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News of Syria 24.01.2012

VIDEO: BabTedmur in #Homs :whole building destroyed over its residents’ heads.One of them saying it’s inhibited by +14:http://t.co/VWQBaVGv

#Hama Talal Saraqebi was killed by sec forces fire while they were raiding Bab Qabli and Jarajmeh areas The martyr is from Bayad area

Hasakeh sec forces and thugs attacked peaceful demonstrators in the Ghouran area with smoke bombs and detained several activists

Raqqa Aayoueh A security checkpoint was erected near the Badiya Village that participated in its first demo yesterday

#Lattakia A security patrol of 5 cars arrest a young man and the School of Arts after searching his private cell phone

Despite bloody crackdown by #Assad &massacre today we-people of #Homs -continue 2 take streets asking 4 freedom i just joined one#Syria

Very graphic. No comment. Karm al-Zaitoun, Homs, today :http://t.co/0vjts1eY

#FuckAssad should be trending right now. The amount of Syrians that have been killed this week is very heartbreaking 🙁

60 dead today in Syria. 41 in Homs. 5 in Hama. 4 in Daraa. 2 in Idlib. One each in Douma, Damascus and Raqqa

News from Syria 22.01.2012

#Idlib Bara Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army which opened random fire on the town

(01-22-2012) Kafranabl | #Idlib | General strike – Free Syria

(01-22-12) University | Aleppo | The People Want the Execution of Bashar

(01-22-12) Talmans | #Idlib | Funeral Procession of Martyr Hussein Ibrahim Bakour

(01-22-12) Binnish | #Idlib | Funeral Prayers for Martyr Iyad Sanqar Murdered by Assad Forces

(01-22-12) Al-Tamani’a | #Idlib | We Want the Detained

#Damascus Saqba Ahmad Al-Batran was martyred due to a gunshot to the head

#Homs Hawleh A massive demo calling for the fall of the regime has started despite the snow

#Damascus Douma Ahmad Khalil Saryoul a youth was martyred by sec forces’ gunfire

(01-22-2012) #Hama | General strike – Free Syria

The Arab League has agreed to extend Syria observer mission for another month – @AP

#Aleppo University Regime forces amid heavy security presence are conducring an arrest campaign in the dormitories

#Idlib Freka Shooting at protesters in the town and reports on injuries

#Hama Kafar Naboudeh Dr Mahmoud Ezzedine Qamar Al-Din director of the town’s health clinic was arrested at his office

#Aleppo Maree A massive demo in the town chanting for freedom and toppling the regime

#Aleppo Tal Refaat A massive demo started in the town chanted for toppling the regime and trial of its members

#Damascus Douma Powerful explosions are heard from #AleppoRoad area and the Jisr Mesraba’s and Shefoniya roundabout’s checkpoints

#Aleppo University A massive demo from the Pharmacy School and headed to the Natural Sciences School Chants for toppling the regime

Deserteurs Syrië claimen verovering stad

Demonstraties in Syrië.
Syrische deserteurs hebben zaterdag de stad Douma onder hun controle gebracht. Dat heeft de mensenrechtenorganisatie Syrian Observatory for Human Rights zaterdag gesteld op gezag van militanten in de stad ten noordoosten van Damascus.

Volgens de bronnen hebben de deserteurs na hevige gevechten met het regeringsleger alle districten van de stad onder controle. Een onafhankelijke bevestiging van het bericht is niet voorhanden.

Douma is al maanden een van de bolwerken van het verzet tegen president Bashar al-Assad.

(www.parool.nl / 21.01.2012)

News from Syria 21.01.2012 II

Because this evening, a lot of news about heavy clashes, gunfire and explosions was coming out of Douma. Very fluid situation

Mixed info coming in from Douma. Something big has definetely just happened there, but the details are not known fully

Massive explosion in Douma near the Corniche

Old picture of clock square in Homs, nice snow and mushroom lights


#Idlib Mahmoud Ahmed Shahoud was martyred by the sec forces’ bullets while trying to aid the wounded in the National Hospital

#Daraa Nawa Violent clashes between members of the Free Syrian Army and soldiers of the regime’s army near Awfa Bridge and Hajar Mosque

