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Afghanistan, 5th province of Pakistan

By Haseeb Asghar

The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is in the west and northwest of Pakistan, to the west of China, and on the north side are Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. 99% of the population of Afghanistan is Muslim, one percent composed of Sikh and Hindu, etc. The country has been occupied by the Iranians, Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, British, Russians and the United States. But its people have always been resisting against external occupation.

Afghanistan has been in a state of war for the past 35 years which has destroyed it and has made many generations displaced.

Today, Afghanistan is under the occupation of the Americans.  Afghanistan is apparently recognized as an independent country and government, but the destruction of Afghanistan has for the most part been at the hands of foreigners who exert much influence over the current government and often this situation creates civil war.

Although Afghanistan lacks oil or other resources it has a geographical position which makes this country always important in South Asia. That’s why the colonial powers have always tried to capture or influence it. Much of the area of Afghanistan is stony and mountainous and therefore it is difficult to capture by any external power. People are mostly tribal, therefore they never recognize external powers and resist. As a consequence this country has not been able to secure peace for a long time.

Russia suffered unprecedented loss for its occupation of Afghanistan, but it could not succeed, due to the role of the US and its goal of the failure of Russia. This was a key element which led to the end of the USSR with the help of Pakistan.

After dismantling a great state like Russia, the US had the understanding that he it is the father of this world and what he wants will happen. If it is seen that the US could invade wherever it wants, feeling its Omnipotence, it forgot the lessons of history and itself became bogged down in the swamp in Afghanistan.

According to the statements of American journalists, intellectuals and others, the United States carried out an inside job, the 9/11 attack, to create the reason of assault on Afghanistan.  The US has attempted to justify their actions to the world saying that the Taliban are doing the worst to the masses and are involved in terrorism while millions of troops have been sent to Afghanistan with their allies to occupy the golden strategically located country. As I have already stated, Afghanistan is geographically located in a place where almost all Central Asia can be controlled. That is why every country who has ruled India in the past has adopted Afghanistan as a pathway to enter the subcontinent.

Afghanistan’s geographical significance is not possible to deny; but without Pakistan’s cooperation, Afghanistan can never progress, there are many reasons which makes Pakistan very important for Afghanistan’s progress and development. One:  is there is no sea port in Afghanistan and its main and most important part of its border is with Pakistan.

Pakistan is directly affected if terrorist activities and uncertain situations erupt in Afghanistan.

As much as a safe and secure Pakistan is important for Afghanistan even more important a safe and secure Afghanistan for Pakistan. In other words Pakistan is as worried about Afghanistan as it is the fifth province of Pakistan.  This can tell the importance of Afghanistan for Pakistan. Pakistan utilizes all the world forms for stability in Afghanistan, which could open the path of peace and development in Afghanistan.

But there is a serious problem which is named US, which is not in favor of the creation of peace and prosperity in the Region and not in favor of favorable conditions for Pakistan. But it is taking a keen interest in its promotion of India in the region.

Despite the loss of trillions of dollars and the death of thousands of soldiers the US is not willing to leave Afghanistan. However the United States wants to get rid of Pakistan as such while the US is trying to give India more options in Afghanistan. The US accusation that Pakistan should be considered an ineffective country in the prevention of terrorism is a continuation of the US building pressure by its policies and statements against Pakistan. They do not acknowledge Pakistan’s success in the struggle against terrorism.s

On the 4th of January this year the US President cut the aid to Pakistan’s military while saying that Pakistan is not conducting sufficient action against terrorists in the country.

The United States’s announcement to stop aid, their unilateral military actions and drone strikes supposedly against terrorist in Pakistan increased the tensions in Pak-US relations which was not good already. Other US Senate members, including the US President, issued false statements against Pakistan, but while on the other hand America speaks wanting a stronger and improved relationship with Pakistan.  It seemed as if the US is playing a role of both sides of “good cop / bad cop” with Pakistan.

Generally this attitude is taken when the opposition is unaware of your decisions and your mentality. Usually if the opponent will back down in response to your threat, eye to eye contact in real negotiations do not happen equitably. If they are not afraid by your threats toward them then they play a role of good cop and manage the situation with more humble ways. The US did not expect that Pakistan would speak fearlessly, eye to eye,  against the policies and statements from US so that some softening of their approach to Pakistan is being adopted.

After the tough stand regarding the threats from the US  there is a slight decrease in the stance of the US.  The US President has proposed to keep $ 336 million for Pakistan in his annual budget, which seems to have been seen due to Pakistan’s stand and it seems the US President has been forced to revise his announcement.

The budget for 4 billion dollars sent by the White House to the Congress has included $256 million for civilian support of Pakistan and $ 80 million in military support. This aid will be helpful in creating economic stability of Pakistan and opportunities for US investment in Pakistan.

In addition, the US State Department’s Budget Tips 2019 include Pakistan’s economic and military assistance. These unconditional applications have been allocated to the US $ 20.2 million annually for 2018 and 2019 by the Economic Support Funds Development Fund.

This was the role of America in the region. Now I want to show other side of the project.  In the past two decades, India has received great support from the United States and Israel in the arms and technology sector. Israel has given more than 200 Caliber 155mm / 39 Ultra Light lightweight cannon.

These cannon are capable of aiming at long distance targets using satellite and radar and that can be easily installed in mountains and rocky area s. They have Laser guided Munitions.  India has also installed these cannon on working bonds, installation of guns on working bonds is a violation of international laws which are not permissible while there is not actual warfare between Pakistan and India.  That is why Pakistan is demanding that this issue requires diplomatic action in international platforms.

Now the balance of power is shifting. The US is facing defeat despite having become the premier super power.

The US has not yet succeeded in Afghanistan after the loss of trillion dollars and thousands of soldiers after 17 years. The US President has acknowledged that the Taliban control over 70% of Afghanistan’s territory.

