For Workers’ Power and International Socialism

Socialism in the 21st Century.. How feasible is that? Is it a Utopian dream as supporters of capitalism say? Is it something of the past as others charge?
At a time when the world is faced with a global financial crisis that is the worst since the Great Depression, faced with increasing poverty, wars, famines and humanitarian crises, the fight for socialism becomes literally a matter of life and death for the planet and its inhabitants.

The Center for Socialist Studies strives to be a platform for the dissemination of socialist ideas and politics, providing venue for those who want to change the world with the theoretical literature needed for this struggle. The Center produces a variety of publications (newsletters, books, magazines), holds public events and lectures in solidarity with the workers, peasants, students and civil servants.

The Center does not receive any foreign funds from governments or NGOs, and instead depends on the contributions and donations from its members and sympathizers.

The Center is located @ 7 Mourad Street, Giza Square.

( / 23.03.2011)

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