11 Palestinians Killed, 60 Injured as Israel attacks Gaza Strip

Gaza, (Pal Telegraph) – According to medical sources in the Gaza Strip, Shifa Hospital, a number of Palestinians were either killed or wounded. The recent Israeli escalation claimed the lives of 11 Palestinians in 24 hours while more than 60 people were injured in the direct fresh Israeli attacks.

Today, Friday, 3 Palestinian civilians were killed including a women. Four others were injured as Israeli army attacked Khan Yonis city middle of Gaza Strip.The new round of Israeli violence against Palestinians started last week when it  killed more than 7 Palestinians. Naturally  Israeli attacks have drawn  Palestinian reactions.

A number of Palestinian civilians were killed yesterday. Mohammad Al Mahmoum, 22, Mos’ab Al Soufy, 17, and Khaled Ad-Dabary, 23, were killed when the Israeli air forces bombarded El Jaradat quarter in Rafah city southern Gaza.

Later another man aged 50, Mahmoud Al Manasra was killed, and 5 others injured, including a child, when the army openly fired more than 20 artillery shells into Al Shijojaya neighborhood, east of Gaza City.
The Israeli bombardments of Gaza’s villages and towns continued were 5 Palestinians were wounded as Israeli army shelled the already damaged Gaza International Airport in Rafah.

Israeli air strikes continue to take place in central Gaza where several air raids targeted many homes eastern part of the city.
In the early hours of evening in southern Gaza, Israeli army launched a missile at a local ambulance resulting in limited damage of the vehicle and injuring a paramedic. According to Gaza health sources, another ambulance was hit  by the Israeli Air Force in Rafah, and that eight Palestinians, including children, were wounded in new raids.

Israeli air force continues to attack Gaza despite a ceasefire announced by Palestinian factions. A Palestinian child was wounded by an Israeli artillery shell that hit Al-Qarara area, east of Khan Youni central Gaza Strip.

Five Palestinian civilians including a journalist called Mohammad Al Madhoun, were injured as Israeli air force bombarded a Police station base west of Jabalia north of Gaza. Al Madhoun is seriously wounded due to the attack.

According to PNN news network, A Palestinian farmer was also wounded when the Israeli Air Force fired missiles into the Al Waha area, North West of Gaza city. Several Air Strikes also targeted areas east of Dir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip, and Al Hawouz area in addition to the Al Rantissi Base, north of Gaza, causing excessive damage.

Yesterday, 5 Israelis were injured when a homemade shell hit their bus. No victims or damages have been reported since then.
Additionally, huge numbers of Palestinians are suffering from Truma especially the children due to heavy sounds of bombings. Families are remaining in their homes fearing further Israeli attacks soon.

Its worth remembering that Israelis  have thousands of bunkers to protect them from any possible wars. Yet, Palestinians have nothing that could provide protection.

(www.paltelegraph.com / 08.04.2011)

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