The Basis of Islam

The basis of the religion of Islam is the attestation to two phrases:

(i)   None is rightfully worshipped except God (La ilaaha ‘ill-Allah), and

(ii)  Muhammad is the Messenger of God (Muhammad-ur-Rasool-ullah).

This phrase is known as the shahaadah, or testimony of faith.  Through the belief and attestation of these two phrases one enters the fold of Islam.  It is the motto of the believers which they maintain throughout life, and the basis for all their beliefs, worship and existence. This article will discuss the first part of this testimony.

The Importance of the Statement ‘Laa Ilaaha ill-Allah

As mentioned earlier, this testimony is by far the most important aspect of the religion of Islam, as it asserts the belief in Tawheed, or the Oneness and uniqueness of God, upon which the whole religion is built.  For this reason, it is called, “The declaration of Tawheed”.  This uniqueness and oneness necessitates God’s sole right to worship and obedience.  The religion of Islam is basically a way of life in which a person worships and obeys the orders of God and none else.  It is the only true monotheistic religion, stressing that no worship should be directed to any other except God.  For this reason, we see that in many narrations, the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, said that whoever says this phrase and practices it will enter Paradise for eternity, and whoever opposes it will doomed to Hellfire for eternity.

This declaration also reiterates the purpose of one’s life, which is the worship of God alone, and obviously, the purpose of one’s existence and being is the most important aspect in one’s life.  God says in the Quran:

“And I have not created neither jinn nor humans, except to worship Me Alone.” (Quran 51:56)

The message of Tawheed found in this declaration is not particular to Islam.  Due to the importance, reality and truth of this message, it was the message brought by all prophets.  Since the dawn of humanity, God sent messengers to every people and nation, commanding them to worship Him Alone, and to reject all false deities.  God says:

“And indeed We have raised amongst every nation a messenger, (commanding them) ‘Worship God, and reject all false deities….” (Quran 16:36)

It is only when this notion of Tawheed is ingrained in the heart and minds of a person that they will willingly follow the commandments of God and render all worship to Him Alone.  For this reason, the Prophet called his people for thirteen years in Mecca to Tawheed alone, and only a minimal amount of worship was mandated at that time.  It was only when this notion became firm in the believers’ hearts and they were willing to sacrifice even their own lives for it that the majority of the other commandments of Islam were revealed.  If this base is missing, nothing after it will be of avail.

The Meaning of Laa Ilaaha ill-Allah

La ilaaha ill-Allah, literally means “There is no god (deity) except Allah”.  Here, god with a small case ‘g’ is anything which is worshipped.  What this declaration implies is that although there might be other gods and deities being worshipped by humans in existence, none of them are rightfully worshipped, meaning that no object considered as a god has any right to that worship, nor does it deserve it, except the One True God.  Thus, laa ilaaha ill-Allah means, “There is no god rightfully worshipped except Allah.”

La ilaaha… (There is no god rightfully worshipped…)

These two words deny the right of any created being to worship.  Muslims reject the worship of everything besides God.  This rejection extends to all superstitions, ideologies, ways of life, or any authority figures who claim divine devotion, love, or absolute obedience.  God in the Quran mentions in many places that all things which people take as objects of worship besides Himself do not deserve any worship, nor do they have any right to it, as they themselves are creations and have no power to bring any benefit.

“Yet they have taken besides Him other gods that created nothing but are themselves created, and possess neither [the power to] harm nor benefit for themselves, and possess no power [of causing] death, nor [of giving] life, nor of raising the dead.” (Quran 25:3)

Some worship another object or being because they believe that it has some special power, such as some control over the universe, some power to benefit or harm, or that it deserves worship in and of itself due to its greatness of being.  God negates the notion that these things which people take as objects of worship, whether they be aspects of nature, such as the wind, trees, stones, wind; or conscious beings, such as humans, prophets, saints, angels, kings, have any power in themselves.  They are mere creations like the worshippers themselves and have no power to help even their own selves, and thus they are not to be worshipped.  They are mere creations with deficiencies, subject to the Will of God, and thus they do not deserve any aspect of worship.

In reality, many believe in the ultimate control and power of God, but they imagine the Divine Kingdom of God to be like earthly kingdoms.  Just as a king has many ministers and trusted associates, they imagine ‘saints’ and minor deities to be our intercessors to God.  They take them as agents through whom God is approached, by directing some acts of worship and service to them.  God says:

“And verily, if you ask them: ‘Who created the heavens and the earth?’

Surely, they will say: ‘God.’

Say: ‘Tell me then, the things that you invoke besides God, if God intended some harm for me, could they remove His harm, or if He intended some mercy for me, could they withhold His Mercy?’