Just consider the fact that Pakistan has successfully completed the world’s largest military operation against terrorism, thousands of civilians and soldiers have died in this war and millions of dollars have been expended. All its efforts are being ignored while India sows instability in the region.

This is the current attitude of the United States. International experts say that there was no tougher attitude towards Pakistan before.

In my opinion, CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) is a reason for American harsh behavior, which can play a key role in changing the affairs of the world, including South Asia. When CPEC is completed successfully Pakistan will become a very important country in the world. This is what is unacceptable for US, Israel and India.  CPEC is more beneficial for China then Pakistan, but Pakistan’s benefits, though hard to estimate, will be large.

Let me tell you a very important thing that China’s 94% population lives in South China, whereas 6 percent of its population lives in western China, which is about 55% of China. And western China borders Pakistan. After the completion of CPEC, China’s western part will be able become fully developed.  Moreover, after completion of CPEC, China will be able to much cheaper trade relations with Central Asia.

There are many countries which are upset by CPEC but India is most among all. Indian security affairs experts have declared CPEC’s to be the biggest threat to India’s survival.  India is not in a position to do anything against CPEC but it is using Afghanistan’s soil to destroy this comprehensive project. India is investing a heavy amount of money in Afghanistan to gain the trust of Afghan authorities.  India has inaugurated Salma Dan in Afghanistan while invested $ 300 million in Heart  for a Hydro Power Plant. This is India’s highest historical investment in any country.

Apart of this India is construction Chabahar Port in Iran which is just 70 kilometers away from Gwadar Port.

India has been building at the port at Chabahar in Iran since 2003, but due to economic sanctions on Iran last year, the construction work was slow. Now after the end of these restrictions, India has signed a $ 85 million agreement with Iran to build this port in May 2016.

It is also worth considering that, as soon as the port was needed to stop China’s way, the United States agreed to the nuclear weapons deal in weeks and Iran’s old position has been somewhat restored.

China will trade through CPEC and will take measures for its security. Thus, Gwadar’s port will also base ships of the Chinese Navy. While this is the place from which India deals with the Middle Eastern countries for its oil needs, India knows that if a CPEC is completed, China can control this route and cut India’s supply lines. While relations between China and India are tense, India can be placed under economic pressure and China can surround India from two different sides.

This is the short story of super-mastery of this region that has disturbed India and why it is taking steps to make CPEC fail.

For this, India means supporting insurgency in Balochistan , because the CPEC will pass through Balochistan Therefore India is providing everything to the rebels of Balochistan, to strengthen the insurgency.  Consequently to destroy CPEC.

CPEC will be the game changer for the Region where its security and success is also a great challenge for Pakistan. Because on one side, you have the security of the longest border with the country of India, which keeps its treasury open for the enemies of Pakistan While on the other border, TTP, ISIS and other terrorists threaten security in Pakistan by using Afghanistan’s side as a base.

As I said earlier, peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan are connected with each other. We can say that Afghanistan is as much important to Pakistan as its fifth province of Pakistan.

(Source / 03.03.2018)

Urgent: The current situation in Gaza

By Mamdouh H. Abu Ghali


The International Commission to Support Palestinians’ Rights (ICSPR) highly appreciates your continued commitment to human and humanitarian intervention.
We are addressing you for the second time this year to invite you to exert more efforts to stop the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Gaza Strip which currently living in catastrophic conditions. Your immediate and urgent contribution to put an end to the humanitarian catastrophe that is sweeping the Gazan population into a catastrophic fate is a legal and moral duty dictated by your legal mandates, your contributions and your lofty objectives that you are entrusted to achieve, which shouldn’t be sacrificed under any circumstances, Human beings in Gaza Strip live in conditions that lack the most basic requirements for decent living and human dignity, especially in light of the sharp deterioration in the human rights situation, the persistence of humanitarian crises, the lack of access to health and humanitarian services, safe water and human use.

2 million people are living in Gaza Strip in extremely difficult circumstances, which lead them to lose hope in the future, this creates a very fertile environment for extremism. The unprecedented deterioration of the humanitarian situation is due to the combination of a number of factors, including the ongoing Israeli siege measures for the eleventh year in a row, the continuation of punitive measures carried out by the Palestinian government, and the refusal to respond to the repeated calls to stop these punitive actions, which in short means the government’s abdication of its social, economic and political responsibilities towards the Palestinian people, unfortunately, the continued silence of the international community and the weakness of its reactions towards addressing the humanitarian crisis in Gaza Strip, which is currently in a state of a slow planned death.

The Palestinian government (the Government of National Accord) has initiated new measures such as re-levying the value-added tax, imposing strict conditions and controls on remittances entering Gaza, including the ones from the Western financiers community to NGOs, as well as the recent PA measures (since May 2017), including the termination of service for Gaza employees, the deduction of salaries and compulsory pensions, the imposition of a fuel tax that operates the only power plant.

These measures, and the severe restrictions imposed by the Israeli occupation forces, have exacerbated the conditions for humanity in Gaza Strip, where 80% of the population of Gaza live in extreme poverty, and unemployment rates exceeded 65%, among citizens, all of which led to a terrible economic recession amid the decline in the purchasing power of citizens, noting that these rates are the worst since 2002, according to official statistical data, as evidenced by the decline in import rates for goods to about 320 trucks a day out of nearly 1000 trucks a day.

