The 9th of April in Gaza II

(Sameh_Habeeb Palestine Telegraph / 09.04.2011)

Breaking News: 500 Kids treated for Trauma at different mental health facilities in Gaza

Israeli warships open it heavy fire on Gaza shores, northern areas.

Breaking News: Israeli jets raid on Jabalia Refugee Camp

Breaking News: A heavy Israeli rocket (Land-land) landed in central Gaza. No reports of casualties yet.

In 1948: Jewish Terrorist groups – Irgun and Lehi kill over 100 Palestinian civilians in the Jerusalem village of Deir Yassin.

Did you know? that Israel detains over 8000 Palestinian its jails

Did you know? that Israel killed thousands o Arabs in 6 wars it has launched in 60 years

Did you know? that Israel destroyed 531 Palestinian villages in 1948

Did you know? that Israel ethnically cleansed 800.000 Palestinians in 1948 and replace them with Blond European Jews!

Self Defense: Palestinians fire back to protect the civilians from Terror Israeli attacks.

Israel destroyed Gaza Economy. 4000 factories shut down since 2006 due to Siege

Breaking News: Israeli army bombs factory food in north of Gaza

Israel denies millions of Palestinians their right of return.

Breaking News: Heavy Israeli bombardments take place central, eastern and northern Gaza City.

Israel continues to impose no-man zone which destroys agricultural activities in the Gaza Strip.

For 5 Years now, Israeli destroys Gaza economy.

Gaza Goods stuck in Israeli sea ports.

Number of food trucks streaming to Gaza reduced from 700 to 200 irregularly. Yet Gaza needs 800 trucks daily!

Breaking News: Israeli raid now in eastern Gaza City

Breaking News: Gaza crossing closed, Israeli denies Gaza civilians basic food stuff.

Gaza Government Officials: Bread reserve runs out from Gaza Key Bakeries.

Three Palestinians Killed today in Gaza upon Israeli attacks.

4 wounded in Israeli attacks eastern-southern Gaza City

Gaza Health sources: 90% injuries are civilians mostly children.

Palestinian death toll after 72 hours of Israel’s ongoing #Gaza assault rises to 25. It is clear the Zionist entity will not “cease fire.”

1 killed as Israel bombarded al Zaytoun quarter eastern southern Gaza City

Gaza air space busy with Israeli air force. Attacks still taking place.

Breaking News: Israeli drones hit south Gaza Strip. 7 wounded

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