‘Hamas, Fatah unite to free Palestine’

Interview with Ghazi Hamad, Deputy Foreign Minister for Hamas, from Gaza
Hamas and Fatah are to meet and discuss ways to liberate the Palestinian people from Israeli occupation, says Hamas’ Deputy Foreign Minister.
In an interview with Press TV, Ghazi Hamad, Deputy Foreign Minister for Hamas, sheds some light on Hamas and Fatah’s recent unity deal.

Press TV: Welcome to the program, sir. First of all, congratulations on the unity deal. Just how are things progressing?

Hamad: I think we are going forward. Maybe next week we will see the delegation from Hamas and Fatah, as they meet in Cairo. They will start to talk about the implementation of the agreement. I think they will form some committees regarding the PLO [Palestine Liberation Organization] and the security government, the familiar conciliation and other issues.

We will try to seriously implement the agreement. We are facing a lot of challenges and obstacles but I think there is a strong will inside Hamas and inside Fatah in order to go forward and to implement, honestly, the agreement of reconciliation.

Press TV: Now, of course, I’m holding in my hand a copy of the interview in Ha’aretz newspaper in which you were quoted. It says in here that “the world should realize the many changes we have made,” meaning, of course, Hamas.

The first question is, sir, is this quote from you? Is it true? And if you’re saying that changes have been made behind the scenes, what are those changes?

Hamad: Changes; do you mean changes inside Hamas?

Press TV: Yes, sir.

Hamad: Because many people, especially in the West, think that Hamas is a radical group, Hamas is like the same as it was in 1982, they judge Hamas from its charter and they deny that there is any development inside of Hamas, I told them, frankly, that Hamas, since the year 2000, started to talk about a new strategy, a new version regarding the coalition with the Palestinian factions, the reform of the PLO, participation in the elections, and that Hamas became a part of the Palestinian authority.

I think these are some good developments but it does not mean that Hamas should give up its principles. Hamas still believes that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Hamas will not recognize Israel.

I think that this flexibility and these developments are something good for the Palestinian people and for the Palestinian issue. And I think in the future we will see more unity between the Palestinian factions in order to work together against the occupation.

And we will also try to be more engaged to the international community, Arabic countries and different organizations outside of Palestine.

(www.presstv.ir / 16.05.2011)

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