decide to benefit humanity by working in scientific research?

Why don’t you decide to use your creativity and entrepreneurship to design a product that the whole of humanity can benefit from?

Why don’t you read a book per month? Do you know that scientific research showed that people with higher than average intelligence usually read a significant number of books, I think it was about 50 books/year? This is about a book / week. Scientific research also shows that there is a clear relationship between reading and the development of your analytical and mental abilities.It goes without saying that you need to choose the best possible books and research to read.

Don’t be single minded in your approach, read as much point of views as possible and also read in different fields and topics.

Why don’t you pursue a Masters or a PHD that could benefit the Ummah, UK and the whole world?

If you have the right credentials, Why don’t you think of teaching kids (Muslims and non Muslims) in your mosque or community centre to help them improve their educational standards?

Why don’t you try to teach teenagers and kids (Muslims and non Muslims) in your neighbourhood while trying to implant in them the importance of science, technology and creativity? This will help young people be more independent so they can pursue their own businesses and develop new products especially that unemployment seems to be constantly rising.

Why don’t you think of doing charity work with your Muslim and non Muslim neighbours?

There are plenty of ways you can benefit Islam and your society, if you want.

Allah’s Messenger said: “When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except three: ongoing charity, beneficial knowledge/ science and righteous offspring who will pray for him.” [SahihMuslim]

( / 17.06.2011)

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