Jewish settlers storm Palestinian school in OJ, attack homes in Al-Khalil

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Jewish settlers, escorted by Israeli occupation forces, stormed a school for orphans in occupied Jerusalem on Tuesday and assaulted a number of students.

The Palestinian ministry of education said that the occupation forces arrested the headmaster and his deputy, adding that three of the students were injured in the settlers’ attack.

It said in a statement that the students’ lives were in danger after they were forced out of school and left easy prey for settlers’ attacks.

Meanwhile, Jewish settlers threw a firebomb at a Palestinian home in Al-Khalil on Tuesday during an attack on a number of suburbs in the city.

Witnesses told the PIC that setters threw a firebomb at a home for El-Baradei family south of the city as other groups were seen throwing stones at Palestinian cars in downtown.

( / 17.05.2011)

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