Say : ‘Sufficient for me is God; in Him those who trust (i.e. believers) must put their trust.’” (Quran 39:38)

In truth, there are no intercessors in Islam.  No righteous person is to be venerated, nor is any other being to be worshipped.  A Muslim directs all worship directly and exclusively to God.

…Ill-Allah (…Except Allah)

After denying the right of any created being to be worshipped, the shahaadah affirms divinity for God alone, with ‘…except God’.  In many places in the Quran, after God negates that anything of the creation has power to bring benefit and harm, thus deserving no worship, He states that He Himself is to be worshipped, as He has control over and ownership of the whole universe.  It is God Alone who provides for his creation; He is in total control.  He is the only one who can bring benefit and harm, and nothing can impede His Will from becoming reality.  Thus it is He Himself, through His perfection, through His ultimate powers, due to his total ownership, and due to His greatness, who deserves all worship, service and veneration exclusively.

“Say: ‘Who is the Lord of the heavens and the earth?’

Say: ‘(It is) God.’

Say: ‘Have you then taken (for worship) deities other than Him, such as have no power either for benefit or for harm to themselves?’

Say: ‘Is the blind equal to the one who sees?  Or darkness equal to light?  Or do they assign to God partners who created the like of His creation, so that the creation [which they made and His creation] seemed alike to them?’

Say: ‘God is the Creator of all things, He is the One, the Irresistible.’” (Quran 13:16)

God also says:

“You worship besides God only idols, and you only invent falsehood.  Verily, those whom you worship besides God have no power to give you provision. So seek your provision from God (Alone), and worship Him (Alone), and be grateful to Him.  To Him (Alone) you will be brought back.” (Quran 29:17)

And God says:

“Is not He Who created the heavens and the earth and sends down for you water (rain) from the sky, whereby We cause to grow wonderful gardens full of beauty and delight?  It is not in your ability to cause the growth of their trees.  Is there any ilaah (god) along with Allah?  Nay, but they are a people who ascribe equals (to Him)!” (Quran 27:60)

As God is the only being who is deserving of worship, anything worshipped besides or along with Him is done so wrongfully.  All acts of devotion are to be directed towards God alone.  All requirements should be sought through Him.  All fear of the unknown should be feared from Him, and all hope should be placed in Him.  All divine love should be felt for him, and all that one hates should be hated for His sake.  All deeds of good should be done to seek His favor and pleasure, and all wrong should be avoided for his sake.  In these ways do Muslims worship God alone, and from this, we understand how the whole religion of Islam is based upon this declaration of Tawheed.

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Eerste aanslag op moskee Indonesië

Politie-agenten bewaken de toegang tot de moskee in Cirebon waar eerder vandaag een bom ontploftePolitie-agenten bewaken de toegang tot de moskee in Cirebon waar eerder vandaag een bom ontplofte
In Indonesië is voor de eerste keer een moskee doelwit geweest van een terreuraanslag. In de stad Cirebon op West-Java blies een zelfmoordterrorist zichzelf in een moskee op, waarbij 28 mensen gewond raakten.

De moskee staat op een politieterrein en de meeste gewonden zijn politiefunctionarissen, onder wie de plaatselijke politiechef.

Wie er achter de aanslag zit is nog niet bekend.

Jemaah Islamiyah

In 2002 kreeg Indonesië voor het eerst te maken met moslimterrorisme, toen twee discotheken op Bali werden aangevallen. De daders waren leden van Jemaah Islamiyah, de Indonesische tak van al-Qaida.

Anders dan in Irak, Pakistan en Afghanistan werden in Indonesië nooit moskeeën aangevallen. Experts zien daarin een teken dat de terreur zich verhardt.

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President Algerije belooft hervormingen

De Algerijnse president Abdelaziz Bouteflika heeft zaterdag beloofd grondwetshervormingen door te voeren. De hervormingen zijn gericht ‘op een verdieping van het democratisch proces’ en ongetwijfeld bedoeld om de gemoederen in het land te bedaren.

In een toespraak beloofde de 74-jarige Bouteflika dat een speciale commissie wordt opgericht, waarin leden van iedere politieke partij zitting hebben. Deze commissie gaat een onderzoek doen naar de hervorming van de kieswetten.

Sinds het begin van het jaar zijn in Algerije af en toe stakingen en demonstraties geweest. De protestbeweging is echter niet in staat gebleken grote steun te vergaren.

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“De waarheid achter het ritueel slachten n.a.v. de misleidende beweringen van de PvdD”

Leiden, Stichting Halal Correct Certification 14 april 2011 

Naar aanleiding van alle commotie die recent is ontstaan omtrent het ritueel onverdoofd slachten presenteert Stichting Halal Correct Certification de waarheid achter het ritueel onverdoofd slachten, waarin wij met feiten en cijfers de misleidingen van de PvdD onthullen en tevens ontkrachten. De PvdD heeft meerdere beweringen gedaan die volledig berust zijn op fabeltjes, waardoor wij ons verplicht voelen om hiertegen een weerwoord te leveren. In dit stuk krijgt u zonder misleidingen de waarheid gepresenteerd met de juiste feiten en cijfers die rechtstreeks uit de praktijk komen.

