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Royal Albert Hall

Kensington Gore SW7 2AP
London, United Kingdom

Gemaakt door:


Join the picket outside the Royal Albert Hall in London
(Near the main entrance and box office)

…On Thursday 1st September 6-8pm.


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Message from PACBI:

Out of Tune with Human Rights – BBC Proms: Cancel Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Invitation

We, Palestinian cultural institutions, including the leading musical organizations, urge the BBC to cancel the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) concert at this year’s Proms [1], due to IPO’s complicity in whitewashing Israel’s persistent violations of international law and human rights. The IPO is scheduled to perform in September in London.  Should the BBC fail to cancel this ill-conceived concert, we urge all people of conscience in the UK and especially those who stand for justice, freedom, equality and human rights to effectively protest this event, including by promoting a wide boycott of it, and by tapping into the impressive creative energies British supporters of Palestinian rights have always shown.

The IPO is one of the flagship institutions of the Israeli state, tracing its history to the 1930’s under the British Mandate. The IPO Foundation describes the orchestra as “Israel’s musical ambassador,” [2] while the American Friends of the IPO has this to say about it:

Often said to have more heart than other orchestras, the IPO is Israel’s finest cultural emissary and travels throughout the world, particularly to countries where there is little or no Israeli representation. In some cases, performances of the IPO are the only example of Israel’s existence. The goodwill created by these tours, which have included historic visits to Japan, Argentina, Poland, Hungary, Russia, China and India, is of enormous value to the State of Israel. As a result, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra maintains its position at the forefront of cultural diplomacy and the international music scene. [3]

As befits an institution that identifies with the Israeli state and openly serves Israel’s interests, despite its occupation and apartheid and decades-old denial of Palestinian rights, the IPO proudly announces its partnership with the army under a scheme whereby special concerts for Israeli soldiers are organized at their army outposts [4].

In this way, the orchestra has lent itself to the official Israeli propaganda campaign titled Brand Israel, which aims to divert attention from Israel’s violations of international law and Palestinian rights to its artistic and scientific achievements. [5]

Moreover, during the 1948 Nakba, the IPO made it a mission to entertain Israeli soldiers [6] who were busy ethnically cleansing Palestinians, committing massacres and systematically demolishing hundreds of Palestinian villages to prevent the refugees’ return. The IPO also entertained Israeli troops in 1967 [7], right after Israel’s war of aggression against the Palestinians and Arab states and its occupation of the West Bank (including East Jerusalem), Gaza, the Syrian Golan Heights and the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Given the orchestra’s strong association with the Israeli state and other Zionist organizations involved in “brand-Israel” activities [8], we call upon all Palestine solidarity activists in the United Kingdom to organize activities to protest and boycott the orchestra’s concerts. As long as it continues to partner with the state in whitewashing war crimes and international law violations, the Israeli cultural establishment cannot expect to be exempted from the growing boycott movement.

This appeal is made within the framework of the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) [9], and the call for the boycott of all Israeli academic and cultural institutions issued by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) [10], and in accordance with the guidelines for the cultural boycott of Israel [11], which an overwhelming majority of Palestinian cultural and artistic institutions have endorsed.

We believe that the time has come to apply pressure on Israel in the form of boycotts, divestment initiatives and sanctions, as was done successfully in the struggle against the apartheid regime in South Africa. Israel must not be allowed to flout international law and precepts of international humanitarian law with impunity.  Israel’s cultural ambassadors play a pivotal role in covering up Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people; they must be held accountable for their shameless complicity.


– Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI)
– General Union for Palestinian Writers
– Edward Said National Conservatory of Music
– Al Kamandjati Association
– The Palestinian House of Poetry
– Yabous Cultural Center, Jerusalem
– Palestinian Women Research and Documentation Centre
– The Popular Art Centre
– The Palestinian Forum for Culture and Media – Paris
– Sanabel Theater – Jerusalem
– Theatre Day Productions
– World Association of Writers – Palestine center
– Al-Harah Theater
– Palestinian Association for Contemporary Art (PACA)
– Al-Kasaba Theatre and Cinemateque


Similarly, in October 2010 the Archbishop Desmond Tutu asked the Cape Town Opera not to travel to Israel. His argument was based on his firm belief in human rights and equality. He wrote,

“Just as we said during apartheid that it was inappropriate for international artists to perform in South Africa in a society founded on discriminatory laws and racial exclusivity, so it would be wrong for Cape Town Opera to perform in Israel.

