Israeli Genocide On Pesach

Zionist colonists celebrating Pesach and drinking wine on Palestinian roof

Welcome to the big unknown prison in the occupied city of Hebron, watch this short video which was recorded during the zionist colonists celebration of Pesach, the jewish Passover holiday where they also celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ (peace be upon him). Forty thousand Palestinians live in this prison for the crime of being Palestinians and owning the houses and the land. The life of the human beings in Hebron is hostage to the whims of zionist soldiers who originate in the USA or the EU, unknown armed dregs, pillagers who control the lives of the Palestinians in heart of my homeland, Hebron.

The israeli war criminal Ehud Barak who is always honored by the US government, the Pentagon and other serfs of zionism, is the criminal who issued the military orders to seal and block all roads and entrances to the inner city with iron gates and cement. The criminal left the keys of the metal doors of the city in the pockets of his riff-raff in uniform. Only these soldiers are allowed to open and to close the entrances of the city where the 40.000 Palestinians live. The soldiers close and open the doors according to the instructions of the military headquarter, now led by the war criminal Guy Hazut under command of Ehud Barak and the zionist organization, the so-called “state of israel” in Tel Aviv.

Certainly you have not heard before about human beings living in a city with closed streets, with cement walls and iron gates at all entrances, because this abnormal measure is a war crime, even the middle ages such criminal measures were unknown, but in Hebron they are implemented while US President Obama, who fawns before the war criminal Ehud Barak during his visits to the US, again and again, has not been telling Americans anything about this jail in Hebron while he send billions of US tax moneys to the zionist state.

I leave you to watch this small video made by Americans from CPT. The champion of the video is a little boy, “Yoseph”, of not even five years of age. In this film he symbolizes the suffering of the forty thousand Palestinians trapped inside their homes in the heart of Hebron. You will see its streets completely empty as if the city was not inhabited, as if it was a ghost town. This is GENOCIDE pure and simple, these are measures with the only purpose of destroying, impoverishing and slowly killing all Palestinians in hebron, and they are part of the daily life of every Palestinian, in Hebron and in other cities and towns where similar measures are implemented by the jewish invaders.

This image shows what the zionist colinsts did to the Palestinian market in Hebron

The video shows “Yusuf” when he tried to walk home from school on the first day of the jewish Pesach on April 20 2011, when the israeli occupation presence in Hebron was heightened. The checkpoints (the iron gates in front of Yusuf’s house and around it, which he usually passes whenever he steps out of the house) were closed, so the boy tried some alternate routes before making it home. Watch this video to see a glimpse of the daily life for school kids in Hebron, occupied West Bank.

Under the film you can read the CPT press release. Click on the picture below to see how riff-raff in uniform close the entrances of the city).


( / 24.04.2011)

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