The Other Opinion we Need you all to consider !!

The Other Opinion

First: to all brothers in the Arab countries … it is impossible to judge if you

are not living the situation … so don’t take positions without knowing the

circumstances of this protest, which is not a revolution, as it reflects a

group of people in Bahrain and not all the people of Bahrain…

Second: “The revolution of the Egyptian youth” was a revolution of youth

with personal opinions, which was not influenced by any party (as opposed

to what’s happening in Bahrain. The opposition is divided into several

entities, each with demands ranging in intensity between the request of

the fall of the Kingdom and calling for a Republic and the claim for reforms

in the politics of Bahrain). Whoever looks deeply into those demands, will

find out how they are changing every now and then, with the opposition

requesting for higher demands.

Third: the disappearance of security in Bahrain. I was continuously

following the Egyptian Revolution and I did not see the Egyptian youth

attacking policemen, blocking streets, calling for civil strikes or causing

chaos in schools and universities. None of them went to the areas of

supporters of the Government system (that is if there were a few of them)

with the intention of provocation!! Let us not forget that for every action

there is a reaction, so it is illogical to play with fire and then blame the fire

for any burns!

Fourth: It is true that the revolution in Egypt affected the tourism sector

in the country, as in Bahrain!! But the paradox here is that protestors

completely refuse the presence of any foreigner in Bahrain, whether for

business or tourism. They intimidate and even attack them, which lead

to the death of one resident yesterday just for being a foreigner!! Didn’t

he have a soul? Doesn’t he have any family? My religion is Islam, which

states that any spirit is created by God, which does not deserve to be killed

without reason! Imagine my fellow Egyptians, Libyans, Tunisian, or other

nationalities to be in a state in which a so called revolution takes place

and you are the one who’s killed intentionally because your roots doesn’t

belong to that country with a view!! What is your reaction!

This protest started illegally. Yes, the protestors did not get an approval

from the Ministry of Interior Affairs as required by law. Yes, they started

the demonstration using Molotov bombs against the police from the first

day. There were casualties. Isn’t there a reaction for every action? Were

they expecting the policemen to stand still in front of those people?

Fifth: Look at the history of these protestors and their violation of human

rights and national identity by burning some Asians in a restaurant, burning

a police car with a policeman inside. Didn’t they continue burning tires

since the nineties to this day? How do you want to police not to take action

when their lives were threatened??? They will say: what about the souls

of the protestors??? Whoever declares that he wants to die and follow

what is being said to him that this process is martyrdom let him accept the


Six: When this started, which was allowed by the Crown Prince, to protest

in one of the most important and vital areas with demands of living and

on top of the list was “Naturalization”?? Where is our Islam and our

religion from all this??? Our Prophet (Peace be upon him) that there is

no difference between anyone Arab and non-Arab, white or black, but

by piety. If they do not want these newly naturalized and who proved

that they are grateful and who have maintained the safety and security

throughout the years, then the naturalization of everyone should be

canceled including those who got their nationalities in the fifties, who

immigrated from the villages of Iraq, and some families from Iran and those

who do not know any other land but Bahrain! Will they agree to that?

Seven: Where are the peaceful aspects of their case??? Where is the whole

case?? Wasn’t it an issue of poverty?? Wasn’t it an issue of martyrs?? Go

and see how they turned the GCC roundabout to a “Carnival”??? Sheesha,

food and fun all night!!! Are those people supporting a read cause??? They

didn’t stop there, they even acted as policemen and appointed some of

them at some inspection points searching anyone they desire!!! That’s

not all, they even blocked the streets and open them as they wish!!!! They

didn’t stop there!!! They arranged daily marches that disturbed the traffic

and disrupted the security of the majority of the people who reject the

manifestations of this protest!!! Don’t we have the right to demand for

our freedom, security and safety??? Or the claims are exclusive to them??

Please pay very close attention, we saw the demands from the beginning

and we do not deny that we agreed with some of them … but the quick

escalation that took place in Bahrain’s crisis, showed the hidden intentions.

How can the claims for housing and increase the standard of living change

to the fall of the Government system? This was also demanded through

illegitimate ways. Whoever follows the events will notice the distortion and

lies, partial facts and invasion of the Central Hospital of Bahrain with news

broadcasts from inside the hospital!! Did any of those unethical actions

took place in Egypt or Tunisia? Did any doctor or teacher violate their oath?

