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Operation ‘Olive Branch’ Gains Ground as 100 Square Kilometers are Freed from PYD Terrorist Militias

The Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters and Turkish army captured a number of mountains and villages in Afrin from terrorist militias of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) as part of Operation ‘Olive Branch’ aimed at liberating Afrin from the separatist terrorist militias.

The FSA groups on Friday captured Dharmik Mountain in the Bulbul sub-district as well as the villages of Balal Kuy and Beko in the Rajo sub-district north of Afrin after clashes with the terrorist PYD militias.

The terrorist PYD militia responded by targeting a popular market and residential areas in the town of Azaz in rural Aleppo with mortars and artillery, causing number of civilian casualties.

The terrorist PYD militias also continued to target civilians in the Turkish provinces of Kilis and Hatay. The shelling by the PYD militia on border towns and villages inside Turkish territory have so far resulted in the death of seven civilians, including two Syrian refugees, and injured 107 others, including children since the start of Operation ‘Olive Branch’ on January 20.

The FSA groups and the Turkish army have launched Operation Olive Branch against positions of the terrorist groups in Afrin while taking all necessary measures to protect civilians in the area.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Anadolu Agency / 04.02.2018)

Assad Regime & Russia Continue Relentless Bombing Campaign Against Civilians

Russia and the Assad regime air forces have expanded their bombing campaign on civilian areas, targeting new areas in Aleppo and Hama provinces. The bombings claimed the lives of dozens of civilians, including many children and women.

Local activists said that 20 civilians were killed and 30 others wounded in airstrikes by the Russian forces and artillery shelling by regime forces on the villages and towns of southern rural Aleppo on Thursday. The most violent shelling targeted the villages of Musheirfa and Jizraya in southern rural Aleppo.

Russian forces used cluster bombs in the airstrikes on the villages of Umm al-Karamil, Ziyara, Tal Alloush, and Zamar in southern rural Aleppo.

Activists in Idlib province pointed out that the airstrikes and barrel bomb attacks continued unabated on the town of Sarqib, forcing the majority of the town’s residents to flee their homes. At least six civilians, including two volunteers with the Syrian Civil Defense, were killed in the airstrikes on Saraqib.

Similar attacks targeted the town of Kfranbouda in rural Hama, killing eight civilians and wounding many others.

In a press release issued on Thursday, the Syrian Coalition said that the Russian occupation and regime forces continue pursue policies aimed at killing and the displacement of the Syrian people.

“In addition to the continued killing and escalation, the bombing campaign is also causing massive destruction, chaos, and forced displacement of civilians. These atrocious crimes have time and again demonstrated that the Assad regime and its Russian and Iranian allies know only how to kill and commit crimes and that every initiative on the political level is nothing but a media hype aimed at gaining more time,” the Coalition added.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 02.02.2018)

Syrian Coalition Official: Russia Seeking to Hijack Will of Syrians & Prevent Establishment of Democratic State

An official in the Syrian Coalition said that the manner in which Moscow organized the Sochi Conference reflected its vision of the future Syrian state, which is based on the continuation of dictatorial rule, the empowerment of criminals, and the hijacking of the will of the Syrian people.

“We cannot describe what happened during the Sochi conference but as a charade as it did not meet the minimum standards set by the United Nations for democracy and the people’s right to freely express themselves,” said Mohamed Yahya Maktabi, Secretary of the Coalition’s political committee.

Maktabi pointed out that the way Moscow organized the conference demonstrated its vision for the future Syria, stressing that Moscow wants Syria to be “subject to Russia and robbed of its will.”

Maktabi condemned the existence of such a large number of invitees who he described as puppets similar to those comprising the so-called People’s Assembly of the Assad regime. He also denounced the invitation of criminals who are responsible for war crimes in Syria, most notably Miraç Ora who is on the wanted list in Turkey and the mastermind of massacres against civilians in the Syrian town of Baniyas.

