Meet Allen West: GOP Young Gun And Anti-Muslim Extremist

August 19, 2010 1:54 pm ET

The National Republican Congressional Committee considers Allen West, the Republican candidate for Florida’s 22nd Congressional District, one of the party’s Young Guns.  According to Politico, West, a retired Lt. Colonel in the Army raised an astonishing $530,000 in July alone and has thus far amassed more cash “than any other House challenger candidate in the country.”  What is behind West’s fundraising success?  To put it mildly, West hates Arabs and Muslims. In a year where Muslim-baiting has become a mainstay of the conservative brand, West’s support for a civilizational war with the Muslim world has made him a darling among some of the most conspiratorial, reactionary and bigoted minds on the political landscape.  West calls President Barack Obama “the dumbest person walking around in America right now,” says that hospitals should refuse service to people who can’t produce their immigration documents, and accuses supporters of a Palestinian state of all wanting a return of the Holocaust.

Allen West Hates Arabs, Believes We Are In A War With Islam

West: We Are In A War Against Islam. Speaking at an anti-Muslim panel during the CPAC annual conference, Allen West said: “A nation goes to war against an ideology and that’s what we been talking about here today. We been talking about the fact that we are against something that is a totalitarian theocratic political ideology and it is called Islam.” [YouTube, accessed 6/8/10]

West Opposes Any Palestinian State Because It Would “Create A Terrorist State.” On his campaign website, Allen writes: “I do not support any creation of a Palestinian state, to do so would be to create a terrorist state. There is already a state for the Arabic people residing in the region called Palestine, Jordan.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West Likens Building Of Indoor Ski Slope To Solution Of The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Allen West wrote on his campaign site: “If the Arabs can build an indoor ski slope in Dubai, they can resolve the issue of their Arab brothers and sisters. Instead, they use them as pawns in an international game of extortion and use the subsidies provided not for humanitarian gain but for more weapons, for jihad.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West: Palestinians Only Want One Thing, “A Return Of The Holocaust.” Speaking at a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Allen West said: “Every time we give them land, they want more.  Every commission decision, from the 1937 Peel Commission all the way to the Oslo Accords.  And just recently, when Benjamin Netanyahu said ‘We will suspend for ten months,’ they said it’s still not enough. You’re dealing with an enemy that only wants one thing and that is, a return of the Holocaust. That’s not happening as long as I have breath in my lungs.  There will never be anything other than the nation of Israel that occupies these boundaries that are set, in the words here that we have in the Bible and the Torah.” [YouTube, 1/5/10]

West: “If You Want To Free Palestine, You Give It Back To The People Who Had It In The First Place.” Speaking at a pro-Israel rally, West said that Israel’s boundaries were determined by the Bible and that “if you want to free Palestine, you give it back to the people who had it in the first place.” [YouTube, 1/5/10]

West: Persecution Of Jews Began With The Rise of Islam In The 7th Century. On his campaign website, Allen West writes: “About 62 years ago, the world came together and established something that was very long overdue, the State of Israel. When one considers the travails of the Jewish people since the 7th century, it should bring shame upon the face of the world. These persecutions began with them being forced out of the Saudi peninsula and the Levant by muhammad [sic] and his successors. The horrors of the inquisition in Spain among other wrongs brought upon the Jews in early Europe followed. When we failed to learn from that lesson, the world would witness the supreme horror of the Holocaust in Europe. Finally, we learned the lesson. We made a commitment and established a Jewish homeland, fully recognized.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West: Bible Proves Arabs Are “Wild” And “Against Everyman.” On his campaign website, Allen West quotes the Bible to say that there can never be peace with the Arabs:  “Genesis Chapter 16, verses 11-12 states, ‘And the Angel of the Lord said to [Hagar]: Behold you are with child, and you shall bear a son, you shall call his name Ishmael, because the Lord has heard your affliction. He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against everyman, and every man’s hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.’ Ishmael of course became the beginning of the Arab people….and God’s word is immutable truth.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West Feared Al Jazeera Would Kidnap Him. As the New York Daily News reported: “West’s combat instincts flared a few days ago when his campaign office got a call from a young woman who identified herself as a booker for the Al Jazeera network’s English-language channel.  ‘She told my staff that she wanted to talk about the perceived uptick in violence in Afghanistan,’ West tells us. ‘I found that strange, since I haven’t been in Afghanistan in eight months. There are a lot of other people better qualified to speak to that subject.  But my b.s. flag really went up when they said they wanted my address, to pick me up at night. They said they would send a car but wouldn’t tell me where it was going.  I don’t know if it was a kidnapping attempt,’ says West, who is challenging first-term Democratic Rep. Ron Klein in the Sunshine State. ‘But I am not going to entrust Al Jazeera with my life. I said, ‘Cancel the interview!”” [New York Daily News, 7/28/09]