“Cape Town Opera should postpone its proposed tour next month until both Israeli and Palestinian opera lovers of the region have equal opportunity and unfettered access to attend performances.

“Only the thickest-skinned South Africans would be comfortable performing before an audience that excluded residents living, for example, in an occupied West Bank village 30 minutes from Tel Aviv, who would not be allowed to travel to Tel Aviv, while including his Jewish neighbours from an illegal settlement on occupied Palestinian territory.”

” Media against Islam : The war we don’t see “

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0…aaaac..tion….A gentle lady or man just appears on screen on news channel and starts to say: 3 bombings has been occurred,33 killed on Lahore or Kabul street and ‘Taliban’ has claimed its full responsibility. We’ve been weary to hear such kind of news without supportive evidence. Nearly always, Muslims are blamed and arrested for every attack either being just suspect or not to be. We’ve experienced so many false flags from western media against Islam and Muslim.Corporate mainstream media have been the most effectual and incisive wing of the Western governments in their crusade against the Muslims and the Islamic world. When it was needed to conceal the most evident realities which would prove to the righteousness of the Muslims, the mainstream media did their best.

Western governments add fuel to the fire of Islamophobic sentiments in their societies with provocative and rabble-rousing actions and statements, the Western media mischievously try their best to portray a lopsided, biased and prejudiced image of Muslims in an attempt which should be interpreted as an incontestable crusade against more than 25% of the world population. They intentionally spread fear and awe among the Europeans and Americans about Islam. “On April 30, twenty-four hours before a smoking SUV Nissan containing an improvised bomb was defused (in) Times Square….the Pakistani Taliban’s top bomb-maker, Qari Hussain Mehsud, took ‘full responsibility for the recent attack in the USA’ in an audiotape with images on a You Tube website.”

With no supportive evidence, these type reports hype fear to prepare the public for what’s to come, so if a planned major terrorist event in a Western city, there’s a ready suspect to blame and popular approval to act.

The historic record is full of false flags, some especially noteworthy. Below are a few examples:

1) September 11, 2001, clear evidence showing it was a false flag, the Afghan and Iraq wars made possible by fear-mongering blame on the Taliban and Saddam Hussein.

Although it is arguable that the 9/11 attacks played in the hands of the United States and its European partners to spread an all-encompassing signal of Islamophobic sentiments in the world and introduce the Muslims as the number one threat to the global peace and security, one should bear in mind that Muslims have been conventionally considered as the villains of the fables of the Western governments.

2) The March 2004 Madrid train bombings occurred three days before Spain’s general elections. With no supportive evidence, they were blamed on Al Qaeda, yet they stoked public fear and were used to warn that other Western cities were threatened, including in America.

3) The July 7, 2005 London underground bombings (called 7/7) were a series of attacks on the city’s public transport system during the morning rush hour for maximum disruption and losses. At precisely the same time, an anti-terror drill occurred, simulating real attacks. It was no coincidence this time or ever, others in America and Britain coming on the same day as a real event, other notable ones covered below.

4) On June 30, 2007, a Jeep Cherokee with propane canisters crashed into Glasgow International Airport’s glass doors, the BBC reporting that it “was in the middle of the doorway burning….The car didn’t actually explode. There were a few pops and bangs which presumably was the petrol.” The usual suspects were blamed, Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorists!

5) Make of it what you will, but in Miami on January 11, 2010 (one day before Haiti’s earthquake), the Pentagon’s US Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) simulated a hurricane striking Haiti in preparation for subsequent measures to be implemented, that, in fact, would be a carefully planned military operation for occupation, control, and planned plunder.

When we ask the CNN-IBN news reporter for the source of the news we initially get the same old answer that some “secret agencies” had revealed it! As long as imperial ambitions and rogue agencies like CIA and their foreign counterparts exist, false flag operations will be commonplace. They use this all false flags as a pretext for more war and to divert attention from America’s deepening economic crisis, likely to erupt in protests because of Washington’s indifference to millions affected.