The population of Gaza Strip is currently living in a very desperate situation, where more than 72% of the families are unable to provide their children with health food because of the extreme poverty and lack of purchasing power of these families, which will lead to a more miserable and hopeless reality.
The US decision to reduce its financial aid to UNRWA has worsened the crisis, the United States reduced its aid to the UNRWA treasury to less than half in 2018, affecting the functioning of UNRWA’s services for the poorest refugees in all areas of UNRWA operations (Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank and Gaza Strip).
Gaza Strip is the most affected by this decision, which is evidenced by the increase in the number of beneficiaries of UNRWA’s food relief services in Gaza, from 100,000 beneficiaries to 1.3 million beneficiaries over the last 10 years as a result of the deterioration of the economic and living conditions, the high rates of poverty and unemployment, which will lead Gaza Strip to explode at any time, according to statements “Matthias Shamali,” director of UNRWA’s operations in Gaza Strip.

Gaza Strip continues to wither away under the siege and its inhuman consequences, from restrictions on freedom of movement and goods, deteriorating humanitarian conditions, high rates of poverty and unemployment, and deteriorating health, housing and education.

The multiple crises caused by the ongoing Israeli siege and the repeated Israeli aggression three times in a short period led to increase in the poverty rate in Gaza Strip to 65%, unemployment to 65%, and 63.8% among youth, about 72% of the families of Gaza Strip are food insecure, 4,600 families in Gaza Strip are still homeless, and 5,000 families live in tents or plastic houses, the percentage of safe drinking water is 5%, while the hours of daily electricity cuts are more than 16 hours a day, the health sector suffers from a shortage of medicines and medical consumables with a deficit of 30% per month.

As unfortunately 2017 brought an additional suffering to the population of Gaza Strip, as a result of the collective punishment imposed by the presidency and the Palestinian government, which continues until this moment, this compounded the number of human suffering in Gaza Strip and affected the whole life system, especially the health, education, electricity, water, economic, trade, banking and other vital sectors, these collective punishments were accompanied by the continued implementation of repressive measures affecting the enjoyment of rights by the Palestinian people, especially journalists, writers and opinion makers who were persecuted and arrested.
All restrictions on public rights and freedoms in the West Bank constitute violations under the Palestinian Basic Law and international covenants, in a situation that reflects the continuing encroachment of the Palestinian executive authority and its violation of all laws that have set its scope of powers.

The truth is that the successive Palestinian presidential decisions – despite the fact that there is a consensus oriented among the Palestinian opponents – can’t be found to be legal or even moral. In short, they mean compromising Palestinian human rights in Gaza Strip, especially their economic and social rights, which may lead the situation in Gaza Strip to explode, and would cause great harm to the security and safety of the Palestinian person, the circumstances and developments of that scenario may lead to increase the height of extremism in all its forms.

Finally, the International Commission appeals to you to seize the last chance before humanity, to triumph for humanity in Palestine and Gaza Strip.
We call upon you to immediately intervene to end the suffocating siege imposed by the Israeli occupation for the eleventh year in a row, and to ensure that the occupation state complies with the obligations contained in international humanitarian law, in particular the provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and to ensure freedom of travel and movement for the Palestinian people between the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and secure the freedom of movement of individuals and goods with Egypt.
The Commission also calls upon you to exert pressure on the President of the national authority to stop the collective punishment imposed on Gaza Strip and to put the rights and freedoms of citizens and employees away from disputes and political intrigues.

We hope that you will act now in order to save Gaza before it is too late.
Pressure creates explosion. The citizens of Gaza Strip deserve to work with them and for them, they all are looking for an international role that guarantees them and their children their right to human dignity as a non-negotiable right.
Therefore, we hope that you will adopt this appeal, and carry out all the solidarity measures to ensure that the demands and rights of Gaza Strip residents are met.

Your sincerely /  Mamdouh Ghali

Union of Gaza Employees announces general strike

Reported by Abedarrahman Shaaban

The Union of Gaza Employees has today declared a general strike.

Strike Gaza

They are protesting the Palestinian Union Government because of their ignoring the rights of its civil servants.
The Union of Gaza Employees started the strike today, Monday, 26th of February. A general strike is in all government institutions in Gaza Strip.

All educational institutions and ministries will be closed today to press the PA government to put an end to the crisis over its civil servants in Gaza.

The strike comes as a persistence of the Union government in ignoring and denying the rights of its civil servants and it’s reluctance to pay their salaries.

The Youth of Gaza

By Youth of Gaza


The youth in Gaza represent 30% ?? of what??  the Gazan population? , and they are the most capable of reversing the real country’s reality as the one in charge of making daily life in all its forms in terms of learning and work and marriage and then   creativity in all the aspects of life required to keep up with times.

However, under the conditions imposed on the strip : lack of employment opportunities and the resulting rise in unemployment and lack of daily basic needs, as well as the policy of closing crossings that suggest to the youth that they live in a large prison, which inevitably leads to frustration. All these circumstances build an obstacle between the conditions of youth and the realization of their ambitions, and make the contours of the future before them blurred.

But despite all these unprecedented obstacles in the world, there are still youth of both sexes,  insisting on coping with these obstacles by keeping up with the times, exchanging experiences and daily innovations in all available ways.

In an interview with the student, Reman Abu Rizk, she said : ” As a Palestinian youth, I have a lot of dreams, which I hope to achieve inside the boundaries of my homeland, despite of the cruel reality in which we as a Palestinian youth live” .

She added : ” I have a shining view upon our future in our catastrophic strip. Our dreams will be coming true because we face very dark days, our light will be soon. One day, I will be a successful translator spite of all these challenges, so we should challenge our reality to reach to our dreams” .

Like other youths, Gazans youth dream of marriage and establish a right social life free of obstacles, but the circumstances we have mentioned are an example of  major reasons for youth’s dread of getting married because they are unable to provide marriage decrees as well as the disability they will face in meeting family requirements with a daily minimum .

In an interview with graduate Khalid, he told us:  “I always paint in my mind a bright and fair future for the effort I have made during my studies at med school. But I have faced a shocking reality and hit all my ambitions in the wall. I’m a 30-year-old boy, but all I have is a volunteer job for free, which hinders me from any opportunity to build my social life or my family’s allowance, which  have made so much for me to get to advanced stages”.