Maktabi also rejected Moscow’s attempts to undermine the will of the Syrian people and to impose conditions on them as well to monopolize efforts to reach a political solution in Syria. He called on the United Nations to enforce the resolutions it passed on Syria, most importantly the Geneva Communique of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254 calling for full political transition in Syria.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 31.01.2018)

Bombings by Russia & Assad Regime Intensify as Syrian Negotiations Commission Boycotts Sochi Conference

Intensified airstrikes by the Assad regime and Russian air forces killed at least nine people in the town of Saraqib and six others in the town of Ma’arat al-Nu’man in rural Idlib on Sunday a day before the start of the Sochi conference which Moscow claimed was aimed at finding a solution in Syria.

Activists said that Assad regime forces, backed by Russian air force and Iranian militias, have expanded their military operations across all Syrian territory after the Syrian Negotiations Commission announced it would not participate in the Sochi conference.

Activists from the district of Douma in eastern Ghouta published videos showing the aftermath of artillery bombardment by regime forces on the district in which five civilians were killed.

The local council in Saraqib on Sunday declared the rebel-held town a disaster area as a result of the massive destruction resulting from the relentless bombing campaign by the Assad regime and Russian warplanes.

The Council said in a statement that the town has been hit with dozens of airstrikes and barrel bombs attacks, adding that the Assad regime and Russian forces used all types of weapons in the bombings, including the internationally banned cluster munitions, vacuum bombs, bunker-buster bombs, napalm, and the white phosphorus.

The council noted that the heavy aerial bombardment destroyed the majority of vital civilian centers in the town, especially medical centers, hospitals, bakeries, and public markets. The bombings also caused massive damage to civilian homes and internally displaced people camps on the outskirts of the town.

The local council in Rural Damascus said that Russia bears the consequences of the crimes of the Assad regime in eastern Ghouta “because it claims to play the role of mediator for peace without exerting pressure on the Assad regime.” It pointed out “the Assad regime responded to the cease-fire announced by Russia in the area by more procrastination and total indifference.”

Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission, Nasr al-Hariri, on Sunday said that the Commission decided not to participate in the Sochi conference as he reaffirmed commitment to the UN-led political process.

Hariri pointed out that the Commission’s delegation held dialogue with the Russian side, the United Nations, Turkey and the United States to take advantage of any initiative aimed at pushing for a political solution in Geneva. He stressed that the Assad regime does not believe in a political solution as it continues to obstruct the political process.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 29.01.2018)

Syrian Negotiations Commission Urges UN to Immediately Stop Assad Regime’s Atrocities in Eastern Ghouta

Officials in the Syrian Negotiations Commission said that the war crimes being committed against civilians in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta must be stopped immediately. They held the United Nations responsible for the deteriorating situation in eastern Ghouta because of its failure to take firm stance forcing the Assad regime to stop its ongoing onslaught on the besieged area.

The Commission officials made these remarks at a teleconference with civic leading figures in eastern Ghouta on Thursday.

Member of the Commission Abdul Ilah Fahad said that the Commission is keen to continue to communicate with all revolutionary bodies across Syria to keep them informed about the latest information, initiatives and dialogues with the United Nations and about developments in the negotiating process.

Member of the Commission Firas al-Khalidi pointed out that the political process is in danger because of attempts to undermine the Geneva process and impose a Russian-made solution on Syrians during the conference to be held at the end of this month in Sochi. He stressed that this revolution will not abandon its principles and goals in repelling aggression and the prosecution of criminals.

Member of the Commission Ahmed Al-Asrawi said that Russian officials did not provide complete answers to questions about the planned Sochi conference during a visit by a delegation of the Commission to Moscow last week. He noted that the delegation told the Russian side that they were committed to a political solution in Syria and the full implementation of UN resolutions on Syria, which cannot be achieved as long as the Assad regime survives in power.

The leading figures in eastern Ghouta stressed that the humanitarian situation continues to worsen because of the continued onslaught by the Assad regime and the tightened siege on the entire area as well as the blocking of the delivery of humanitarian assistance to those in need.

