Our Covenant

This is the covenant that we at Mustaqbil Pakistan make with the people of Pakistan. Hold on to it:

We envision a stable, democratic, economically prosperous Pakistan. We seek to empower all of Pakistan’s citizens, regardless of gender, faith, class or creed, to achieve their aspirations for the future. We promise to guarantee, unreservedly and absolutely, all the fundamental rights that our citizens deserve and demand. These include, without reservation, all the rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 1948.

We undertake to end forever the detention of our citizens – all of our citizens – without a warrant or court order. We swear to extirpate the loathsome practice of torturing detainees in police custody to obtain confessions or information. We refuse categorically to ‘hand over’ our citizens to any foreign government without due legal process.  We demand that all our citizens – even the poorest of the poor – be treated with respect and dignity by all agents of the state.

We resolve to make the legal system free of any influence from the government or any external agencies. We promise to make due judicial process a pillar of our society. The law will be applied with fairness and integrity. No one, not the rich, not the influential, will be exempted.

Corruption has ramified deep into the foundations of our society. We vow to begin the difficult process of disinterring it.

We pledge to combat crime by attacking its causes: poverty, hopelessness destitution, social deprivation, and the spread of weapons and drugs.

We resolve to make literacy a ‘universal’ right of all Pakistanis.

We recognize the inherent and exceptional creativity and industriousness of the Pakistani nation. We pledge to provide the enabling socio-economic framework for these abilities to develop, thrive, and reach their full potential.

We promise to bring about a fundamental shift in the way politics is conducted in Pakistan.

We will bring into politics fresh faces and minds. We will not field candidates – for any assembly – who have previously been elected to any public office. All our candidates will be chosen from the ranks of professionals: teachers, doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers etc. These will be people who have distinguished themselves in their communities by their honesty, selflessness, dedication and professionalism.

We will not be the party of an individual or a family. We will develop an institution, a democratic institution, which will elect its own leaders based on the quality of their character, not the character of their blood.

(www.mustaqbilpakistan.pk / 04.05.2011)

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