These problems have led young people to think that they are forced to travel to any other country where they have the opportunity to achieve their goals and escape from the difficult reality they face in the Gaza Strip.

In our question to a Gazan youth  (Abdel Rahman Shaaban) he answered: ” I always ask myself a question : Why should I leave my country and go to another one ? The answer is always logical: Leave my country and think about traveling because my country has no minimum needs as a youth who seeks to build his future; if the country has what the young people need in Gaza, the idea of travelling was not the only goal to be pursued “.

Motie Karabulut c.s. haalt het niet

Woensdag 21 februari 2018 heeft de Tweede Kamer gestemd over de motie van de leden Sadet Karabulut (SP), Lilianne Ploumen (PvdA) en Bram van Ojik (GroenLinks) in de zaak Ahed Tamimi in gevangenschap en andere Palestijnse kinderen in Israëlische gevangenissen.

Het enige wat de motie vroeg was dat de Kamer de regering oproept om zich uit te spreken voor de vrijlating van Ahed Tamimi, maar zelfs dat is teveel voor de Tweede Kamer fracties. De motie bezien, is dit de minst vergaande motie; niemand zou er zich een bult aan kunnen vallen.

Ahed al-Tamimi YouTube

Amnesty International had vooraf al aangegeven dat helemaal niets de detentie van Ahed Tamimi rechtvaardigt en dus riep de organisatie op tot vrijlating van de jonge Palestijnse.  

Maar wat blijkt nu bij het stemmen: CDA en D66 hebben tegen de motie gestemd waardoor deze is verworpen. Dat CDA de Palestijnse kinderen zou laten vallen was al zo klein beetje te verwachten, maar dat D66 deze kinderen in gevangenissen de rug zou toekeren is waarlijk een onbeschofte schande.
In een reactie van D66 weet de woordvoerder nog te melden dat “ … D66 echter geen voorstander is van het feit dat Nederland zich bemoeit met de rechtsgang van een ander land. Wij willen niet dat er direct voor vrijlating wordt gepleit, simpelweg omdat het vanuit hier moeilijk is om de precieze situatie met alle omstandigheden in acht genomen in te schatten en een oordeel te kunnen vellen … “  

Waar deze partij deze wijsheid vandaan heeft gehaald, dat is niet meer te achterhalen, maar de manier alleen al dat er gesproken wordt over het feit de precieze situatie moeilijk is in te schatten … verschrikkelijk, zo iemand leest niet veel internationale media en pers.

Het is wederom duidelijk een vorm om de macht vast te blijven houden, blijven plakken op het blauwe pluche van de regering, ook al zit de regering er pas. Dit is de tweede kapitale blunder van D66 in amper een week tijd: eerst het raadgevend referendum de nek omdraaien en dan ook staan te verdedigen in de Tweede Kamer en nu dus de Palestijnse kinderen in Israëlische gevangenissen in de steek laten.

Het schept duidelijkheid en het vermindert in ieder geval het aantal potentiële kanshebbers op mijn stem.

Al oud-D66 stemmer en ooit nog op een blauwe maandag voor de partij in de gemeenteraad te hebben gezeten, heeft de partij nu compleet afgedaan voor me. De partij is echt diep en diep gezonken.  

Het is wederom duidelijk geworden dat de Nederlandse regering en het overgrote deel van de Tweede Kamer niets op heeft met de Palestijnen, sterker nog, niets op heeft met de  Palestijnse kinderen die zonder enige vorm van proces of beschuldiging worden opgesloten. Palestijnse kinderen die durven te tonen – net als onze voorouders ten tijde van de Tweede Wereldoorlog zich als heroïsche verzetsstrijders toonden – zich niet neer te leggen bij de al 70-jarig durende bezetting van Palestina en elke keer in opstand komen. En terecht, en de helden van Palestina hebben de steun en support van ons nodig, van de Nederlanders, van de Nederlandse regering, maar dat laatste is vandaag weer gebleken, een brug te ver te zijn.

Two Gaza Teens murdered by Israeli Fire

Reported by Asia Ismael and Doaa Abu Elhawa

Hamas targeted

(Picture from sputniknews.com)

Palestinian ambulance crews found on Sunday morning bodies of two young Palestinians who were murdered in Israeli artillery shelling. The shelling was targeting a group of citizens east of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday night

The bodies were identified as Salem Mohammed Sabah and Abdullah Ayman Sheikha, both 17, from Rafah.

According to the site www.imemc.org received both young boys life-saving treatment but neither of them survived.  

“ … The two civilians, local sources said, were part of a group of six teens affected by an Israeli airstrike in an empty area in the city of Rafah … “

The Israeli military Occupation struck 18 targets in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours.

Trump, Palestine and Cold War II; Middle East under Tension

By Muhammad Imadudin Nasution

Political Analyst and Strategist in Khamakar Press Agency and Candidate Center 

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor trump recognise jerusalem

I am not surprised when Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital on December 6, 2017. But I am surprised that the Trump’s designation just rejected by 128 members of the United Nations in a special meeting. As we know, Trump is an unpopular President of the United States. He has been inaugurated on January 20, 2017 and people were protesting at the day of his inauguration.

The Trump political view is a supranationalist almost fascist political ideology. I am surprised when a newspaper in Indonesia told me that Trump’s father never rent his apartments to a black or colored person. I do not belief that Trump was grew up as a racist and also a white supremacist. He looks like a normal American as we see his cabinet today. Carson, his sparring partner at the 2016 Republican Primary, is there as a secretary. Also he has chosen an Asian woman for a department in his cabinet. So it is difficult to say that Trump is a fascist, racist or a white supremacist.

