Preparations in Israel to attack Freedom Flotilla 2

Gaza Strip, (Pal Telegraph)- Israeli occupation army and the ministry of foreign  affairs started preparations to confront the Freedom Flotilla 2 which is expected to reach Gaza Strip by the end of this May.

The Flotilla is carrying hundreds of peace activists and humanitarian supplies in an attempt to break the suffocated siege on Gaza Strip especially after Israeli military offensive in 2009.

Israeli sources said that the ministry of foreign affairs in cooperation with the ministry of Israeli army are working to prevent the ships from reaching their destination claiming that residents of Gaza strip no longer suffer from a humanitarian crisis.

Israeli forces attacked the first Freedom Flotilla on 31st may, 2010 in an event described as a massacre, leaving nine Turks killed and dozens injured.

Sources added that Israel is making great efforts to increase pressure on the leaders of countries to prevent citizens from participating in the campaign that is organized to ease Israeli siege on Gaza strip.

It is noteworthy that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already contacted with the secretary of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon on Friday, and asked him to work to stop the movement of the ships as Israeli navy will use force to prevent their sailing toward Gaza Strip.

( / 05.04.2011)

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