Germany pledges 50 million euros for the sewage plant project in central Gaza

The Minister of Development Dirk Nebel, said Tuesday that his country had pledged 50 million euros to a sanitary drainage project east of the Bureij camp in central Gaza Strip, and three million euros for the Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to build schools in the sector.
Nebel said in a press conference held at the headquarters (UNRWA) in Gaza City, said his visit aimed to the sector for the projects being implemented in partnership between the Palestinians and Germany.
He pointed out that he had seen during his visit to the sector of wastewater treatment plant in the area of Sheikh Ajleen west of Gaza City, which has pledged his country to provide 20 million euros to rehabilitate.
Turning to the German minister vowed his country during the Sharm el-Sheikh, which was held in 2009 following the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, providing 150 million euros to support the humanitarian needs and reconstruction of the sector, stressing the need for rapid progress in these projects to benefit residents of the Gaza Strip from them.
He stressed Nebel that ’there is no substitute for investment and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip because the young people in the sector need to the process of building their future and therefore Altmanip German help in the development of young children’, adding that it ‘can not be no development in the Gaza Strip without a political solution and a final cease-fire ‘.
German minister demanded that Israel lift the blockade completely from the Gaza Strip even begin the process of reconstruction of Gaza and move forward.
In political affairs, said the German minister, said his country ‘believes that the only solution to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the establishment of two states, Palestinian and Israeli side by side according to the requirements of the international quartet committee and not to go beyond this subject’.
With regard to national reconciliation that took place in Cairo on the fourth of last month, said Nebel, it is’ a step forward and could play an important role in the future, and to be an important step on the road to two-state solution ‘, noting that his country’ will judge the Government of compatibility coming through their actions’.
The German minister to the Israeli government was prevented from visiting the Gaza Strip the same time the current of last year ‘but I realized after a year of prohibition that would be useful to the German government through the development of its institutions to work for a better life for the population in the Gaza Strip’.
Nebel pointed out that his country ’ties with the natural with the PNA, and that there is cooperation between the two sides’, pointing at the same time that Germany ‘has normal relations with Israel’.
The German minister arrived in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday morning crossing of Beit Hanoun and visited the headquarters of the Palestinian refugees in al-Nasser Street in Gaza City, and the water station in the Sheikh Ajleen west of Gaza, and also met with the Commissioner-General’s (UNRWA) Filipio Grande

(Facebook / 14.06.2011)

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