While In The Army, West Performed Mock Execution On An Iraqi Detainee. As Slate reports, “Army investigators learned that West participated in the August 2003 forcible interrogation of an Iraqi police officer thought to be involved in a plot to assassinate him and other soldiers. In their report, the investigators found that West directed four enlisted soldiers and a female civilian interpreter to punch and kick the Iraqi detainee repeatedly in an attempt to get information. The investigation also found that West brandished his pistol during the interrogation and fired it near the detainee’s head in a mock execution to scare the detainee into talking…Fourth Infantry Division commanding Gen. Raymond Odierno initially brought criminal charges against West, but a pretrial hearing officer recommended that those charges be dismissed. Instead, Odierno gave West an administrative punishment and fined him half a month’s pay for two months, or about $5,000. In spring 2004, West retired from the Army.” [Slate, accessed 5/20/10]

West: Terrorists Are Infiltrating The Military. As the Huffington Post reported: “Lt. Col. Allen West (Ret), who is running for Congress in Florida’s 22nd District, released a statement on Friday morning that heavily insinuated that Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan — the soldier responsible for the Fort Hood killings — was a Muslim extremist. ‘This enemy preys on downtrodden soldiers and teaches them extremism will lift them up,’ West said, in a statement titled ‘Terrorists Are infiltrating Military’. ‘Our soldiers are being brainwashed.'” [Huffington Post, 11/6/10]

Extreme Domestic Policy

West Believes Emergency Rooms Should Be Able To “Refuse Care To…Illegals.” In a campaign speech in Jupiter, Florida, West said: “Everyone talks about healthcare and the effects of healthcare and the high cost of health care. There are hospitals and there are emergency rooms right here in our state that are going under because they cannot refuse care to people who are going in there that are illegals. We’ve got the change that. And this is not about me being an uncompassionate person, I am very compassionate. But my compassion starts with people who are Americans. Because I believe one thing. There are three types of people that should be here in this country: your Americans, those people that want to be Americans, and those people we invite here as our guests. Other than that you don’t deserve to be here.” [, 5/18/10]

West: “No More Progressive Tax System.” On his campaign website, Allen West writes: “We should begin to redefine our tax code, no more progressive tax system; we need to go to a flat tax system. Currently we have some 40-45% of Americans who are not paying any taxes; a rate of around 15-17% would be adequate. A twist I recommend is to have a flat tax up to an income level of $2 Million, then institute a progressive system. My intent is to inspire Americans to earn and develop their wealth.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West: End The “Failed Ideal Of Multiculturalism.” Writing on his campaign website, West commented, “We have to end the failed ideal of ‘multiculturalism’ as it pertains to subjugating American culture to every other culture. The practice of easily obtained student visas led to the horror of 9-11. We can no longer grant these visas, or any others, to citizens entering from Countries known to harboring terrorist groups, especially Islamic terrorist groups.  We must clean out our prisons of illegal immigrants and have harsher penalties against illegals perpetrating crimes against American citizens. The ‘anchor baby’ practice must be terminated. Lastly, any American city classifying itself as a ‘sanctuary city’ must be cut off from receiving any federal government funding.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

West Has An Extreme Anti-Choice Position. According to West’s campaign website: “There are pro-abortion groups that advocate abortion at all costs, even at the expense of the mother. These groups promote abortion as a means of birth control and have developed a multi-million dollar industry out of this culture of death. This is simply unacceptable. And, partial birth abortion is nothing short of an abomination.  I believe all future discussion on this issue should move us toward the elimination of abortion except in the most extraordinary of circumstances. Current law is poorly constructed and it is the opinion of many constitutional attorneys that abortion is not a privacy issue, as stated in the Roe v. Wade decision.” [, accessed 5/20/10]

We Need A Constitutional Amendment To Make English The Official Language. West told Florida-based radio host that he supported making English the national language through a constitutional amendment, saying: “But the official language of these United States of America should be English.  And all you have to do is look to the North.  You see what happens when you try to have these bilingual societies.  They do not work.  And one of the great things, when I was there in Kandahar with the Canadian officers – Canadian officers need to know English and French – that’s very confusing, very tough.”  [, 6/2/10]

