Federico Rosales

My friends,

I am finally back from Vik’s funeral. It was an amazing experience for me personally. I really needed to make this trip and make a last salute to this brave human being that Vik was.

I took with me all your wishes and prayers to Vik’s poor and devastated family. They all are very thankful for all the kind words you sent to them in the name of Vik.

It was sad, it was hard, fully loaded with pain and sorrow. I could never find the right words to really describe and tell you how it felt deep in my heart.

I met Vik’s parents and sister in six different occasions and in each one of them I hugged and kissed them cause many of you made me promise to deliver those kisses and hugs to them. For us, south Europeans, it is a very simple and natural procedure/thing to do.

The thing that hurt me most of all was to see Vik’s father. The poor old man is too ill, he couldn’t join the funeral of his own beloved son. So go and figure the immeasurable pain he feels…

I also met with many of Vik’s childhood friends as well as the friends he made in Gaza who came the whole way to Bulciago to assist to his funeral.

They are all of them very lovely people and they all loved Vik a lot.

Thank you all for all your contributions to the Condolence Book.

God Bless You All!!!

(Facebook / 30.04.2011)

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