Gaza on 8th of April

Breaking : A new explosion in #Gaza city now!

#Israeli drones fire missile at group of civilians in Jabalia #Gaza.

Fourteen Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in the Gaza Strip on Friday, the deadliest day of violence..

GazaTVnews The Rrafah area is currently under heavy fire from F16 airstrikes

Breaking: Israeli raid on Rafah and the tunnels area there #Gaza

GazaYBO f16s everywhere!

Today was the largest aerial military operation in #Gaza since #Israel’s last onslaught in 2008/09.

#Breaking : Explosions heard in Rafah! #Gaza

Several loud explosions have rocked several parts of Gaza in the past 10 minutes. Ambulances can be heard all across the besieged strip. gaza tv news

Al shawa square is targeted by an f16. People are rushing to help. The closest shelling so far. Allah yestor #gaza

#Breaking : The last target in #Gaza city is a car!

#Breaking : An explosion in the middle of #Gaza city (Sa7at l shawa)

Omar_Gaza: Breaking: F16s, Apaches & drones nopw flying over our heads on low altitudes #Gaza

(Facebook / 08.04.2011)

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