Where is Palestine, and why are Palestinians unhappy with their lot?

Once upon a time there was a place called Palestine, a land of milk & honey written about in a book called The Bible. This ended in 1948 when Ben-Gurion declared the creation of the State of Israel. Palestine was then flooded with Jews from Europe, later USA and other countries. These immigrants kicked the Palestinians out of their homes, off their farms and out of Palestine. Now the Palestinians are imprisoned in The Gaza Strip, a foul strip of desert between Israel & Egypt, or have been forced out to the west of The River Jordan. However even that is not enough for the Israelis, they keep expanding into the West Bank territory and creating settlements there and every couple of years the Israelis have a turkey shoot, only it’s not turkeys they’re shooting.

Palestine 1851 PALESTINE, 1824?
Lapie, Pierre (1779-1851) Paris
Rapkin, John (1815-1876)
Drawn & Engraved by J. Rapkin
London & New York J. & F. Tallis
Palestine 1851
Palestine 1886 PALESTINE, 1886.
[Cram, George Franklin] (1841-1928)
Engraver & Publisher, Chicago
Palestine 1886
Israel 1988 PALESTINE, 1988.


* What happened to Palestine?
* Who’s occupied Palestine?
* What’s happened to all those Palestinians?

Here follow some reports of what has happened to the Palestinians.


2008 – The Same Old Story – Slaughter by the Israelis

This cartoon from Peter Brooks, on TIMESONLINE

Summary of the Israeli atrocities in Palestine.
In 2008, up to 27th Dec., the home-made rockets that Hamas fired into Israel killed no-one. In return the Israelis killed 400 children and 900 adults in Gaza. After the Israeli attacks Hamas rockets killed 3 Israeli civilians. The Israelis shelled clearly designated UN schools sheltering civilians and used white phosphorus against civilians, both of these actions are war crimes. USA supplied, free, the aircraft, helicopter gunships, missiles, bombs and bullets for these attacks and will block any international condemnation of Israel in UN.
BBC – “I rushed back to find their dead bodies – or rather parts of their bodies – strewn all over the room. . .
BBC – Amnesty Finds Evidence of War Crimes
TIMESONLINE – Amnesty International: Gaza white phosphorus shells were US made
BBC – Israel troops admit Gaza abuses

5th Jan. 2009
People who are really evil are few and far between, and so it is with nations. By being evil I mean people or states who choose to indiscriminately kill, imprison, torture and inflict severe physical and mental pressures on others. Examples are Nazi Germany in the 1940’s and the Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia in the 1970’s. There are states and organisations in Africa and one or two other places that are evil, they slaughter anyone that comes in their way as they try to gain their desires.

And so it is with Israel and U.S.A. In order to gain land for themselves the Israelis have driven the Palestinians from Palestine, from their farms, from their homes and they kill the Palestinians who object. The U.S.A., whose presidents depend upon the votes and influence of Jews in New York who support Israel, have always been ready to give the Israelis the weapons to enable them pursue this evil. In effect US foreign policy is determined by Israel. To support the Israelis the US blocks any attempt in U.N. by other nations to stop or condemn this evil.

The U.S.A. is evil in its own right. Its invasion of Iraq, which brought about the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis was nothing more than an attempt to gain control of Iraqi oil. The US government distorted its laws and ignored international laws to allow it to imprison and torture any Iraqi, anyone, they wished. It was the same in Vietnam, only then over 2 million Vietnamese died.

Quite simply Israel and U.S.A. are evil just as Nazi Germany and the Khmer Rouge were before them.

Yesterday, as I wrote that, the Israelis were firing tank shells into a U.N. school in which civilians were sheltering. At least 40 were killed and another 55 wounded. As I said, Israel and America who provided them with the weapons are evil terrorist states.
* The Guardian – Gaza’s day of carnage – 40 dead as Israelis bomb two UN schools
* The Independent – Robert Fisk: Why do they hate the West so much, we will askThis is essential reading
* The Guardian – Israel accused of delaying medical access to injured
* The Guardian – Israel shelled Palestinians after evacuating them, UN says

28th Dec. 2008
Once again I am ashamed to be British. As the world is horrified by the slaughter of hundreds of Palestinians in Gaza by the Israelis the British Government refuses to condemn the slaughter, or even ask the Israelis to stop the slaughter. Where is Tony Blair, George Bush’s tame Peace Envoy? Perhaps he’s too busy making money to buy one more fancy house, or in the confessional at his church.

In Britain, on Guy Fawkes Night, (Nov. 5th), there were more casualties from fireworks than there has been all year in Israel from Hamas rockets. In 2008 not one Israeli was killed by these Hamas rockets before the Israelis started killing the Palestinians. (If any Zionist wishes to correct that please send me a list of the deaths of Israelis due to these rockets.) This destruction and killing is nothing to do with Hamas fireworks, it is an attempt to destroy the civil infrastructure of Gaza. Look at the buildings destroyed, the interior ministry, police headquarters, mosques and a university. Several years ago they did the same with Fatah and in doing so created public support for Hamas which brought about the democratically elected Hamas government.