 Actually The Western media outlets never show the real image of Islam to their audiences and tell them that the essence of this religion is based on mutual respect, benevolence, peace, love and human dignity. They never allude to the fact that the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) was one of the pioneers of human rights in his time and emphasized on preserving and respecting the human dignity immensely.

They never reveal the verses of Holy Quran in which it is declared that killing one person is tantamount to killing all of the persons in the view of Islam [Sura Al-Mayeda:32] They never tell their audiences that in the view of Prophet Muhammad, it was even unlawful to kill a sparrow for the sake of entertainment.

Unfortunately, the public opinion in the West is unaware of the realities of Islam and Muslims. It’s my responsibility as a sensible person to invite you to take a deeper look into the realities of Islam, and if you want to figure out the realities, it’s your responsibility to research and dedicate your time to a quest of truth.

Fear mongering and false flags? Draw your own conclusions; understanding the need to stoke fear to keep public support for the “war on terror,” the loss of civil liberties for “security,” the Afghan and Iraq wars, and whatever else may be planned.

Assalamu Alykum Owa Rahmutullah…..(Peace & mercy of Allah be upon you)

( / 25.08.2011)

Libyan Rebels Under Fire in Compound

(TRIPOLI, Libya) — Supporters of Muammar Gaddafi have resumed attacks on rebels who say they control most of the Libyan leader’s sprawling government compound.

Rebel fighters stormed the complex, a symbol of the crumbling regime, in an hours-long battle Tuesday, but the Libyan leader remains in hiding and has vowed to fight “until victory or martyrdom.”

On Wednesday, rebel fighters wandered around the complex, Bab al-Aziziya, when they came under fire. Rebels briefly took cover, some running and others speeding toward the gate in pickup trucks, then returned.

It’s not clear from where the shooting came, but a rebel field commander, Mohammed Amin, says the last holdouts among regime loyalists have entrenched themselves in areas near the compound.

A defiant Muammar Gaddafi vowed Wednesday to fight on “until victory or martyrdom” and called on residents of the Libyan capital and loyal tribesmen across his North African nation to free Tripoli from the “devils and traitors” who have overrun it.

The broadcast came a day after hundreds of Libyan rebels stormed Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya fortress-like compound in the capital but found no sign of the longtime leader. On Monday, the rebels entered Tripoli, pouring into the Mediterranean metropolis of some 2 million people in their thousands in a stunning breakthrough. They claim to control 80 percent of Tripoli.

Tuesday’s ransacking of Bab al-Aziziya, long the nexus of Gadhafi’s power, marked the effective collapse of his 42-year-old regime. But with Gadhafi and his powerful sons still unaccounted for — and gunbattles flaring across the nervous city — the fighters cannot declare victory.

In an address given from an unknown location and broadcast on the Al-Ouroba TV, Gadhafi asked: “Why are you letting them wreak havoc?” The Syria-based satellite station is owned by Iraqi dissident Mishaan Jibouri and has been supporting Gadhafi as well as Syria’s embattled leader Bashar Assad.

Sounding subdued and without his usually fiery rhetoric, Gadhafi said he would fight “the aggression with all strength until either victory or death.”
The channel earlier quoted the Libyan leader as saying he had left the Bab al-Aziziya compound in a “tactical move” after 64 NATO airstrikes reduced it to rubble.

Gadhafi’s chief government spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim, also managed to get word out in a phone interview with the same station, promising “we will be back to take Tripoli back.”

The 69-year-old Libya leader has routinely addressed his supporters from state Libyan television, but the rebels have taken the channel off the air on Tuesday.

In Brussels, a NATO official said warplanes continued to strike overnight at pro-Gadhafi forces near Tripoli.

“We did see remnants of the pro-Gadhafi forces moving heavy equipment and we took action,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity due to standing rules. “It shows that we are ever present over Libya, and we will maintain this presence as long as necessary.”

The rebel leadership, based in the eastern city of Benghazi, tried to assert civilian control despite continued uncertainty.

Mahmoud Jibril, deputy chairman of the National Transitional Council, was traveling to France and was to meet with French
President Nicolas Sarkozy Wednesday evening, according to Sarkozy’s office. A statement said talks will focus on “the situation in Libya and the international community’s actions to support the political transition to a free and democratic Libya.”