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Shin Bet kills Italian ISM activist Vittorio Arrigoni

Al Qassam website – Palestinian people shocked when they heard the news of killing the Italian ISM activist Vittorio Arrigoni.

The resistance factions in Gaza decried the murder of Italian ISM activist Vittorio Arrigoni, who was kidnapped on Thursday. Arrigoni was found dead early Friday morning in the Strip.

If you go to Gaza, someone will kill you

This the reason for killing the Italian ISM activist Vottorio Arrigoni, Israel wanted to tell the world, especially the activists who support Gaza and the Palestinian cause that If you go to Gaza, someone will kill you.

Israel searched a new techniques to foil the efforts of breaking the injustice siege on Gaza people, it founded that the past technique of killing the peace activists, like what has happened in Mavi Marmara, failed.

But there is a similarity between the two techniques, the narratives told by eyewitnesses and the Flotilla, Israeli soldiers took some of peace activists to the back of the ship and executed them, the Israeli soldiers knew that they didn’t carry weapons.

The Shin Bet agents, Palestinian traitors helped the service, used the same techniques, Gaza government security personnel found Arrigoni’s body in an abandoned house in Gaza following his abduction by Israeli traitors. Two men were arrested and others were being sought in relation to Arrigoni’s murder, the official added

Hamas condemned the murder and characterized it as “a shameful act, contrary to the tradition of the Palestinian people.” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum said, “The goal of this depraved band of outlaws is to spread chaos and anarchy in the Gaza Strip, a desperate attempt to strike at the stable security situation.”

Barhoum confirmed the kidnapping and murder of Arrigoni was intended to scuttle the next Gaza flotilla, expected to depart next month. Barhoum explained that he believed the murder was meant to dissuade other foreign activists from arriving in the Strip.

In that vein, the Hamas spokesman accused Israel of perpetrating the murder noting Arrigoni had been a vocal opponent of Israel’s policies in Gaza, and frequently blogged about ‘Israeli crimes against Palestinians’ equating Israeli policies to ‘Nazi’ crimes. Arrigoni had also been arrested twice by Israeli authorities, Barhoum said.

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Turkey to Israel: We won’t stop upcoming Gaza flotilla

Turkish rebuttal comes after Israel officially requested that Ankara thwart a planned attempt to launch a 15-ship flotilla, one year after an IDF takeover of a similar endeavor ended with the killing of 9 Turkish activists.

Turkey said on Thursday it had received a request from Israel to help stop activists sailing to Gaza on the first anniversary of an Israeli raid on a Turkish ship, but it said the flotilla plan was not Ankara’s concern.

Turkey, a Muslim former ally of the Jewish state, has scaled back ties, demanding Israel apologize and pay damages for last year’s raid, which caused an international outcry.

Nine Turks were shot dead in the May 31 clash when Israeli marines stormed a flotilla organized by a Turkish Islamist charity, which ignored orders to turn back as it tried to breach an Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip.

The Free Gaza Movement, a pro-Palestinian activist umbrella group, has said that a flotilla expected in late May would comprise 15 ships with international passengers including Europeans and Americans.

Israel’s ambassador to Turkey, Gaby Levy, asked the Turkish government this week to help stop the activists, saying sending humanitarian aide to Gaza outside legal channels was a “provocation,” an Israeli diplomatic official told Reuters.

Asked about the request, a Turkish foreign ministry official told Reuters: “We listened to the message given by the Israeli side and told them this is an initiative by civil society.”

The official did not elaborate.

The IHH, the Turkish Islamist charity that owned the Mavi Marmara ship which was raided by the Israeli commandos, has said it will join the “Freedom Flotilla II.” It also plans to send its own convoy led by the Mavi Marmara after Turkey’s general election on June 12.

An IHH official told Reuters the group has not been approached by the Turkish government over its plans to send another flotilla and added: “In Turkey governments don’t tell NGOs what to do and what not to do.”

Israel has also asked the United Nations to help stop the activists. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that the mission of ships “was being organized by Islamic extremist elements” intent on bringing about “a flare-up.”

Turkey, a secular Muslim nation, has been an important regional ally of Israel for more than a decade.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s AK Party government, which has roots in banned Islamist movements, froze relations with Israel after the deadly raid.

Ankara has demanded an apology as a condition for mending ties, regardless of a U.N. probe’s findings into the incident.

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Voortgang van de nieuwe moskee in Dordrecht.

“Perceel bouwgrond officieel eigendom van Dordtse Marokkaanse gemeenschap.”