But his rhetorical campaign during his candidacy in 2016, has shown that he is not a pluralist person. His promises to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and war on illegal immigrants show that Trump is an anti-Islam politician. He even does not care that his current wife, Melania Trump (born Melanija Knavs or Melania Knauss) is an immigrant and also naturalized US citizen. So is Trump really a supranationalist, racist or even fascist? I repeat that I do not believe it yet. At least I do not believe it yet today.

Anti-Islam Rhetoric, Republican and White Supremacists

As some researches on the growth of Islam and other religious beliefs, Islam is the most growing religion on earth. The growth is caused by conversion and birth. Also the waves of immigration to Europe, Americas and Australia (and New Zealand), change the demography of the West today. But we can read that Islam is getting rejected by some nativists in Europe and the Americas, also in Australia and New Zealand. The waves of rejection against Islam are growing up as the growth of Islam in the contemporary west.

Today we can see that the US already had a black president for the first time in history. The US is getting pluralistic and multicultural and also tolerant during the Obama Administration in 2009-2017. In some reports, we can read that the United State had welcomed many immigrants in the last 150 years. Even Obama told us that the United States is a nation of immigrants, as his father was also an immigrant in the country. We can remember when a naturalized citizen of the United States, Abdul Karim Hassan claimed that he can to be a US President by the principle of human rights and equality. Of course his claim was rejected by the Supreme Court of Justice of the United States.

The United States reported has close history with the Islamic nations since the 18th century. But the nativists and white supremacists do not agree with the facts of historical relations between America and Islam. We can see that some Americans do not agree with Jefferson’s ownership of a copy of the Holy Quran.

The historical relations between the US and Islam are fluctuated year by year. As we know the US people are proud of some Muslims but they also hate some other Muslims too. Republican Party as an American leading party is switched to be conservative white after 1960s civil rights movement era. And Democrats also switched to be liberal and pro-choice political party. The switching of the political platforms make America divided again.

White supremacists are allowed in the name of American democracy. As the legalization of the Nation of Islam which is a black supremacist, Ku Klux Klan also get freedom in the US public spaces. Of course both organizations are being illegal if we ask the Americans on them. But actually Trump is getting supported by the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party.

The anti-Islam rhetoric used by the Republican Presidential Candidates such as Trump and Carson. Carson accuses Islam as an anti-toleration faith. In Carson’s opinion, Islam banned other religions and commands the Muslims to kill people with other religions except Islam. Carson did not read the Quran as in the Verse of al-Baqarah: 256 and al-Kafiroon: 6  we can read that Islam respects the freedom of faith. As in many Muslim countries such in Indonesia, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Iran and Egypt, and also in Turkey, the Muslim majorities are live peaceful with non-Muslim minorities and there is no persecution against the non-Muslim minorities there.

Even the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party terrorizing the African-American, Hispanic-American, Asian-American and other colored persons living in the United States, the US government actually does not mention them as terrorist organizations. But we do not know why the Muslim organizations are mentioned as terrorist organizations. The unfair prejudice made by the radical-fundamentalist, far-right, supranationalist groups in the American government.

As the Nazi Germany enforce the Jewish ban, the radical Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi enforcing the Muslim and immigrant ban. Videos show American white girls speaking hate on non-white people and non-English speakers uploaded to YouTube and also other social media such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp Messenger. The videos also spreading worldwide and the hate on America increase as love on America.

Also the Republican Party becoming a pro-life and also pro-war political party after Vietnam War or maybe after the Civil Rights Act signed in 1968. Beside of Democrats which is becoming pro-choice and pluralistic political party. I cannot explain the switch perfectly but at least we can know that Democratic Party is pro-choice and anti-war right now, also the Republican Party is very pro-life and pro-war.

The Ku Klux Klan and American Nazi are illegal by the law in the United States, but there are no sanctions for people who joining the groups. Joining the illegal groups is about freedom in America. It is about political will so freedom and democracy are the common values at the case.

Trump and the Cold War II

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the petro super power today. The Kingdom making close relations with the United States even the US Foreign Policies are harming the Muslim World. The United States is the largest Christian community on Earth, and Saudi Arabia is the only Islamic country without non-Muslim citizen. Beside of it, Indonesia is the largest Muslim community with India which both country making the majority of the Muslim community in the World.

So the closed relation between the KSA and the USA is nothing but political for the Muslim World. Iran as an enemy of the United States gives its critiques toward the relationship between US and Saudi Arabia. But the issues used by the countries in the Middle East are about Sunni-Shia relation and the deviation of Shia in the Sunni Theology. The issue made by Saudi Arabia that Shia is anti-Islam and also an enemy of all Muslim in the World.

The Sunni-Shia relations flipped up in the Middle East and the Sunni Muslims making war against the Shia Muslims. The radical American Christians are laughing on the fresh bodies of the Muslims in the Middle East today. The hoaxes on Shia strikes on Sunni mosques make the people from all over the World are angry and condemning the Shia Muslims in the entire World. Actually the strikes are from person without identity who is hating  the peace between Muslims.

The Middle East tension is moving up and down day by day to years and centuries. The history states that the Andalusian Umayyad Dynasty is the biggest enemy of the Abbasid Dynasty. Also the French Empire under Charlemagne is an enemy of the Andalusian Umayyad State. Factually the Abbasid Caliphs had made close relations with Charlemagne’s French Empire. Wars between Abbasid Caliphate and Andalusian Umayyad Caliphate were intervened by the French Empire under Charlemagne and also by the Mongolian Genghis Khan Empire. As we can understand the enemy of my enemy in politics is my best friend. So there is no theological and ideological matters, also there is no brotherhood between Muslims, Christians and other religions but there is only about national interests.