France was the first country to recognize Jibril’s government and has been a driver of NATO’s bombing campaign against Gadhafi’s forces.

The breach of Bab al-Aziziya on Tuesday after hours of fierce fighting with Gadhafi loyalists in the area was a new high for the rebels in what has been an emotional roller coaster since they moved into Tripoli on Sunday night. It began with euphoria and claims that they had taken over most of the city with little resistance. The first night they partied in Green Square, a major symbol of the regime where Gadhafi supporters had held almost nightly rallies throughout the uprising. And it seemed Gadhafi rule was teetering on the brink of collapse.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, there was a shocking setback. The rebels had claimed that they arrested Gadhafi’s son and
heir apparent, Seif al-Islam. It was confirmed by the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands, which has charged him and his father with crimes against humanity.

But inexplicably, Seif al-Islam showed up at the hotel where foreign journalists are staying under the close watch of regime minders in the early morning hours of Tuesday. He giddily took reporters on an eerie drive in the middle of the night to see hundreds of pro-regime gunmen around Bab al-Aziziya and at least a hundred more lined up outside, where guns were being
handed out to volunteers.

The rebels waited hours to explain, saying word of his capture had come from secondhand reports from some rebels that were never confirmed and had been leaked to journalists. But in an indication that the announcement of his arrest might have been a ruse calculated to demoralize the regime, Jibril, the deputy chairman of the National Transitional Council, said the reports had some political and military benefits.

“About 30 officers and soldiers surrendered when they heard the news, which helped us take over Bab al-Aziziya swiftly,” he said. “And 11 countries recognized the (rebels’) National Transitional Council after receiving news of his arrest.”

By Tuesday morning, it looked like the capital might descend into bloody urban warfare, with sporadic gunfire in many parts of the city before the rebels move into Bab al-Aziziya.

In other parts of the capital, the rebels said they were also in control of state television. They raised their tricolor flag on the top of the building. Rebels claimed they also control the airport.

Government forces, however, were still holding out at the nearby Rixos hotel where dozens of foreign journalists were being prevented from leaving by armed government enforcers.

In Tripoli’s Green Square, hundreds of rebels celebrated the storming of Bab al-Aziziya, dancing and clapping and waving the red, green and black rebel flag and firing celebratory gunfire in the air.

( / 24.08.2011)

Israeli air strikes test Gaza truce

Three Palestinians killed, amid calls from Hamas for the international community  to intervene.

Israel has launched several attacks on Gaza, killing three Palestinians and wounding several others, prompting Hamas to allege that the attacks violated an unofficial two-day-long truce.

Medics in Gaza said an Israeli air strike on Wednesday evening killed 20-year-old Mohammad Moqat. He was a member of the Palestinian resistance group Islamic Jihad.

The latest air strike came after Palestinian fighters lobbed several rockets and mortar shells into southern Israel in retaliation for an earlier Israeli air strike in the border city of Rafah.

An earlier air raid during the day targeted a vehicle, killing Ismael al-Ismar, 34, an Islamic Jihad leader.

An Israeli military spokesman confirmed the strike, saying it had targeted “an activist linked to Islamic Jihad who was implicated in attempted terrorist actions in the Sinai”.

According to the Israeli military, Ismar had “operated with terror elements in the Gaza Strip which have recently made several attempts to execute terror attacks in the Sinai, on the Israel-Egypt border”.

A third man of 60 years old was also killed when Israeli forces opened fire near the border.

The renewed attacks raised fears of a fresh descent into violence scarcely 48 hours after factions had agreed to end rocket fire on
southern Israel, on condition that the Israeli Air Force also stopped its raids.

Shaky truce

Gaza’s Hamas government accused Israel of violating the unwritten truce with its latest air strikes and called for UN intervention.

A statement issued by Hamas read: “Such aggressive behaviour confirms that Israel has no true intention of maintaining the truce and insists on escalating the situation. We call upon the international community and the United Nations in particular to pressure Israel to stop its aggression against our people.”

