Stay human convoy headed for Gaza

[Vittorio Arrigoni. Image from unknown archive.]
[Vittorio Arrigoni. Image from unknown archive.]

The Stay Human convoy (CO.R.UM convoglio Restiamo Umani) will be in Gaza from 11th to 18th May. The people behind this group are individuals, associations and movements which have always been close to the people of Palestine and who feel it is necessary to react to the murder of Vittorio Arrigoni. The delegation of eighty (80) people consists mainly of Italians and some internationals. The convoy will visit the land which Vittorio gave a voice to and keep alive the memory of who he was, what he was doing and what kept him in the open air prison of the Gaza Strip. They want to take Vittorio back to Gaza, by carrying forth the ideas which inspired his everyday actions. The convoy will enter Gaza through the Rafah border crossing in Egypt as it is a nation which has demonstrated much more openness towards the Palestinian people after the fall of Mubarak. The main objective of this initiative is to continue the work of Vittorio Arrigoni, give a message of solidarity to the population of Gaza who are under siege and report back to Italy what is happening in the Gaza Strip.

( / 12.05.2011)

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