The Caliphate of Islam was fallen after internal wars between families of the caliphs and the wars are repeated in the families of the Arabian kingdoms and emirates today. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen the Islamic Republic of Iran as an enemy because of its influences toward the Muslim World. And the influences of Saudi Arabia in the Middle East are never growing better after the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was fallen and the People Republic of China becoming the only communist superpower which is not as communist as Soviet at the time. And the results of the post-cold war are the awakening of democracy in Asia and Africa, including in the Middle East and also the tension of Sunni-Shia relations in the World.

And there is the next cold war. I called it the Second Cold War. It is the cold war between BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and their axis in one side, versus the United States, the United Kingdom and European Union on the other side. The Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League are on the side of the United States, because of the leadership of Saudi Arabia in both organizations.

Arab-Israeli conflict also developed and some Arab countries take the side the Palestinian people, but the KSA and its allies are not on the side of Palestine. Iran as the eternal enemy of the United States and the United Kingdom is on the side of the Palestinians. And we will be surprised when we see that the Shia Muslims are protecting the Palestinian people. Also Turkey a secular Muslim country is at the side with the Palestinian people today. As we also surprised because of the embassies of the Middle East countries (such as KSA, UAE, Jordan and Egypt) are existed in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. So there are many Muslim countries making diplomatic relations with the State of Israel as they are making relationship with Palestine.

And today, Trump and King Salman bin Abdul Aziz make close relations with Israel which politically opposite to Iranian and Syrian politics. So today axis and allies are created and the Second Cold War begins. The questions are about where are we now at the Cold War? And alignment is the key of peace and war at this time.

But I am still surprised that 128 countries are opposing the allies and take the side of the axis in the Middle East or the Second Cold War today. I think it is about political communication of Trump’s presidency and also communication style of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia today. I see that the people of the World are fed up with the US domination in the United Nations today. Also the movements against the US domination are awake and spreading in the Middle East, Europe and other places in the World.

As we read that Trump has been born in a racist family, we can understand that this will be the end of the American domination. Why did I say that? Because we know that the racist governments are weak politically. US Cabinet today is neither pluralist nor tolerant cabinet filled by most conservative people on Earth. Trump is a nativist who does not understand where he came from. Even he knows that his ancestors are Germans he never realizes that they have been come to America in the previous centuries.

People are protesting everywhere in the entire World against Trump Administration. And today we have seen that Trump was failed in a fighting against the UN members. A majority of the UN members are standing against him at a special meeting. Also we know that this is the Second Cold War which can to be the next (the third) World War between South and North. But as we see the UN meetings and the UN Secretariat jobs today, we can hope that the Third World War will not happening in this decade.

God knows better.

Gaza exposed to medical terror

That state terrorism was linked to the occupiers of Palestine and East Jerusalem and the under siege coast enclave Gaza has meanwhile been deployed to various media and politicians, but that this has extended with medical terror is likely to be new and possibly difficult to understand to many.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Hospitals in Gaza are almost without materials and electricity is hardly running because the Palestinian Authority agreed with its occupier to reduce the supply of electricity to Gaza. Gaza has been in the dark for 30 hours without power and after that get some for 2 hours.

In addition to the lack of materials and power, the Palestinian Authority (PA) decides every time when there are medical questions from Gaza to allow patients to go to better equipped hospitals outside Gaza to thwart this. Due to the rigid, rude and inhuman attitude of the PA, there have been already 18 Palestinians – their own people – died in the past few weeks of diseases that would otherwise be treated. The last victim was a six-day-old baby with heart problems. The PA is trying to dismantle Gaza with its occupier completely and to ensure that it is grimed out of the world map. Gaza patients are subordinated to other Palestinians and have no right to decent health care.

Meanwhile, the same occupying power is in the process of expropriating Palestinian land in the West Bank or simply snitching to expand illegal settlements and set up new ones. This is also done with great speed in occupied East Jerusalem.

But the Palestinians in the West Bank have big problems because certain areas of drinking water are denied by the Mekorot organization, the national water company of occupying power. The area around Salfit is sealed off completely from drinking water and therefore the locals have to buy water that is supplied with trucks by coarse money. The normal drinking water is used for residents of the illegal settlements in the West Bank.

Gerelateerde afbeelding

In addition, 19 sick Palestinian prisoners are denied and neglected certain medical treatments in Ashkelon and Ramla Detention Centers. This neglect goes even so far that prisoner Muhammad Abrash had to be amputated a part of his leg and probably follows more. At prisoner Moussa Sawfan, lung cancer has been detected and one third of the lung has already been removed and more will follow. The situation for these prisoners is getting worse by the day.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor medical neglect prisoners

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Formeren zonder een woord over Palestina

Nadat een vrouwelijke minister van VVD-huize het geprobeerd had, kwam er een PvdA-mastodont, die nu ook het veld mag ruimen, zodat weer een VVD-er met veel ervaring – ook zo’n mastodont – het mag gaan proberen om de ChristenUnie een links uiterlijk te geven. Want daar draait het toch om; de heer Pechtold wil geen schroefje in een rechts motorblok zijn en dus moet er iets van een links schroefje, boutje of moertje er bij gevonden worden. Ik denk dat André van Duin het sneller had gevonden …

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor een moertje, een schroefje, een boutje

In de tijd dat de heren bezig waren met elkaar in de ogen te kijken, de wensen op tafel te leggen en een chineesje te pakken om daarna tegen de midstream media te zeggen dat het er allemaal goed uit zag – ondertussen dagen weg krassend op de grote kalender van de Tweede Kamer – is er een poging gedaan om Palestina op de agenda van de besprekingen te krijgen. Hiervoor zijn een aantal fractievoorzitters aangeschreven en met name die ter linkerzijde, daar van de rechterkant niets te verwachten is en zeker niet van extreem rechts, die niet verder komt dan ronduit achter de bezettende macht uit Tel Aviv te gaan staan.