The latest cycle of violence erupted on Thursday, when gunmen attacked cars and buses on a desert road near the Red Sea resort town of Eilat, killing eight in an attack blamed on the Popular Resistance Committees.

In the following days, Israeli air strikes killed 15 Gazans, and armed factions in Gaza lobbed more than 100 rockets and mortar shells across the border, killing one man.

During the hunt for Thursday’s attackers, Israeli troops shot dead an Egyptian army officer and four soldiers – causing a diplomatic rift between the two countries.

On Wednesday, Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Alyoum reported that Egyptian authorities have identified three of the people
responsible for the attacks in Eliat. The report claims that the attackers were from the Sinai region of Egypt, not Gaza as Israel suspects.

The Israelis and Egyptians are currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

( / 24.08.2011)

Palastine / GAza 24.08.2011 IV

hear a voice of two explosions in #GAZA right now

Another homemade rocket fired from north #Gaza #now and it is not a Grad! the Grad sounds way louder! #Israel #breaking

israeli gunboats shoot at the fishermen in the middle of the sea by Rafah. no injuries reported

Mohammed Omer: Israeli air strike just killed 1 Gazan, 1 injured. Since truce announced on Sunday total of 3 killed, 4 injured in Gaza

HUUGE explosion in #Gaza :S shook the house!

an explosion just heard  in north of #Gaza #Now

Breaking Report of arrests and confrontations in #Silwan

with Israeli warplanes in the skies, just now a homemade rocket was fired from #Gaza! no second explosion meaning it wasn’t intercepted!

Palestinians are hitting back at Israel in act of self-defense as the former raided on Gaza 5 times in 24hrs leaving 3 dead and 9 injured.

In the past 30 minutes, several loud explosions have rocked several areas in Gaza. Israeli war planes are still in the sky.

A number of injured incl. israeli child – Show Empathy with #Gaza #Pray4Gaza #ProtectGaza  know the pain all too well!! #Stop #ISRAEL

even you are in #Gaza Always trust you deserve to live the life you want

Breaking Israel targeting fishing boats off the coast of #Gaza #Pray4Gaza #Rafah  (Safa)

BREAKING: a huge explosion rocks the occupied city of #Khudaira. #israel

BREAKING: resistance successfully launches two rockets are Kerem Shalom border

@danmike1 i don’t know what’s wrong with media, do they sit all with a knife on their throats or what the hell is going on!?

Explosions heard in #Gaza by @Jess_Gaza @imNadZ

Breaking News: Sources:  240 Palestinian children in Gaza are hit with Trauma and fear due to the massive Israeli bombings in east of Gaza.

Breaking News: Two Palestinians killed in eastern Gaza as Israel attacks despite the ceasefire.

Canadian radio programmers advocate for “comprehensive #boycott of Israeli media institutions at nat’l & int’l levels”

Two more injured in a new raid #Now #GAZA #Pray4Gaza

There are many injures in last explosion in the east of #GAZA


8 Persons, Including 2 Children and 3 Women, Wounded Due to Explosions of Home-Made Rockets in Populated Areas in #Gaza

Maan News Agency: Rights group: Rockets injure Palestinians in Gaza

Use your intelligence! #Gaza under attack again – Do you think all palestinians are terrorists who always attacks 1st israel? –  #Pray4Gaza

Is Gaza on its way to another ethnic cleansing war?

After more than three days of the attack on Eilat, which According to the Israeli reports, 9 people were killed, including soldiers in the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). We do not know who are the people who carried out the attack so far! Have we seen their bodies? Do we know their names? Has any Palestinian group declared its responsibility for the attack? Why the Israeli government escalates against the unarmed civilians of the Gaza Strip in the current time exactly?

During the last few weeks at the height of internal demonstrations in the Israeli cities of which call for social justice, recovery from economic problems and improving the living conditions of the middle class people, many of the political commentators and analysts wrote at major Israeli newspapers, that Netanyahu government struggles for its last days and we witness the countdown of its fall, and expecting early elections would be the inevitable result of the unprecedented internal unrest, and therefore, the only solution for Netanyahu government to ease the anger of the street’s uprising or rather to divert the attention from the main issue of his government’s internal crisis by intensification of the security situation, either in Gaza or south Lebanon, especially after the failure of economic solutions and new laws and Netanyahu’s promises in dissuading the protesters from their demands.

