Spain Affirms Intentions to Recognize the Palestinian State Before September

Ramallah – PNN – Alfonso Manuel Portales, Spanish Consul General in east Jerusalem, announced on Monday that his country will recognize the Palestinian state before September.

ImageConsul General Portales statement came during a meeting with Dr. Nabeel Sha’ath, member of Fatah executive committee and director of international affairs in Ramallah today. He also assured his country’s support for Palestine to join the United Nations expressing that Madrid is actively working encourage more EU countries to recognize the Palestinian state.

From his part Dr. Nabeel Sha’ath announced that work is being done to get more countries to recognize the Palestinian state before September. He added that he will be traveling to many countries such as Armenia, Philippines, and Mexico to get their support for the Palestinian state.

Dr.  Sha’ath announced that he explained to the Spanish Consul General why Palestinians are going ahead to seek a recognition of Palestinian state from the UN in September especially  after the Israeli PM speech at the US congress in which he destroyed all possibility of ending the conflict via direct negotiations with the current Israeli government.

( / 30.05.2011)

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