Israeli Soldiers Demolish Water Wells, Arrest Palestinians in Jenin

ENIN, May 29, 2011 (WAFA)- Israeli Bulldozers Sunday demolished eight  artesian wells in Kafr Dan, a village northwest of Jenin as well as they arrested a number of Palestinians who resisted them, according to security sources.

Witnesses said that large forces of Israeli soldiers and two bulldozers accompanied by the so-called Israeli Water Authority raided the village, demolished water wells, destroyed crops and arrested who ever tried to resist these brutal measures.

One of the villagers, Nu’man Mara’ie, told WAFA that the Israeli soldiers bulldozed and destroying water wells, after notifying their owners that they will close 13 artesian wells  under the  pretext of ‘ not having permits to dig them’.

Governor of Jenin, Qadura Mussa, condemned these terrorist and aggressive acts, which coincide with the farmers’ harvest, calling on humanitarian and human rights organizations to intervene and end such acts.

( / 29.05.2011)

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