They pointed out that Russia did not abide by the terms of the de-escalation zones’ agreement. They added that while the Commissions’ delegation was in Moscow, regime forces were dropping toxic chlorine-filled bombs on the district of Douma, causing dozens of asphyxiation among civilians, including women and children.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 26.01.2018)

Syrian Coalition Calls on Int’l Community to Hold Accountable Perpetrators of Chemical Attacks in Syria

The Syrian Coalition called on the international community to take action to put an end to the use of chemical weapons in Syria and hold those responsible accountable as a meeting bringing together 30 countries began in Paris today to establish a new partnership against the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

Russia killed an investigation by the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) – known as the Joint Investigative Mechanism (JIM) after it had vetoed two UN Security Council resolutions preventing the renewal of the mandate for the mission.

The Syrian Civil Defense Corps, also known as the White Helmets, said that Assad regime forces targeted populated areas in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta with rockets loaded with poison chlorine gas on Monday. The attack caused dozens of asphyxiation cases among civilians in the district of Douma, the Civil Defense said, adding that most of the injured were women and children.

The Syrian Coalition said that the “repeated failures over the past years, coupled with the negative role of most parties, are to blame for the current situation on the ground in Syria. It called upon the United Nations and active players exert real pressure corresponding with the situation on the ground to prevent further bloody escalation.

In a press release issued on Monday, the Coalition said: “such violations are no longer only a challenge to the international community and Security Council resolutions, but they have become more like an insult to those parties which are unable to carry out their duties or shoulder their responsibilities.”

The Coalition condemned the “repeated, systematic, deliberate use of chlorine gas by regime forces as it warns of the consequences of remaining silent about these attacks. Remaining silent risks encourage the Assad regime to escalate these attacks.”

The Coalition went on to say that “the Assad regime and its supporters will not change their criminal behavior, nor will they stop violating international resolutions through the use of chemical weapons and the commission of war crimes and crimes against humanity unless they pay heavily for their actions.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 24.01.2018)

Syrian Coalition: Operation ‘Olive Branch’ is Fundamental Part of Battle Against Dictatorship

The Syrian Coalition expressed its support for the operation being launched with the participation of the Syrian National Army, which incorporates armed groups of the Syrian revolution under the supervision of the Syrian Interim Government, with the aim of freeing a number of towns and villages of the Syrian north from the control of terrorist forces in coordination with Turkey and with support from Turkish air force.

In a press release issued on Sunday, the Coalition said that it “has repeatedly called upon terrorist organizations, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), to withdraw its militants from Syria and pull out of the towns and villages they occupied and from which they displaced their residents as well as to stop using the Syrian people as fuel for its terrorist, reckless wars.”

“Over the past few years, however, cross-border terrorism has expanded in Syria’s north and east, taking advantage of the emergence of the ISIS extremist group and of the Assad regime’s support and its provision of an enabling environment for these groups,” the Coalition added.

“The PKK terrorist group and the front organizations it uses, including the Democratic Unionist Party (PYD), the People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the repressive security agencies, are terrorist organizations. They have been carrying out repressive practices against the Syrian people from all affiliations and ethnicities. They imprison many Kurdish activists in particular, while hundred others died under torture in their prisons or in direct attacks targeting them.”

The Coalition stressed “those organizations as hostile to the revolution of the Syrian people with all their components and their aspirations for freedom, justice and equality. It is imperative, therefore, that these organization be eradicated and their danger removed from Syria and the region.”

“The Syrian National Army’s fight against armed terrorist organizations is a fundamental part of its struggle against the tyrannical regime and its allied Iranian terrorist organizations. This fight has won the support and appreciation of all Syrians who want to see security, peace, freedom and dignity prevailing in their country.”

The Coalition went on: “The Syrian people are united in their struggle against tyranny and terrorism. They appreciate the high level of coordination and support being provided by Turkish leadership and the Turkish armed forces for the battle to free Afrin and Manbij as well as the rest of towns and villages which are occupied by terrorist groups. All measures are being taken to provide maximum protection for civilians and to prevent terrorist organizations from using them as human shields.”

The Coalition stressed “the importance of taking the necessary measures to protect the civilian population and infrastructure as well as to enable around 250,000 Syrian civilians who were forced out of their homes by the PKK terrorist organization to return to their towns and villages in rural Aleppo after their towns and villages have been liberated. It also stresses the importance of the quick provision of essential services for those areas.”