Echter bij de besprekingen die nu bezig zijn en gaan komen, staat 75% van de aangeschovenen achter de bezetters, dus vanuit een eventueel te vormen kabinet met deze vier partijen hoeven de Palestijnen geen steun te verwachten.

Nederlandse politiek
Van de partijen die aangeschreven zijn, hebben SP en D66 een ‘antwoord’ gegeven, waarbij SP antwoordde: “De SP is zeer begaan met het lot van de Palestijnen en doet daarom in de Kamer allerlei voorstellen om de druk op Israël op te voeren opdat de bezetting wordt beëindigd.”  

Van D66 werd het antwoord ontvangen dat het een interessante mail is en dat die doorgestuurd zou worden naar de juiste persoon die dan een antwoord zou gaan geven. Dit laatste moet nog gebeuren. En dat was het dan, niets meer, geen andere partij die het lef heeft om een antwoord te geven.

En door deze reacties van de Nederlandse politieke partijen heeft het bezettende regime in Tel Aviv niets te vrezen, daar Nederland niet alleen staat in haar buitenlands beleid richting de Palestijnen. De Nederlandse politici laat een volk creperen, laat de Palestijnen gewoon lijden en gaat ondertussen verder met onderhandelingen met een regime waarvan nu openlijk wordt gezegd dat ze oorlogsmisdaden heeft begaan. Er staan zelfs mensen op – en niet de minste – die het regime toch weer voor het ICC wil gaan brengen, ondanks het feit dat juist de ‘zogenaamde president’ van de Palestijnen overweegt om hiermee te stoppen.

Het schijnt bij de onderhandelingen voor een nieuw Nederlands kabinet van belang te zijn om te praten over het einde van het leven, vrijwillig of niet, in een tijd dat Palestijnen geëxecuteerd worden, dat jongeren doodgeschoten worden of gevangen gezet worden zonder enige vorm van aanklacht of rechtszaak.

Op het moment dat dit geschreven wordt, komen de berichten los vanuit Gaza, dat de Gaza strip weer eens een keer gebombardeerd is geworden (vroeg in de ochtend van 27 juni) door de vliegtuigen van de bezettende macht. En natuurlijk volgt daarna het bericht “dat men reageerde op een raket vanuit de Gaza strip”, echter wat opvalt, is dat er geen bericht van te voren is geweest van een raketaanval. En bij deze aanval zijn ook vissersboten beschoten; zouden die dan ook raketten aan boord hebben?  De bezettende macht uit Tel Aviv mag alles, kan alles en heeft alles, maar Palestina heeft niets, geen vliegtuigen, geen echt leger dat het grondgebied mag en kan beschermen, het beetje grondgebied dat elke dag weer een stuk kleiner wordt door illegale nederzettingen, illegale nederzettingen units, illegale uitbreidingen van scholen en universiteit in de illegale nederzettingen en ga zo maar door. Waarbij dan dagelijks Palestijnen worden vermoord of opgesloten. Momenteel zitten er zo’n 6500 Palestijnen her en der gevangen, waarvan de meesten geen rechtszaak hebben gehad.

Zio's attack Gaza

En wat doet het demissionaire Nederlandse kabinet of de Tweede Kamer bij de aanval op Gaza? Niets, nada, noppes. Mijn inziens draagt ook Nederland de slippen van de jas van de bezettende macht uit Tel Aviv en de vraag die bij mij blijft knagen is: “Waarom doen ze dat toch?  Waarom volgt Nederland in complete blindheid de bezetters? Wat is er mis gegaan?”

En kom niet weer aanzetten met gedeelde schaamte van wat er gebeurd is zoveel jaren geleden; er is een nieuwe tijd aangebroken. De bezetters van Palestina die elke dag gruwelijke oorlogsmisdaden plegen moeten voor het ICC gebracht worden. Waarom doet Nederland dan hier niets hiermee? Nederland die gastheer is voor het Strafhof, moet toch staan voor het oppakken van oorlogsmisdadigers, onze politici moeten hierbij het voortouw nemen. Echter het gebeurt niet; de Nederlandse politici lopen nog liever naar Tel Aviv dan eens een keer naar Gaza te gaan en met Hamas te praten. Het idee om te gaan praten met Palestijnen van de Gazastrook, Oost-Jeruzalem, maar ook van de bezette West Bank komt bij onze politici niet op. Neen, dan ‘liever de lucht in’ met de bezetters uit Tel Aviv.

Het klinkt erg negatief, maar met een kabinet waar nu aan gewerkt wordt, hoeven de Palestijnen niet te verwachten dat de Nederlandse politiek achter de Palestijnen zal gaan staan. Het zou goed zijn – en zeker ook voor de Palestijnen – dat er weer nieuwe verkiezingen komen, waarbij links aan tafel komt te zitten.

Meneer Pechtold, beste Alexander, aangezien ik nog steeds op uw antwoord zit te wachten, doe ik het maar zo: sta op, als een kerel en ga achter de Palestijnen staan en zorg er voor dat we trots kunnen zijn op onze politici en dat we als Nederland hulp gaan bieden om het lijden van de Palestijnen aan te pakken en hun leven te verbeteren.

Broedermoord en de grote Shaytaan

Laatst konden we weer horen dat de buurlanden van Qatar, zoals Saoedi-Arabië, Verenigde Arabische Emiraten en Bahrein, later gevolgd door andere landen, het land Qatar in de ban hadden gedaan, omdat dit land zogenaamd terroristische organisaties als Hezbollah en Hamas en tevens Iran zou steunen. Wat een boter op het hoofd van deze landen. Maar waar zit nu het probleem?

