Popular women’s conference in Gaza against Bahrain Workshop

Women's Conference1

By Ghada Haniyya

The Islamic Women’s Movement (HAMAS) organized a popular women’s conference titled “Defending the Right of Return and Confronting the Deal of the Century and the Manama Conference” on Monday in the Rashad Al Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza City.

The head of the Islamic Women’s Movement, Rajaa Al-Halabi, said that all conspiracies will be destroyed on the rock of steadfastness of the Palestinian people. And the Palestinian women will not spill the blood of the martyrs in vain, as well as claiming the rights of detainees in occupation prisons.

In addition, she stressed that the deal of the century will not pass, and the Bahrain conference will remain a joke for the whole world, because the Palestinian decision is not sold and bought. Also, the people will never compromise or surrender their land.
She pointed out that Palestinian women in all their spectrum reject the process of normalization, the Bahrain conference and the deal of the century that wants to end the Palestinian cause.

For his part, said the vice-chair of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Gaza, Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, “that Palestine has been subjected to attempts to liquidate over 100 years, so as Palestinians, we must stand united against plots that target our just cause”.
Al-Hayya pointed out that the first steps to counter the deal of the century is to dissolve the shame of Oslo and to stop the security coordination.

He pointed out that the deal of the century is not aimed at Gaza alone, but at the Arab and Islamic civilization, and wants to loot the wealth of the nation and the rupture of individuals in one country.

He added that the deal came to expand the occupation in all countries without shame, and take away all the projects of resistance and the meanings of confrontation to the Zionist enemy.

The vice-chair of the Hamas movement in Gaza said that Hamas rejects the deal of the century and the Bahrain conference, and will work by all necessary means to encounter its output. Hamas also is calling on Bahrain to withdraw from participating in it, because it seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

In turn, Ektimal Hamad, Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, explained that the Bahrain Conference is a gateway to infringe the rights of our people on the road to complete liquidation. Therefore, we must invest the Palestinian position rejecting the deal of the century and the Bahrain Conference.

Moreover, she stressed the need of the restoration of national unity and structuring a consolidated strategy to face the deal of the century. She Also noted the importance of investing the energies of the Arab nation and developing a clear plan to face this deal.
She called for the abolition of the organization of the workshop and demands the Arab states not to participate in it, because it is a gate of the portals of the implementation of the deal century, and everyone must besieged the policy of occupation and trial by international law.

For her part, said member of the Islamic Jihad Munira Shafei, the message of the Palestinian people to the President of the United States Donald Trump is that, “we will die for our land and will not leave, although there are those who sold their dignity to America and Israel, there are those who remained on the sacrifice and dignity.”
She pointed out that Bahrain does not represent the free world, and many honorable people carry out the issue of Palestine and the issues of the free world, and that the process of normalization with the occupation will not change history, and the road to Jerusalem is not far away.

A representative of the National Commission for Refugees, Fadwa Shurafa, indicated that the Popular Conference comes as a confirmation of the legitimate constants of the Palestinian people, and rejected all forms of Zionist normalization.

She said that the Bahrain conference is categorically rejected, and that the Palestinian refugees are the only who suffer from injustice and siege and they constitutes 70% of the Palestinian people.

She stressed the need for UNRWA to fulfill its duties in support of the Palestinian people, and everyone should intensify efforts to deal with the deal of the century impartially.

Women's Conference2

‘Tell me why’, unheard children of Gaza are raising their voices

GAZA, PALESTINOW.COM — The higher committe of the Great Return March and Breaking Gaza siege organised massive children protest in the vinicty of Erez crossing on Tuesday morning, calling for the international community to stop Israel from murdering the children of Palestine and breaking Gaza siege, which impacts the daily necessity of life.

The event took place 2 kilometers far from Eres crossing where the children express there suffering under the Israeli Occupation and Israeli siege of Gaza. “We come here to speak up for our rights and put an End the Israeli violation of international laws” Aya, one of the participants says.

The children are divided into group each group tells a story, one of the groups sheds the lights on the sufferiby of the patients children and the lack of medicin. Other groups cover the prolonged hours of electricty cut and the polluted water crisis.

” I was born in 2007, I never experience 24 hours of electrity on or contaminated water” Amera 12 years old stated
“” Day by Day, we prove that our Great Return March is popular and peaceful protest.” Mohamed Thrayya one of the organisers confirms.

Since the beginning of the Great Return March, 18 children were shot and murdered dilebratly by the Israeli Occupation Snipers so far.

