Settlers storm school, post racist slogans

NABLUS — Jewish settlers stormed a Palestinian secondary school for girls in Sawiya village, south of Nablus, and placed racist, anti-Arab posters on its entrance in Hebrew.

The education office in southern Nablus said in a statement that the settlers, who were protected by Israeli army troops, also glued other posters on the school’s walls inciting against the Palestinians.

The office condemned the act, which negatively affects the educational process, and called for an immediate halt to such practices.

The Israeli occupation forces provide protection for such violations of this school in the village and other schools in the region, which are routine practice on the part of the settlers.

Meanwhile, groups of settlers barged into the Palestinian Wadi Al-Hilwa grazing area in the northern Jordan Valley and threatened the shepherds there and told them to leave the area.

Local sources said that the settlers came from the nearby Maskiot settlement and were planning to annex the Palestinian land to their settlement, which was already established on usurped Palestinian land.

( / 11.05.2011)

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