Het probleem zit dieper en zeker niet bij Qatar of laten we het zo zeggen: niet bij Qatar alleen. Neen, het probleem zit in de regio aan de ene kant en in de wereld aan de andere kant.
De regio is verdeeld in groepen, moslims die de ene stroming aanhangen en moslims die weer een andere richting volgen. Zo heb je Shias, Sunnis, Wahhabis, Alawieten, maar er zijn nog veel meer subgroeperingen te onderscheiden. En deze groeperingen / stromingen hebben allemaal een deel van de aarde geërfd; meestal tot ongenoegen van een andere groepering. En dit houdt in dat er wrijvingen zijn ontstaan tussen bijvoorbeeld Saoedi-Arabië (wat een streng regime van Sunni-Islam aanhangt) en Iran (wat dan weer Shia-Islam volgt).

Internationaal terrorisme
En hier zit dus het probleem, wat deze week keihard naar buiten kwam. Het gaat in feite niet alleen om de zogenaamde terroristische organisaties als Moslim Broederschap en Hamas – waar sprake van zou zijn in een persbericht – maar het ‘spel wordt gespeeld’ om de verschillen in de Islam, waarbij de beschuldigingen over terrorisme heen en weer vliegen.
Zo is Saoedi-Arabië van mening dat Qatar het internationaal terrorisme steunt (zie inleiding), maar de Saoedi’s zijn ook niet vies geweest om bepaalde groeperingen te ‘steunen’, die later door het westen als terroristen werden bestempeld, bijvoorbeeld Bin-Laden en de zogenaamde aanvallers van 09/11. Daarnaast is het land het straatarme land Yemen binnengevallen en heeft daar nogal wat bombardementen uitgevoerd waarbij heel wat onschuldige burgers zijn vermoord. En dan vraag ik me nog steeds af hoe de connecties zijn naar een groepering als Islamitische Staat.

Qatar zou Hamas en Hezbollah en mogelijk de Moslim Broederschap steunen, maar laat het duidelijk zijn dat Hamas en de Moslim Broederschap democratisch gekozen partijen zijn, gekozen bij verkiezingen door het volk. Dus voordat de Saoedi’s Qatar beschuldigen, is het verstandig om eerst eens in de bekende spiegel te kijken en te denken aan de splinter en de balk in een oog.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor westerse inval arabische landen

Maar er is nog iets meer aan de hand. Opvallend is de draai van de drie landen geweest, nadat de doldrieste Donald Trump een bezoek had gebracht aan Saoedi-Arabië en daar een grote wapenhandel contract had afgesloten. Ik neem aan dat dat er wat eisen bij het contract zijn gesteld, zo in de geest van ‘de strijd tegen internationaal terrorisme’, aangedragen door de VS.

Daarna is er nog wat opvallends gebeurt, nl de samenwerking tussen Saoedi-Arabië en het regime in Tel Aviv, waarvan erg weinig in de midstream media is te lezen. Vooral dit laatste is een slecht gegeven gezien vanuit Arabisch standpunt: het regime in Tel Aviv is in feite altijd de vijand geweest en nog steeds voor een aantal landen. En dat gevoel bestaat al sinds de tijd na de Tweede Wereldoorlog, sinds 1948, toen de westerse wereld een kapitale blunder beging en het regime in Tel Aviv de kans gaf om zich in Palestina te vestigen, een land waar al een groot volk woonde.

Voor vele inwoners van verschillende Arabische landen zal dit het gevoel geven dat de landen de As van het Kwaad zijn, de grote Shaytaan: VS – regime in Tel Aviv – Saoedi-Arabië. En dan vindt men het vreemd dat er jongeren opstaan die van mening zijn dat er opgetreden moet worden tegen deze Shaytaan. De hang naar ‘optreden tegen de Shaytaan’ wordt in de westerse wereld compleet niet gesnapt, maar is het vreemd als er in de Arabische landen complete wijken werkloos zijn (laatst een documentaire over de wijk Al Kram in Tunis, waarbij 30% van de jongeren geen baan hebben) en er een ronselaar met een zak geld binnenkomt, dat er jongeren zijn die kiezen voor geld en eventueel de dood, liever dan de armoede in hun woonwijk? Een aantal van deze jongeren hebben nog geprobeerd om de oversteek te maken naar Europa, maar werden hier niet geaccepteerd, afgewezen en werden teruggestuurd. Weet u hoe laag het is, hoe onbeschoft het is, hoe vernederend het is om afgewezen te worden? Terug in het land van herkomst staat dan een man met een buidel geld te zwaaien.

En tenslotte zit er nog wat achter. Vele westerse landen hebben personen en organisaties in Arabische landen gesteund en gerekruteerd voor hun eigen vuile operaties – meestal werden het rebellengroepen genoemd – om staatshoofden af te zetten, zie bijvoorbeeld MI5 in Libië of CIA in Afghanistan, Irak, Syrië – en deze organisaties en personen zijn de laatste jaren, maanden afgedankt en hebben het ook het gevoel gekregen, vernederd te zijn.

Deze personen en groeperingen zijn kwetsbaar geworden voor ronselaars om te gaan vechten ‘in den vreemde’ en tevens te vechten tegen de grote Shaytaan, de zogenaamde As van het Kwaad. Maar het westen gaat verder en zeker de landen van de As gaan door met een doldrieste politiek tegen de volken van bepaalde Arabische landen en noemen democratisch gekozen partijen, als Hamas en Moslim Broederschap, terroristische organisaties, maar ondertussen steunen deze westerse landen zelf militairen die een coup plegen of regimes die al 50 jaar een volk aan alle kant onderdrukken, bezet houden en stap voor stap uitmoorden.

Het kan verkeren in onze moderne wereld. Maar de standpunten van het Arabische volk is voor het westen van geen enkel belang, behalve als ze zich aansluiten bij de As van het Kwaad.
Overigens is het opgevallen dat IS nog geen aanval heeft uitgevoerd op landen van de As van het Kwaad?

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor vs aanval syrie