Exclusive interview made by information office of interior Ministry with Italian activist “Arrigoni”

Gaza-Interior Ministry

‪A group of criminals have assassinated Italian activist Vittori Arrigoni in cold blood.  Arrigoni has supported the Palestinian cause for over 10 years, and shared Palestinians many of their pains.

The Ministry of interior interviewed Arrigoni on 31st May 2010.  Following is the text of the interview.

MOI: Could you tell us your name please?

VA: I am Vittori Arrigoni, Italian activist

MOI: How long have you been in Gaza?

VA: One year ago since the month of April, I came to show solidarity with Palestinian people.

MOI: That’s a long time, welcome to Gaza.  How do you see the situation in Gaza?

VA: After more than one thousand days of siege we called on little nations and super nations, and the biggest human right organizations, that most of the population lives under the line of poverty, 70 % of the people are unemployed, the economy of Gaza isn’t surviving, nothing from Israeli or Egypt.  There is economy by the tunnels, but every day Israel bombs the tunnels, yesterday 6 people died in the tunnels of Gaza.  So Gaza is the biggest prison in the world, so we need to get freedom to the Palestinians.

MOI: Tell us about the Freedom Flotilla convoy?

VA: We came to help the Palestinian refugees, we came to break the siege, show solidarity with Palestinians, and do what the governmental did not do.  The best of European society try to come here to show how the government can provide freedom to the rights of Palestinians.

MOI: How many activists do you have in the Freedom Flotilla convoy?

VA: About nineteen poets, 700 activists, and fifty behind them.

MOI: What about the preventing of aid convoys by the Israeli occupation?

VA: Yes, I was in the first convoy.  We came here to Gaza for the first time with the purpose of breaking the boycott/siege by sea.  We know what Israel wants to do, but I think that this is a victory.  Even if we were stopped from passing it is also a victory, because now it is a clear that all the world are supporting the boats which will come to Gaza, while Israel is alone, alone against the world.  So the people now know, can see who is the terrorist in the Middle East because we are not sailing in Israeli water, we are sailing in international water.

If Israeli will attack our flotilla in international law this is illegal and is another terrorist attack by the state of Israel.

MOI: What about the materials that will enter on the freedom convoy?

VA: Most of the materials are the only amount coming to Gaza more than one year after the massacre (Cast Lead).  Israel doesn’t allow cement and Iron to pass to Gaza, and it is needed to rebuild the thousand of destroyed building during the war in Gaza.  So most of this material is material that is needed to rebuild the twenty thousand buildings that were damaged and destroyed by the Israelis during the war.

MOI: Do you think that these convoys are enough to break the Gaza siege?

VA: This is the first step, we’re sure if there is six boats, then next time forty, there may be thousands and thousands of people will come.

MOI: I mean is there another solution to break the siege?

The solution must to be political, for example I am from Italy, and I am asking my government to stop any relations with Israel if it doesn’t give back freedom as a right of the Palestinians.  You know now look, we are so far into the campaign, it can be the key, and we can try to change the situation to make the Israelis stop the attacks and illegal terrorist activities against Gaza, and open this jail of Gaza.

MOI: What’s your feeling towards the Freedom Flotilla and if it will came to Gaza?

VA: I wish/hope it will arrive, InshAllah, InshAllah.

(www.moi.gov.ps / 20.04.2011)

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