From the first moment, the crisis’ spark has started with the housing crisis, Netanyahu has tried to intimidate his citizens by showing “the horrible face of Hamas and Gaza rockets” and then Israeli security services has been talking about the danger of Al Qaeda in Sinai; by creating the atmosphere and conditions for the upcoming escalation. Netanyahu and the Israeli media machine continue their threats that the time is not suitable for these rallies and this inner anger.

But his call found deaf ears and with the increasing protests, the risk threatens the stability of his government. Therefore, it was his best choice to get out of this crisis that he had to be going to the security escalation as a hot front in Gaza—the weakest point—the attack of Eilat came, an unknown group who carried it out, to give a free gift to Netanyahu’s government to justify what he was looking for, and he started hitting civilian targets and bloody brutality that we used to it, Palestinian death toll in the past 3 days by Israeli missiles; more than 16 killed, 52 injured including women, a pregnant woman and children. To sum up what happened during the past 3 days, can be stated on the following:

1- We have no details about the attack of Eilat, and the only available reports are through the Israeli media and the military’s story, it seems very clear from the first moment of confusion of spreading out news, they said that the attackers came from Gaza and then another said they were from Egypt and then Jordan or from the West Bank, but all that losing the credibility of the Israeli reports about the attack.

2- No one from the Palestinian or the Arab side took responsibility for Eilat attack, while the Israeli media did not show any footage of the attackers or their names, are they Palestinians? Is there any group or organisation outside of Palestine more benefiting from this attack?

3- Targeting the Egyptian soldiers was not random and accidental, and the Israel army is aware of their whereabouts and there is ongoing coordination between the two army leaderships, as the Israeli army wants to say that any complicity from the Egyptian side will not pass unnoticed.

4- What is happening right now in Gaza is a slow ethnic cleansing taking place before the eyes of a very indifferent world and the silence of the international community which came after Gaza has been under the hermetic siege for 1530 days.

5- The siege of Gaza and the continued illegal collective punishment of its residents by Israel has resulted in soaring food prices. Many foodstuffs, medicines and other goods, such as construction materials are no longer available. There are zero stocks available for 91 drugs. Hospitals are reporting zero stock availability of pediatric drugs, antibiotics, as chronic disease drugs, cancer treatment drugs, a range of kidney dialysis drugs and IV glucose solution. In addition, there are also shortages of kidney dialysis machine equipment. There is an increase in diarrhea amongst children and the possibility of outbreaks of typhoid and hepatitis if the blockade is not lifted. And the closure of the border crossing has resulted in [the dealths of] dozens of Palestinians in urgent need of medical treatment; including some terminally ill cancer patients [who] were refused entry to Israel or Egypt by the Shin Bet [Israel’s intelligence agency].

It is more than a shame – it is criminal how the world remains unmoved to change this miserable life that Gazan people live.

By Ramzi Abuabdou

Palestine / Gaza 24.08.2011 III

Million-man  March planned on Israeli Embassy in Cairo –

Today #GAZA | 3 Killed + 1 died to injuries sustained in earlier attack

Israeli air strikes in Gaza again tonight, 1 killed, 3 injured far as the bombing continues.

Israel knows no ceasefire, like it knows no peace. One Palestinian man killed, 6 others injured moments ago in #Gaza. via @Selintellect #BDS

2 years old! israels war on terror-collateral damage or murder? #Gaza  via @Qpalestine #Palestine #HumanRights?

Death of Mohamed Atia Maqat “20 years” and another wounded as plane that targeted some citizens in tunnel st. in #Gaza

Mohamad Attiah Moqat the name of the martyr from the Israeli drone attack in Nafaq st. #Gaza via @WillOuda

Update: Medics) : Attiah Moqat.

Breaking News: Israeli air force killed 1 |Palestinian in Gaza, 6 are wounded despite ceasefire.

