Said Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh Wednesday a “breakthroughs” in the implementation of a reconciliation agreement, during the meeting between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Palestinian Liberation Organization (Fatah) in Cairo on Tuesday.

Haniyeh told reporters in Gaza – while inspecting one of the halls exams, which was launched today – “The news that arrives from Cairo talks about the positive atmosphere, and the occurrence of breakthroughs necessary for the implementation of a reconciliation agreement.”

Haniyeh said that breakthroughs developments will contribute to the formation of a government of national consensus and activation of the Palestine Liberation Organization and an end to political arrests, and compatibility in order to resolve all outstanding issues on all tracks and in a balanced manner.

He said Haniyeh of Hamas, the Palestinians are entering a “new phase”, and expressed the hope that reconciliation ship up to safety and begin practice in the implementation of what was agreed upon in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The two organizations agreed – in a dialogue hosted by Cairo on Tuesday – the announcement of the formation of the interim Palestinian government next week in the Egyptian capital Cairo, in the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and President of the political bureau of Hamas, Khaled Meshaal.

The director of Al Jazeera’s bureau in Cairo, Abdel Fattah Fayed said Tuesday that he was the exclusion of the President of the caretaker government in the West Bank, Salam Fayyad, the possibility of lead the next government.

In a statement to the island on Tuesday evening from Cairo, Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy head of Hamas Political Bureau that the two movements Twaafqata independent person to head the government, refused to reveal the name of this character.

Also refused to disclose the names of candidates for membership of the government, but stressed they are all independent of the competencies and personalities it is compatible, and they have specific tasks in the framework of consensus for the management transition.

(Facebook / 15.06.2011)

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