Assalam alaikoem beste broeder / zuster,

De Dordtse Marokkaanse gemeenschap hield gisteren na het ondertekenen van de koopakte van de bouwgrond voor de nieuwe Al-Fath moskee aan de M.H. Trompweg een indrukwekkend vrijdaggebed in de openlucht.

,,Het is een zeer grote, belangrijke dag die God ons heeft gegund in Dordrecht,” zei Moujid na afloop van de plechtigheid. Daarbij waren er in een feesttent veel hapjes en drankjes en werd ook de koopakte ondertekend van het perceel bouwgrond (4100 vierkante meter, verkoopprijs 624.922 euro).

Notaris B. Haase noemde het een eer om de akte te mogen ondertekenen. ,,Meestal gebeurt dat in beslotenheid. Deze plek, met al deze mensen, is heel bijzonder.” De vereniging Al-Fath heeft volgens Moujid bewust gekozen voor een openbare plechtigheid om eventuele spanning in de wijk te voorkomen. ,,Zodat we één geheel kunnen zijn met de buurtbewoners en zij het ook kunnen meemaken. Zodat het niet achter gesloten deuren is.”

De Al-Fath moskee wordt volgens hem een moskee voor alle Dordtenaren die op die plek hun geloof willen belijden. ,,Het is géén Marokkaanse moskee, maar een moskee voor àlle moslims.” Aan het einde van de bijeenkomst werden acceptgiro’s uitgedeeld waarmee mensen aangespoord werden gulle giften te doneren voor de nieuwbouw.

Volgens de adviseur van de vereniging, B. de Wit (77) heeft het bestuur negen ton gespaard en is er uiteindelijk 3,7 miljoen euro nodig om het casco af te bouwen. Het volledige bedrag moet de komende jaren opgehoest worden door de eigen mensen. Al-Fath zal daarvoor collectes houden in alle moskeeën in heel Nederland. Dordtse teams zullen ook geld inzamelen in alle moskeeën in België, Duitsland en Frankrijk.

,,Het wordt een prachtige, mooie moskee,” zei Moujid trots. Het interieur wordt luxe én afgewerkt door eigen mensen en vaklui uit het buitenland. ,,Ze laten mensen overkomen uit Marokko,” weet De Wit. ,,Er komen mooie tegels, prachtige mozaïeken. Dingen die zij ‘gewoon’ vinden en wij kunstzinnig vinden. Dat kost geld.”

“Islamitische Vereniging Moskee Al-Fath Dordrecht en omstreken.”

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Benefiet “Open Gaza, Sluit Vrede”

Datum: zaterdag 23 april 2011
Tijdstip: 12.00-17.30
Locatie: Wijkcentrum ´De Put` Putseplein 28, 3073 H.T. te Rotterdam (zuid)

Beste zusters,

Het team Gairoel Amal organiseert een bijzondere benefietmiddag in Rotterdam Zuid! Wees allen welkom!

Op het programma staan onder meer anasheed optredens van lofzanger Fathi Otmani, Koor Al Wahda en Firqatou Tarranime. Broeder Abdelhakim Chouaati (onder meer bekend van Ab & Sal) draagt zijn column voor. Ustadh Mohammed Aarab geeft ons van een mooie, leerzame lezing insha´Allah. Anne de Jong, één van de Nederlandse opvarende van Freedom Flotilla 1 en opgepakt in Israel, vertelt tijdens de benefiet over haar ervaringen. Naast serieuze zaken is er ook ruimte om te lachen met Toneelgroep ´The Brothers´, en de ´Ik hou van Gaza´ quiz. Een leuke markt met o.a. kleding van maakt ook deel uit het programma. Er is genoeg gelegenheid om lekker te eten en voor de kinderen hebben we speciaal een speels kinderprogramma mét een clown!

Het belooft werkelijk een prachtige dag te worden insha´Allah, maar het kan alleen een groot succes worden als jullie allen aanwezig zijn! Uiteraard gaat de gehele opbrengst naar Gaza insha´Allah.

Liefdadigheid wordt aangespoord in de Islam. Een man vroeg aan de Profeet (vzmh): “O Boodschapper van Allah, welke liefdadigheid is het beste?” Hij (vzmh) antwoordde:
“Liefdadigheid uitgeven terwijl je gezond bent, verlangt naar rijkdom en armoede vreest. Stel het geven van liefdadigheid niet uit tot je op je doodsbed ligt en dan zegt: ”Geef zoveel aan die en zoveel aan die”, want op dat moment is het bezit niet (meer) van jou, maar is het (reeds) van hen.”
Deze overlevering werd overgeleverd door Abu Hurayrah (moge Allah tevreden met hem zijn) van de Profeet (vzmh). De hadith staat vermeld in Bukharie.

Team Gairoel Amal.