One Palestinian has been killed and other three reported in middle of Gaza city due to Israeli drone-fire attack toward group of civilians

One Israel tank missile hit east of Gaza city, tension in Gaza now

Palestine / Gaza 24.08.2011 II

Breaking news: 3 Palestinians have been injured in direct Israel air ride attack on civilians in Gaza City

RT @Solarah: Reports of a HUGE explosion heard in #Gaza City and another in #Khanyounis #Breaking #ghazzeh #israel

The explosion heard few minutes ago in #Gaza city hit a target in Nafaq St. causing injures. No reports of deaths.. yet?! #breaking #israel

#Egypt intervention ‘prevented major #Gaza assault’ –

The sounds was : Drone attack in Nafaq st. , in the exact time of rocket launching from west . #Gaza more info soon

@Sameeha88 Even I heard it in Khanyounis wallah lol can’t be the same one though. Seems like one was heard in sheja3eya too

The stupid Israeli warplanes are still flying on east, west, south and north of #Gaza sky :@ :@ Her voice very annoying

Explosions heard in the Shijaia neighborhood in eastern Gaza  #Pray4Gaza #Gaza

Another Grad rocket launched from Gaza toward Israel

A huge explosion just rocked #Gaza via @Omar_Gaza #ProtectGaza from #US funded #Israeli attacks

Seriously what’s up with this!! I just heard and felt an explosion in #Khanyounis and came to report only to see tweets about one in #Gaza!

My heart goes out to the families in Gaza.

A huge explosion just rockeed #Gaza

Watch Tears of Gaza online  Full Movies – (if popups- use ad-blocker) #Gaza #HumanRights #MUSTWATCH & #SHARE #NeverAgain

RT @occpal: .I should have said more clear: so again:  2 assassinated today, 1 died today of injuries sustained during earlier attacks #GAZA

Maan News Agency: Former Gaza detainee dies from diabetes –

#israeli helicopters flying over north of #Ghazzeh in #BeitHanoun#israel #Gaza #Palestine

Palestine / Gaza 24.08.2011

#Gaza is under attack, want to know why? Get the facts here

#Gaza has just buried it’s dead of this morning, now Israel attacks again | When will the world #ACT against THIS?

2 rockets fired from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field near Ofakim on Wednesday. no injuries #Gaza 3 killed 2day – so far #Pray4Gaza

A Lethal Contract.  Killing in Our Name [countercurrents] Stop the #US funded #Israeli attacks on #Gaza

3 Martyred today by Israel violating the truce: #Gaza Occupation 2011

Tunnels Map? Al Shorouk newspaper of Egypt: Egyptian troops are getting ready to destroy Gaza tunnels

Name of Shaheed: Ismail Amom, 65 yr old from Gaza,his body found badly disfigured

Farmer: Settlers uproot trees in Beit Ummar

63-year-old Palestinian found dead following raids

Canadian media workers resolve to “promote divestment & disinvestment from Israel by international media institutions”

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Mistreatment of Palestinian Journalists

#BDS victory: Canadian radio broadcasters join #BDS movement, refuse to cooperate w/Israeli media institutions

i just heard a series of loud explosions in #Gaza– about 5 or 6 while we were breaking our fast….. :S

#Gaza Pays the Price… Again | Common Dreams

Pro-Gadhafi forces try to halt rebels’ momentum

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) — Libyan rebels weathered resistance from pro-Moammar Gadhafi forces in several volatile pockets across Tripoli Wednesday, but a few dozen journalists kept hostage by the strongman’s armed supporters have dramatically managed to go free.

Rebels worked to topple remnants of the Gadhafi military apparatus as special forces from Britain, France, Jordan and Qatar — which are on the ground in Libya — have stepped up operations in Tripoli and other cities in recent days to help them.

But CNN’s Dan Rivers, speaking to a senior opposition official, learned that a large portion of the southern half of the city remains dangerous. While much of Tripoli is in rebel hands, there are areas where the rebels are not in control.

Several rockets landed near the Tripoli International Airport — one apparently on the tarmac — and rebel commander Mukhtar Al-Akhbar said Wednesday four rebel fighters were found bound and executed nearby. NATO jets are overhead and there are sounds of explosions and automatic gunfire.

Rebels control the hotly contested airport but were struggling to control an area east of it. Rebels say the intensity of the fighting around the airport is directly linked to Gadhafi’s still unknown whereabouts. They believe loyalists are trying to clear a route for him to escape and there are suspicions he might have been traveling in a convoy.

