The myth of the open and secular Israeli society

Zionists tend to portray Israel as an open and secular society. Let’s examine the secular and open aspects of this society.

Let the facts speak for themselves: These are snapshots demonstrating the ethos of Israeli society in its different areas such as law, military, education etc.

Israeli soldiers announce: ‘I would gladly kill Arabs – even slaughter them’

Israeli Judges claim girl raped by her father ‘enjoyed’ sex

Israeli school segregation survives High Court challenge.

‘Sinner’ singer given 39 lashes by rabbis

Sex-segregated concerts in Israel

Israelis burn New Testaments

61% of Israeli men don’t see forced sex with acquaintance as rape

Israeli Education Ministry Approves New ‘Whites Only’ Settlement School

Israel is insulting its Ethiopian Jewish community

Israel’s former head of Israeli forensic institute admits Israeli pathologists harvested Palestinian organs

A Gentile who marries a Jew is a murderer threatening the existence of Jews.

Intermarriage a threat to the purity of Jewish blood

UN receives over 100 complaints of police, IDF abuse of West Bank teenagers this year

IDF soldiers convicted of using 11-year-old as human shield in Gaza

These are not isolated incidents. This is what happens all the time and these are only token representations of an ethnocratic state that is desperately trying to pretend it is a Democracy.

When Israel sues its soldiers, it is merely for PR purposes. I vividly remember after operation Cast Lead- where IDF soldiers butchered about 1400 Palestinians- Israel prosecuted a couple of IDF soldiers for stealing from Palestinians but didn’t prosecute them for mass murder.

In Israel, Jewish terrorists and war criminals are ethnocentrically elected to primiership as in the case of Sharon, Begin, Shamir etc. Most of Israeli high ranking officials committed massacres or were members of Jewish terrorist gangs Hagannah, Lehi, Stern, Irgun etc.

A significant number of ex IDF officers become illegal international arms dealers selling arms to fuel conflicts and oppression around the world. Israel is the 4th largest exporter of weapons in the world.

Israel has the highest per capita percentage of arms dealers on the planet.

CNN: Israeli soldiers sexually abused Palestinian children

Ex-AIPAC official threatens to uncover mass spying at Israel lobby

You make your own judgement, Is the Israeli society truly an open and secular society?

If it is not, then what is it then?

(Facebook /Ahmed Zack / 30.05.2011) 

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