(Source / 24.07.2018)

Assassination of Female Paramedic

By Wafa A. Al-Udaini


The IOF have assassinated a female paramedic, whilst she was attending to injured civilians, during the ‘Great March of Return’ protests.  During yet another day of ‘Great Return March’ demonstrations – on Friday at roughly noon – Israeli snipers opened fire at civilians, killing a female paramedic and injuring more than 100 Palestinians.  

Twenty one year-old Razan An-Najjar was assassinated (shot) by the Israeli snipers stationed at the separation fence, separating the besieged Gaza strip and Israel. Razan was doing her job and helping the injured, she volunteered for the Ministry of Health and had been active since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’ (March 30th).  

Baha Abu shammalah, an activist said: “The Israeli Occupation Forces use live and rubber bullet and tear gas against us indiscriminately and deliberately”. “I was beside Razan; she was wearing the white uniform of a medic when she was shot in the chest” he added.

Razan’s colleague confirmed that “there was an injured (civilian) near the fence, so the paramedic Razan Al-Najjar raised her hands and went to rescue the injured.” The Israeli snipers then shot her dead, even before she was able to reach the injured civilian.  

Razan is the second paramedic to be killed by the Israeli forces since the beginning of the ‘Great Return March’ protests. Razan was filmed and interviewed many times, stating once: “I may get killed at any time, but I started this and I will continue until my people achieve their freedom”.

Razan’s murder has now pushed the death toll above 123 in the Gaza, since the 30th of March.

Israeli snipers deliberately targeting Palestinian journalists

By  Wafa al-Udaini
GAZA,PALESTINOW.COM — The Israeli Occupation has a long history of human rights violations, especially against journalists. Many have lost their lives and others have lost their jobs due to Israel’s targeted aggression, according to human rights organizations.

Since the beginning of the Great Return March on March 30th, one journalist was deliberately assassinated and more than 12 others were seriously wounded by Israeli sniper fire. One journalist is now in critical condition.

The Israeli Forces targeted press vehicles yesterday, who were covering the demonstration. They also fired tear gas directly on our press tent, while we were far away from the border fence, a 700 meter distance.

The head of the Information office, Salama Maarouf, expressed dismay at the alarming number of press-freedom violations against journalists covering the Zionist atrocities at the Great Return March.

“The aim of assassinating my colleague Yaser Muraja two weeks ago, while covering the demonstration, is to hide the truth by eliminating the witness”, said the photographer Rushdi Assaraj. “I was with Yaser when he got shot, the only thing he was holding was his Camera”, he added.

Murtaja, 30, was shot in the abdomen by Israeli occupation forces two weeks ago, while covering the rallies in the border area of the besieged Gaza strip. He succumbed to his injury the following day.

According to the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, Israel committed at least 740 violations against Palestinian journalists — in both the West Bank and Gaza — last year alone. Since 1992, 15 journalists have been executed by Israeli fire.

The 2014 Israeli aggression on Gaza was the bloodiest aggression against journalists we have ever seen. Eight local media outlets were leveled to the ground.

The Palestinian Great Return March is a popular and peaceful demonstration which all Palestinians take part in, to express our legal right to return to our ancestral home land in the Zionist occupied territories. In addition, we are demonstrating to shed light on our suffering under the 11-year-long Israeli siege on Gaza.

According to data from the Ministry of Health in Gaza, in the first two weeks of the protests (30 March – 14 April), 4,279 people were injured, and 36% of these (1,539) received gunshot wounds from Israeli snipers. 37 unarmed demonstrators have been killed.

Seminar about the judaization of Jerusalem

16th October Group (the foreign Media Unit in Athorayya association for Media ) held a seminar about the Judaization of Jerusalem, on Monday 27 of February in Gaza city.
The seminar aims at shedding the light on the suffering of the Jerusalemites and the holy sites under the Israeli Occupation.

British journalist, Ben White, – via Skype – discussed Israel’s violations of international law, focussing on policies of land colonization and displacement in Occupied East Jerusalem.

Alaa Shaaban, a member of 16th October Group confirmed that the most important objective of the wall is to implement the plan of Judaizing Jerusalem by confiscating its lands and surrounding it with rings of walls and settlements that strangle it and isolate it from its Arabic and Islamic environment.

Samah Abu Sharekh, university student, stated that “up to 2006, 76 Islamic worship sites were destroyed, and 18 were turned into synagogues, and other 17 were turned into barns for animals”, “such seminars target the activists to educate them about the Israeli violations of international law”.

Wafa Aludaini, the manager of the 16th October Group, said 16th October is a group of mainly females that aims at presenting the Palestinian issues to Westerners scientifically and objectively. 16 October endeavors to correct the stereotypical images permeating western media about Palestinian people.