Tuesday, November 18, 1997

Washington, Jerusalem agree on Iraqi target

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Israel has reached agreement with the United States to explode a neutron nuclear bomb in an Iraqi city in the event of a serious attack by Saddam Hussein, according to a report in the Australian newspaper The Age and the British military publishers, Jane’s Information.

As the United States moved closer to military action in the Persian Gulf, the authoritative Jane’s Information said Israel planned to launch a nuclear attack to counter a chemical or bacterial assault by Iraq.

A neutraon bomb can kill large numbers of people while doing minimal damage to buildings.

Jane’s said sources had told it that Israel would be given a free hand by the U.S. for its commandoes to locate and, if necessary, “destroy Iraqi missiles to prevent any attacks on it.

But if a missile did penetrate Israel’s defenses and if it carried a chemical or biological cargo, the sources said Israel would retaliate by using a neutron bomb, which suppresses the nuclear blast but increases radiation levels to cause far greater loss of life.

Iraq has admitted to producing weapons using anthrax, botulinum and aflatoxin agents as well as mustard gas, the nerve gas sarin and VX gas, a highly persistent nerve agent.

The Pentagon estimates that Iraq has between 80 and 100 biological weapons sites, more than 100 chemical weapons sites and about 20 nuclear sites despite years of international inspections.

“It is not logical to believe that we can by indirect means attack and destroy every facility. This is a very difficult circumstance,” a Pentagon officer said.

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