The Coalition pointed out that elected local councils will take on the administration of the freed towns and villages away from the authority of terrorist groups and the status quo they sought to establish. The Syrian Interim Government and the Syrian National Army will play a primary role in the administration of these areas and the provision of protection for the civilian population.”

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 22.01.2018)

Syrian Coalition Officials Denounce Assaults by So-called ‘Salvation Government’ on SIG’s Offices

Officials in the Syrian Coalition condemned assaults by the so-called “Salvation Government”, which is affiliated with Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham militant group, on offices of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG). It stressed that the Salvation Government’s policies and practices contradict the goals of the Syrian Revolution for freedom, dignity, and transition to a pluralistic, democratic state.

Vice-president of the Syrian Coalition Abdul Rahman Mustafa condemned violations being committed by Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, a rebrand of the terrorist Al-Nusra Front. He pointed out that many international and human rights organizations documented war crimes committed by those organizations against civilians.

Mustafa underscored that SIG’s main task is the provision of services to civilians and the restoration of state institutions in line with the objectives of the Syrian revolution. He stressed that SIG is the only legitimate executive arm in liberated areas.

The so-called Salvation Government, with military assistance from Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham, closed SIG offices in the province of Idlib and faculties of Aleppo Free University located in the northern rural Idlib. Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham militants also seized a grain mill belonging to SIG in western rural Aleppo supplying around 40 bakeries with flour.

Member of the Coalition’s political committee Yasser Farhan said that assaults by the so-called Salvation Government and terrorist militias on SIG’s offices in Idlib have reflected negatively on civilians. He noted that such attacks have exacerbated the suffering of the civilian population resulting from the ongoing onslaught by Assad regime forces and Iranian militias on Idlib with Russian air support.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies / 20.01.2018)

Syrians freeze to death crossing mountains into Lebanon

Syrian children are seen at a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon on March 21, 2017 (Ratib Al Safadi - Anadolu Agency )

Syrian children are seen at a refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon on March 21, 2017

Nine Syrians froze to death crossing into Lebanon when an icy storm hit a smuggling route in the mountains near a border post with Syria, the Lebanese Army said on Friday.

The army rescued six others from near the Masnaa border crossing, one of whom later died in hospital, an army statement said.

The army arrested two Syrians on smuggling charges and is still searching for others lost in the snow, it added.

Syrians wishing to enter Lebanon must prove to Lebanese authorities they have reason to be in Lebanon, such as property ownership, an embassy appointment, or a residency permit.

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For many Syrians fleeing war in their country, securing residency or work permits is impossible. Many are in Lebanon illegally and face arrest if discovered.

Lebanon took in around 1.5 million Syrian refugees at the height of Syria’s conflict, now in its seventh year.

(Source / 20.01.2018)

Hariri Meets French President Macron & Stresses Need for Progress in Geneva Negotiations

Head of the Syrian Negotiations Commission Nasr al-Hariri and an accompanying delegation met French President Emmanuel Macron in the Elysee Palace in Paris on Wednesday.

The visit came as part of a tour the Commission is making of a number of European countries in preparation for the upcoming round of UN-led talks due to be held in the Austrian capital Vienna next week.

During the meeting with the French president, Hariri stressed that the Commission insists on the implementation of international resolutions to bring about real political transition in Syria in line with the Geneva Communiqué of 2012 and UN Security Council resolution 2254.

Hariri noted that Russia has sought to block all international proposals to find a solution in Syria, including the Sochi conference. He stressed that the setting of preconditions as well as the bombing of cities and towns are undermining the political process and preventing any progress in the peace efforts.

Hariri pointed out that by proposing to hold the Sochi conference, Russia is seeking to achieve what it failed to achieve in the talks held earlier in the Kazakh capital Astana.

The delegation of the Commission is scheduled to meet with Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano in Rome on Thursday and will travel to Berlin on Friday.

For his part, French president reaffirmed his country’s continued support for the Geneva political process, stressing that the European Union will not contribute to reconstruction efforts in Syria before the start of a transitional phase without Assad.

(Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department / 18.01.2018)