2011 The Recognition of the Independent Palestinian State




After more than 62 years of Palestinian struggle in face of the Israeli occupation, it is time for the world to recognize the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. Foremost is the establishment of a Palestinian state on the boarders of June 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital.


For the peaceful Palestinian struggle (through Palestinian-Israeli negotiations) has gone on for over 18 consecutive years in the plight for freedom. Where all of Palestinian people passing through all of its generations regardless their political and religious backgrounds remain committed to peaceful resistance and resolution as the only means and strategy to end the struggle and Israeli occupation of Palestine despite continued Israeli intransigence. These peaceful means have been embodied in negotiations, the establishment and development of institutions, economic development, and non-violent resistance of occupation. Today after more than 6 years; we witness significant work towards building a state and ending occupation, the time has come for the world to recognize a Sovereign and independent Palestinian state.

(www.palfreedom.ps / 08.06.2011)

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