Wouldn’t this destroy the country!!

Eight: They went to extremes when they declared the civil disobedience

by not going to schools for teaching, by exclusively providing only the

roundabout people with hospital treatment, by protesting in schools and

kindergartens forcing the kids to shout with slogans they don’t know it’s

alphabetic??? Isn’t it a violation of kids’ rights??? Isn’t it a shame to violate

the sanctity of girls in schools??? Isn’t it a disgrace to violate the sanctity

of the university campus??? Isn’t forcing people to do what they –this

troop- want, a violation of people’s rights??? They –this troop- force us

not to reach work!!! They force us to remain at home! They stole security

and stability for the sake of illusive demands they didn’t even write in an

official declaration!!! What are these demands that make them get out in

rallies seeking the death of the King; disregarding our feelings??? Where

are the legitimate demands??? Excuse me .. there is no way to convince

a sane-man that what this minority troop do is an act of people who love

their country!!! Regardless of all that, their teasing and provocative acts

during the previous period forced us to make civil committees to protect

our dignity and preserve the security in our areas!! Is this fair???


Nine: They want Bahrain to be an elective republic??? Where is their

historical and political education and knowledge??? Didn’t they accept

to pledge allegiance to the king in the year 2001 with a percentage

of 98.4%??? They can’t deny the legitimate measures taken in the

parliamentary council where they are presented by “Ali Salman”; the

chameleon, who didn’t present a single complete file for an issue and

suggestions to change legislations and rules along his membership

period!!! Who among them has an experience to manage a country???

The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) economy is connected and Bahrain’s

economy depends on Abu Sa’fah oil well which is owned by Kingdom of

Saudi Arabia to whom we are thankful as it provides us with 80% of this

well’s production! Do they –the opposition- think that if they get the

governance the kingdom, Saudi Arabia would continue to finance Bahrain

with these incomes?? Do you know why it wouldn’t??? Because they are

Iran’s allies!! All their masks have fallen and their intentions have been

revealed!!! We have said our word in the gathering of national unity -and

I didn’t see any neutral TV channel showing this first unique gathering- we

don’t want to be a governorate following Iran!!! And for your information,

we represent a nation and they represent a sect in this nation and if they

want to coexist they have to undergo the demands of the majority and if

they don’t like the regime in Bahrain, then let them choose wherever they

want of God’s large land!!!

Ten: The Peninsula Shield is the only solution to deal with whoever lives a

wildly life which lacks rules; pretending that this way of life is the

freedom!!!! Yes, we don’t want things to reach this far, but who wreaked

havoc in the land, and demanded things that don’t present the whole

nation’s will? Who stole our freedom? Who occupied areas of Bahrain and

forced his own rules? Who doesn’t want peace? Who didn’t listen to the

voice of intellect when the crown prince ordered for calmness and asked

for dialogue that has no roof??? Who continued performing, putting

himself at risk; ignoring all the warnings that the security forces want to

preserve order??? Who attacked the unarmed policemen??? After all that,

they don’t want injuries??? Just to let you know, the procedures taken by

the Kingdom of Bahrain are not so different from those taken by most

developed democratic countries. Did you forget the students’

demonstrations in the United Kingdom?? You blame us for seeking help

from The Peninsula Shield???? And when we use our interior forces, they

throw themselves into doom and show those video tapes in other satellite

channels!!! And to all those who said that The Peninsula Shield Forces are

Foreign Forces, did you forget that we are part of the GCC (Gulf

Cooperation Council)?? Did you forget the famous slogan “our Gulf is one,

and our fate is one”?? Why they didn’t say so when the forces were

involved in liberating Kuwait??? Originally, there are deals ruled by the

union of GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) and these deals and contracts are

internationally acknowledged, thus these forces are national forces not

foreigners!!! For those who said why the military wasn’t sent to defend

Palestine, I reply and say why those protestors who seek martyrdom didn’t

go to defend Palestine????

i request any one who is interested in helping the Opressed Bahraini (sunnis are SUffering more , cant tell u how much the expats are suffering here )please come to bahrain and Talk to both sides … this request is for human rights alone and not the armies or nato (we want them to stay out of our lives we have seen them cause destruction !! and dont want it in our country !! Faiza ,Bahrain

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