Twits on Nakba

Have arrived at the Israeli embassy, thousands here

Israeli troops gun down Palestinians in day of protest

The #Nakba is a msg 2 the entire world to act quickly in ending Israeli occupation which has been a burden on the region #gaza

10 killed and 100 injured in #Golan Heights

Moving dumpsters now in qalandiya as the demo continues

i see some israeli press are blaming iran for the protests!/violence !

israeli press: 36 arrested in E. Jerusalem Nakba Day protests

Lebanese army started shooting in air non stop. There was a stampede, refugees running away.

Reports of at least 12 palestinians killed , so far today

Heating up. Undercover cops everywhere in qalandiya

One Palestinian killed in Shujaiyeh, east of #Gaza, where some 70 Palestinians have been injured.

‘Nakba’ rage goes beyond Palestine to Golan and Lebanon, Israeli troops open fire

Number of martyred protesters on Syria & Lebanon borders with Israel rise to 9, according to AJA

Four killed in Lebanon-Israel border shooting, sources say (Reuters)

Israel is showing the world how it responses to unarmed protest….with violence


Demonstrators are regrouping. Nothing seems to be stopping them today. The demo is growin… (cont)

WORLD R U WATCHING ? Confirmed that soldiers just used live fire on unarmed #nakba demo

Soldiers arrested four minors and badly beat them in front of intl press in

Lebanese army is standing by maybe moving in to stop protest at fence

Soldiers just charged. Stampade. Firing rubber bullets and maybe live

Four pro-Palestinian protesters dead, 11 wounded after shooting at Lebanon-Israel border … (cont)

shocking statement I have never seen so many suffering from tear gas at one time

Israeli gunfire wounds 45 Palestinian protesters in Gaza Strip who approached Israeli borde… (cont)

Palestinians climbing on fence chanting there is no god but Allah

Just spoke to @justimage on the Lebanese side of the border, he says the #Israeli army is shooting across the border #nakba

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