Gaza is the worlds biggest prison camp. Israel controls the borders and all that is allowed in and out of this foul, barren desert strip. Recently they have been restricting food, medicine and fuel such that there is extensive hardship and malnutrition in Gaza. Now The Israelis seem to have decided it is simpler to kill the Palestinians with bombs & missiles provided for that purpose by USA. For the Israelis it is like shooting fish in a barrel. The Israelis seem to accept that Hitler knew how to deal with unwanted people, perhaps Gaza should be re-named Auschwitz.
Here are two reports from the British media. The Guardian and The Independent are newspapers of the highest quality, their reports will be 100% accurate.
* Five sisters killed while they slept
* Gaza Diary

What sort of moral code justifies this slaughter by the Israelis and its approval by the US and UK governments?

July 2006
I feel I should be updating my website with details of the latest incidents in Palestine and Lebanon, but it’s just the same as before. The Israelis destroying and killing while America supplies them with billions of $$ worth of bombs, missiles and aircraft. Israel has devastated Gaza and Lebanon, destroying the infrastructure and killing many hundreds of people, most of who are women and children. They are also targeting UN observers and Red Cross ambulances as well as convoys of civilian refugees trying to escape the bombing. These actions are undoubtedly war crimes. War crimes, does it matter, the USA will veto any criticism of Israel made in UN. Check out this BBC website to see what the Israelis have destroyed. Don’t be misled by the Israeli talk of the rockets, home-made fireworks, fired by Hizbollah, they have killed less than 20 civilians compared to the several hundred Palestinians and Lebanese killed by the Israelis in the past few days.

What started this? The Israelis, who have over 10,000 Palestinians & Lebanese held in prison camps, feel that it OK for them to devastate Gaza and Lebanon because Hamas has one Israeli prisoner and Hizbollah has two. I wondered if this was to be a smokescreen allowing the Israelis to bomb Iran, so far it hasn’t been. I’m not much into countries having nuclear bombs but with such a belligerent Israel and USA who can blame Iran for wanting nuclear weapons to protect it’s people.

America is flying in more laser guided bombs, missiles and other weaponry as fast as Israel can use them. Sadly the USA/Israel Axis of Evil has been supported by the British Government which has allowed the aircraft carrying these shipments of bombs and missiles to refuel in UK. Even Bush’s poodle Tony Blair has become a supporter of America’s far right neo-cons. I see that Blair doesn’t want a cease-fire, he wants the Israelis to have a more time to kill more Palestinians & Lebanese and to destroy more of the infrastructure before there is a cease-fire. I can not understand how British Members of Parliament who had humanitarian political attitudes in the 1980’s have been so ready to support Bush’s destruction and killings in the Middle East. I am ashamed of the British Government.

Update, 31st July 2006
When I added the section above about the killings by Israel being the same old story I didn’t realise how right I was. In 1996 The Israelis massacred 105 Lebanese civilians who were sheltering in a UN compound in Qana. Yesterday the Israelis used a laser precision-guided bomb to kill approximately 60 civilians, including 34 children who were sheltering in a building in Qana.

Bush and his lap-dog Blair have repeatedly made it clear that they didn’t want a ceasefire, they wanted the Israelis to have more time to continue their killing.

Well, Tony, you got what you wanted. Are you happy now? And you British Labour MP’s, you supported Blair throughout his lies and killing in Iraq, you let this evil genie out of the bottle, how much longer will you support his far-right, neo-con, murderous policies?

Here Blair! Look at these pictures, be proud of your work.
Damn it! The photos have moved.

Terrorism in Palestine

  • In the 18 months, up to 1st May, 2002, Israeli terrorists have killed approximately 1,200, Palestinians, (now probably 1,600 – 1,800, up to 12th May 2002). They have used American tanks, American helicopter gunships, American warplanes, and American missiles against civilians.
    In the same period, in response to the Israeli killings, Palestinian suicide bombers have killed approximately 200 Israelis.
  • Ariel Sharon oversaw the slaughter of over 800 Palestinian civilians, mostly women & children, in the Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps in South Beirut in 1982.
  • In Jenin the Israeli army used bulldozers to crush house in which civilians sheltered, the Israelis used civilians as human shields when they attacked Palestinians and checked for booby traps. These acts fall within the definition of war crimes.
  • Israel has developed weapons of mass destruction and has over 200 nuclear weapons, and the USA has done nothing about it.
  • The government of U.S.A. has funded and still funds and arms the Israeli terrorists. This year, 2002, USA government is giving Israel $2,000,000,000 in military aid, that’s an awful lot of tanks, helicopter gunships, warplanes, missiles etc.etc. that’s an awful lot of dead Palestinians, and that’s nothing compared the previous years.

(www.peterloud.co.uk / 13.06.2011)

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