Netanyahu is bad for Israel

Netanyahu’s claim regarding the non-defensible 1967 borders was true prior to 1967, it is nothing but hogwash today.  In the 1960’s when Israel was a young state without the military might that it has today an argument could be made that there was in fact an existential threat to Israel from its neighbors who refused to recognize Israel, negotiate or make peace.  The narrow neck of Israel 14 miles wide between Tulkarm and Netanya was a point where the country could have been cut in half.  There was a formidable Jordanian army with an air force and artillery.  The Jordanians put their army under the command of the UAR of Egypt and Syria in 1967.

But after Israel won the 1967 six days war and decimated the armies and air forces of Egypt and Syria and conquered the West Bank, the threat was no longer there.

Since then Israel has amassed the most powerful military might in the region.  Israel is at peace with Jordan.  The future Palestinian state will be a non-militarized state.  The Palestinians will have no air force and no artillery.  What kind of military threat will Israel face that make the 1967 borders non-defensible?  Will the Palestinians cut Israel in half with John Deere tractors?  Will they throw cucumbers at the Israeli soldiers?  What force is supposed to be used that will divide Israel in  half?  Netanyahu must have also forgotten that Israel has peace with Jordan. Israel has full satellite imagery of the West Bank.  The Israeli air force has 100% control of the skies above and the ability to deliver a fully armed combat fighter from any place in Israel (and Palestine) to any place in Israel (and Palestine) within 2 minutes.  So who is he fooling?

The real problem is that since 1967 Israel has put 500,000 Israelis over the green line. The issue is a “land grab” and  not “defensible borders”.  But since Netanyahu cannot sell a land grab to the international community to enable settlers which are viewed illegal by international law to be able to remain under Israeli sovereignty, he has invented the defensible border idea.  What reasonable country would oppose the idea of Israel having defensible borders?

Netanyahu is lying and he must be called on his lies.  Enough of these stupid reasons for not making peace.

Netanyahu is endangering the future of Israel.  Netanyahu is bad for the Jews!

(Facebook / 22.05.2011)

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