Israel threatens to cancel peace agreements with Palestinian

GAZA, March 10 (KUNA) — Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon threatened the Palestinians Thursday to scrap all previous peace agreements if the Palestinians declare statehood unilaterally.
“Whoever deludes the Palestinians into thinking that they can establish a state unilaterally, without negotiations, is diminishing the chances for peace and for a Palestinian state,” Israel Radio quoted Ayalon as saying.
“Palestinian obstinacy will not prevent Israel from making diplomatic progress and cooperating with the international community,” Ayalon added.
Meanwhile, the Israeli radio quoted British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould as saying the upgrading of the Palestinian delegation in Britain to mission level and said that “this is not a step towards recognition of a Palestinian state.” Gould stressed that the move follows and upgrade in Palestinian institutions and defense systems and claimed that his country’s policy is to bring about a solution through negotiation.


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