Hamas calls for immediate release of Sheikh Natshe

AL-KHALIL, DAMASCUS, (PIC)– Hamas strongly condemned the Israeli detention of Sheikh Nabil Al-Natshe, one of the prominent social figures in Al-Khalil, describing his arrest as a flagrant violation of human rights.

It said in a statement on Wednesday that the Israeli step was meant to prevent Palestinian leaders from assuming their role in defense of their people’s constants and national rights.

Hamas held the Israeli occupation authority fully responsible for the life of the 52-year-old Sheikh, who was summoned to the Israeli intelligence in Etzion north of Al-Khalil on Tuesday evening where he was detained.

Natshe was released from the PA preventive security’s jail only a few days ago after six months in an isolation cell.

The Hamas leader was held by both Israel and the PA on 15 occasions including six years in Israeli occupation jails.

(www.palestine-info.co.uk / 25.05.2011)

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