West Charges That “Liberalism Is A Dishonest Tyranny,” Calls Current Government “A Thugocracy.” In a March 28 address to the Ft. Lauderdale Tea Party, West said: “Liberalism is a dishonest tyranny. It’s a dishonest tyranny because it will lie to people that says, ‘I know what’s best for you and I can determine and engineer your life.’ All they’re seeking to do is be tyrannical in nature. And eventually we will have a government that has taken away all the liberties of the American people… We gotta stop ‘em. And see that’s why I wanna go to Congress. And the point is this. That’s a theocr– a thugocracy you have up in Washington, D.C. right now.” [, 3/28/10]

Allen West Attacks President Obama

West: President Obama Is “The Dumbest Person Walking Around In American Right Now.” Speaking on the Michael Savage radio show, West said: “This is not a Republican thing.  This is Republicans, Democrats and Independents, regardless of what Nancy Pelosi, CNN and all the rest are trying to say that it was something concocted by a right-wing FOX network or a talk show host. You know, the Tax Day tea parties was [sic] the shot across the bow for the Obama administration and for him to stand up and say yesterday that he knew nothing about it, I gotta tell you, he’s probably the dumbest person walking around in America right now.” [Savage Nation, 4/20/09]

West: “I Absolutely Can’t Stand” President Obama. In a campaign speech in Jupiter, Florida, West said: “See our government wants to castigate us as the enemy. Our president went down and said that the problem is here in the United States of America. Well, ya know, let’s face it, wherever he goes he’s going to apologize for this country. I can’t stand the guy. [Cheers] I absolutely can’t stand him.” [, 5/18/10]

West Compared Obama To Hitler, Said “Tyrannical Government” Is Coming For Your Guns. In a campaign speech in Jupiter, Florida, West said: “But see this is once again a ploy by this government to open up the amnesty. To op– to close down our second amendment rights. And never forget this, my fellow Americans. In 1930, there was a gentleman in Germany who took away private gun ownership. And you know what happened to that population. You must be well-informed and well-armed because this government that we have right now is a tyrannical government. And it starts with this issue with illegal immigration.” [, 5/18/10]

West: Difference Between Carter Administration And “Obama Regime Is Naiveté And Maliciousness.” Speaking to conservative anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller, West accused President Obama of maliciously trying to destroy the country, saying: “I think the difference the Jimmy Carter presidency and the Obama regime is naïveté and maliciousness.  I think this is purposeful maliciousness.  That’s why what you’re seeing now in this administration. I don’t think they care for this country.  And I think they’re trying to make it into some kind of third-world socialistic cesspool.  I think they are willing to get in bed with any dictator or despotic ruler that they see.” [YouTube, accessed 5/20/10]

West Blamed Gulf Oil Spill On Obama. On his campaign website, West wrote: “There is no reason why those we elect to oversee our Nation have no clue about deep water oil drilling emergency management procedures. Leadership is about anticipating, analyzing, and executing viable solutions, before the incident occurs; that is what we call vision. Leadership is not about the immature game of pointing fingers and laying blame. As well, leadership is not about saying “mea culpa” and giving up on what is a national security, economic, and jobs, issue for our Nation.” [AllenWestForCongress, accessed 5/16/10]

West: Democrats Are “Creating More Slaves So That They Can Have Control Over Them.” In a speech to mark the opening of a campaign office, West said: “This is about fighting a dishonest tyranny. Fighting against people that will lie to the American people and say ‘we’re doing all this for the betterment of your lives’ when all they’re doing is creating more slaves so that they can have control over them. That is not the country that our founding fathers, our grandparents and our parents left to us. And it’s about not creating victims, it is about creating victors.” [, 4/17/10 via]

West Called Obama Administration’s Nuclear Posture Review A “Serious And Heinous” Violation “Of Our National Security Strategy.” In an interview with Fox News‘ Sean Hannity, West said: “It’s absolutely terrible. Y’know one of the key things the federal government is charged to do is to provide for the common defense. And that means the physical security of the American people. And so last week what we saw were two very serious uh, and heinous violations of our national security strategy. Your nuclear weaponry is a deterrent to ensure that you can stay safe and secure as a nation.” [Fox News via, 4/14/10]

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  1. Wow! Thank you for working so diligently to catalogue such an extensive treasury of Rep. Lt. Col. West’s comments across such a broad spectrum of topics. As more of the American public becomes aware of the existence of such a tested and proven leader who gives straight-forward honest responses with which the great majority of Americans agree, this great man’s influence will only continue to skyrocket. That was your intention in creating this post, wasn’t it?

  2. @ Freedom, I don’t think so that the influence of this anti Muslim extremist will be continue to skyrocket. In fact i think this feeling is not good for the world and people to live together. The words of a man like this will get a gap between groups of people in the world

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