IHH to send 1000-ton-capacity aid ship to Gaza

IHH to send 1000-ton-capacity aid ship to GazaThe IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation is to send a new aid ship with a capacity of 1000 tons to Gaza. The ship will be taking construction materials, textile products and medicine to Gaza and will set sail on May 31, the 1st anniversary of an Israeli attack on the “Freedom Flotilla,” which killed nine peaceful activists.

IHH to send 1000-ton-capacity aid ship to Gaza

The ship will be  sent to Gaza before the departure of the 2nd “Freedom Flotilla” and will dock at Egypt’s Al Arish Port. Aid supplies will be loaded to trucks here which will then be transported to Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing which was opened to Gazans after the public revolution in Egypt.

A serious humanitarian crisis is still taking place in Gaza. Although the Rafah border was opened to Palestinians, the goods which are allowed from the border are not sufficient to meet the needs of Gazans. Approximately 20.000 buildings which were damaged by the Israeli attacks in 2008 have not yet been repaired. These buildings include schools, houses, hospitals and even ministry buildings. The construction materials to be sent to Gaza by the IHH will be mostly used for the maintenance of these buildings.

The IHH expects support from charity givers for the aid ship that will be sent to Gaza on May 31. We hope that the Turkish people who have always extended their helping hand to Gazans will also help the loading of this ship with their donations. We will once again show that we are beside the Gazan people by loading this aid ship.


(gazatvnews.com / 07.05.2011)

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