Fighting between rebels and Gadhafi loyalists broke out Wednesday outside the Rixos hotel. Later, about 35 trapped international journalists trapped there gained their freedom, after five days of being held by armed pro-Gadhafi forces.

CNN Senior International Correspondent Matthew Chance said the journalists had been “living in fear” and they wept with relief as they got out. Speaking from inside a car as he was being driven away from the hotel, Chance said their freedom came as the gunmen realized most of Tripoli had been taken by the anti-Gadhafi forces.

A day after rebel fighters captured Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound, loyalist forces shot at least seven mortars into the symbolic heart of the Libyan ruler’s regime.

The seizure of the compound punctuated the buoyant optimism of the rebels and their National Transitional Council political movement. The NTC claimed rebels now control 90% of the country and said it plans to move ministries from its base of Benghazi in the east to Tripoli.

Rebels said they had captured some of Gadhafi’s forces inside the compound following an hours-long siege. They ransacked the facility and confiscated weapons there. But neither Gadhafi nor any of his family members were found, and a message of defiance said to be from the longtime Libyan leader emerged Wednesday.

Two Arabic networks aired an audio message purportedly from Gadhafi in which he called upon all Libyans “to clear the city of Tripoli and eliminate the criminals, traitors and rats.”

“They are hiding between the families and inside the civilian houses,” the speaker said. “It’s your duty to enter these houses and take them out.”

CNN cannot confirm the authenticity of the message.

Hours earlier, Gadhafi spokesman Musa Ibrahim struck an equally defiant tone when he said government forces have the power to fight in Tripoli “not just for months — for years.”

“We will turn Libya into a volcano of lava and fire under the feet of the invaders and their treacherous agents,” Ibrahim said in a phone call to satellite news channels, according to Reuters.

A senior NATO official said the war was “not over yet, although it’s close. We continue to watch for flare-ups from around the country, where there are still going to be pockets of resistance. We are also watching the chemical weapons and Scud missiles to make sure they are not used in the endgame.”

Another NATO official elaborated on the help from foreign forces. British forces, in particular, have assisted rebel units by “helping them get better organized to conduct operations,” the official said.

Some of the foreign forces traveled with rebel units from towns across Libya as they advanced on Tripoli. The official, who declined to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the intelligence information, said the special forces  have helped rebels “improve their tactics.”

The forces have also provided targeting information to warplanes conducting  airstrikes and conducted reconnaissance missions in Tripoli. The forces have  also assisted rebels in communications as they conducted the assault on the capital.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, NTC chairman, told Italy’s La Repubblica daily newspaper  Wednesday that Tripoli is “80% under our control.”

“Pockets of resistance remain in the city and there is a large concentration  of the armed forces in the Sirte area, the historical backbone of the regime.”  Sirte — Gadhafi’s hometown — is east of Tripoli.

“The Gadhafi era is finished, even though all will end only with his capture  and with his conviction for all the crimes he committed.”

Jalil said the “prevailing thought” in the NTC is to put Gadhafi and his  allies on trial in Libya, not at the International Criminal Court at The Hague.  He also said that parliamentary and presidential elections will be held in eight  months.

“We want a democratic government and a fair constitution,” he said.

Foreign countries are recognizing the NTC as Libya’s rightful government,  though Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said his country would only recognize a  Libyan regime led by Gadhafi, his close ally.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said his country will consider establishing  relations with Libyan rebels if they “have have the power and spirit and  opportunity to unite the country on a new democratic basis.”

However, “there are two governing powers in the country, and despite the  rebels’ success in Tripoli, Gadhafi and his loyalists retain influence and  military potential,” Medvedev said.

Critical to the rebels’ ultimate success will be the release of money that  has been frozen in international banks.

The U.N. Security Council may soon free up assets for use by anti-Gadhafi  forces in Libya. A Western diplomat told CNN that the United States, France, and  Britain were discussing a resolution that would allow the rebel forces to use  money previously held by Gadhafi’s government.

Large amounts of money held by the Libyan regime in foreign  bank accounts were frozen by the security council in February and March. The  resolution would also lift sanctions from banks and other Libyan entities.

( / 24.08.2011)