Palestine on 24th of April

24/04/2011 22:07:52 Gaza group says factions talked in Cairo on truce with Israel
24/04/2011 22:07:33 Kuwait gives $180 million to Libyan rebels (AFP)
24/04/2011 21:38:57 Report: Settlers say tens of thousands sneak into Nablus tomb yearly
24/04/2011 20:57:09 5 injured by settler stones in northern West Bank
24/04/2011 12:02:19 Symbolic funerals for Vittorio Arrigoni held in Gaza, Ramallah
24/04/2011 12:01:09 Vittorio Arrigoni to be buried in Italy on Sunday
24/04/2011 11:11:57 48 Palestinians return to Gaza from Libya
24/04/2011 11:10:52 PA: Police questioned over Nablus shooting, none detained
24/04/2011 11:10:26 Palestinian Authority forms committee to investigate Nablus shooting
24/04/2011 11:08:55 Sole operating Gaza crossing opens for limited entry of goods
24/04/2011 08:52:27 Israel, PA open investigations into deadly Nablus shooting
24/04/2011 08:51:34 Settlers say Palestinian police fired on cars leaving Nablus
24/04/2011 08:49:42 PA security: Settlers entered Nablus without coordination
24/04/2011 08:48:06 Israeli settler shot dead in northern West Bank; 3 injured

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