Gaza Interpreter Noor Ahmed Shot At by Israelis

Noor assures us that though she was injured, she is “OK” and safe at this time.

Noor Ahmed
Noor Ahmed. Photo by David Markarian

(SALEM, Ore.) – Noor Ahmed, a Gaza resident who is frequently seen in videos filed by Correspondent Ken O’Keefe, is believed to have been shot today on day one of the new Palestinian Intifada.

Noor is the first singer featured in this version
of Onadikum for Vik Arrigoni, performed by DARG Team.

Like others injured and killed on this historic day, Noor was completely unarmed and simply demonstrating for the Right of Return, as guaranteed by the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Noor explained, “I am originally from Gaza, But my Mum is from ‘Ashdod’ and my grandparents were cleansed from it in 1948 and I demand my right to return.”

Ethnic cleansing is the specialty of Israel. The entire government was formed to “cleanse” Palestine of its own native inhabitants.

The Jews are not the native population, they have almost all moved to Israel sometime over the century. It is a pattern that leaped forward in 1948.

There were always native Jews in this region, however they are not who has brought Genocide to Palestine, and in fact the native Jew population always lived harmoniously with Muslim and Christian neighbors in the past, until the formation of Israel.

Noor published these words shortly before the violence from Israel began:

“We Will be marching to Occupied Palestine in 1 Hour… Your Prayers.”

Noor is one of many people who were shot today by Israeli bullets and injured and attacked with tear gas, which in the case of the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), are used as lethal weapons.

They tend to fire the tear gas guns directly at people’s faces. One person well aware of this is Emily Henochowicz, a Jewish student from New York city who was drilled in the face last year with a tear gas canister by an Israeli soldier.

She lives with one eye for the rest of her life as a result of Zionist gift giving.

Israeli soldiers tend to not discriminate too much. They target absolutely anyone who rallies peacefully in support of Palestinian freedom.

In the words of G.W. Bush, “The terrorists hate freedom, they want to take your freedom.”

Just replace “terrorist” with Israeli “Zionist” and your tongue suddenly speaks true.

But then when a military group like the IDF operates with the conscience of Nazi servants of Hitler, there is little to be reasoned with.

It will be interesting to see how it all develops. We know that a great deal took place as soon as the Nakba (Catastrophe) observations were underway.

Noor said, “I Came back… Holding my Palestinian flag with the blood of my injured brothers… and a bullet that I survived from… The 3rd Intifada Just Started…”

Noor assures us that though she was injured, she is “OK” and safe at this time.

She explains that they were attacked by Israeli military forces at the Bit-Hanoon border… Between Gaza and Occupied Palestine.

“Thousand of Palestinian march to demand our right of return . They shot every one. Airplanes were bombing. We lost a young 18-year brother, and more than 80 were injured. And it is still ongoing.”

That isn’t all that continues. All of the ammunition in the world can not break the spirit of Palestine’s beleaguered population and it is a tragic result of U.S. ignorance, indifference, and the political and taxpayer support of Israel.

( / 16.05.2011)

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