Homs in 1894! This is the same area where clock square is today

Arab League observers and foreign media in Zabadani today

(01-21-2012) #Homs | More defections in Assad army – FSA

Formation of Omar Al-Mokhtaar battalion – Free Syria Army

(01-21-2012) Aleppo | sergeant Ahamd Salem defects and joins Free Syria Army -FSA

Formation of Ahrah Al-Forat battalion – Free Syria Army

Opposition urges Arab League to refer Syria to UN

CAIRO (Reuters) — The opposition Syrian National Council has formally asked the Arab League to refer the Syrian crisis to the U.N. Security Council, after Arab observers failed to end the bloodshed, an opposition spokeswoman said.
Syrian opposition groups have called in the past for the case to be referred to the Security Council but had not made a formal request to the 22-member League, whose foreign ministers are due to discuss the Syrian crisis on Sunday.

“We think that when the Arab League refers the case to the United Nations and to the Security Council the situation will change,” SNC spokeswoman Basma ElKadamny told reporters in Cairo on Saturday.

Asked about Chinese and Russian opposition to any Security Council involvement, she said: “When the Arab League transfers the case to the United Nations and affirms to the world that the Syrian regime is not cooperating with the Arab League, all countries will have to take new positions.”

(www.maannews.net / 21.01.2012)

Syria: Mass protest in opposition-controlled town

BEIRUT (AP) — Buoyed by the opposition’s control of a town near the Syrian capital, thousands of people held anti-government protests Friday, chanting for the downfall of the regime. At least eight people were killed by security forces across the country, activists said.

In Egypt, two Arab League officials said the organization is likely to extend its observer mission in Syria, despite complaints from theSyrian opposition that it has failed to curb the bloodshed in the country.

One of the largest demonstrations Friday was in the mountain town of Zabadani, where some 12,000 people took to the streets to celebrate their success in repelling government troops.

President Bashar Assad’s forces attacked Zabadani, some 17 miles (27 kilometers) west of the capital, for six days, sparking fierce fighting that involved heavy bombardments and clashes with army defectors. On Wednesday, government tanks and armored vehicles pulled back, leaving the opposition in control of the town.

“It’s a natural reaction to the victory in Zabadani, it has lifted people’s morale,” an activist in the town said of Friday’s demonstration. He spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.

The Syrian opposition has on several occasions throughout the uprising gained control of a town or city, but ultimately forces loyal to Assad have retaken them. It is unusual, however, for the army to take so long to recapture a town so close to the capital.

Arab countries and the West have so far failed to reach any consensus on how to counter the regime crackdown which, along with other violence, has left an estimated 5,400 people dead over the past 10 months.

Foreign ministers for the Arab League were set to meet Sunday in Cairo to discuss the future of a one-month observer mission aimed at halting violence in Syria, which expired on Thursday.

Two senior officials in the 22-member pan-Arab body said the discussions are leaning toward keeping the 150-member mission in place because the time is not right for “escalation” and the international community is not yet ready for intervention in Syria.

They said several League members opposed to the extension of the mission had changed their position in recent days. The officials agreed to talk about the discussions ahead of the Sunday meeting on condition of anonymity.

Activists have said that the Arab observers have failed to curb the bloodshed. Many in the Syrian opposition have called for the dispatch of foreign troops to Syria to create safe zones for dissidents, or even a more wide-ranging military mission similar to the air campaign which helped Libyan rebels bring down dictator Moammar Gadhafi last year.

Qatar, a harsh critic of the Syrian crackdown on protesters, called last week for Arab troops to be sent to the country.

Syria has said it “absolutely rejects” any plans to deploy Arab troops to the country, while Russia Wednesday threatened to block any U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force.

One League official disputed that the observer mission had failed. He said the 150 observers have helped to “break the barrier of fear,” especially in and around the capital Damascus. Some Arab League officials have said that the ministers meeting on Sunday may decide to double that number to 300 observers.

Human Rights Watch urged the Arab League to make its monitors’ report public “to address increasing concerns that its monitoring mission is being manipulated by the Syrian authorities.”

Syria’s regime has grown increasingly isolated over the past 10 months as it waged a brutal military crackdown on an anti-government uprising inspired by the Arab Spring revolts across the region.

Oil Minister Sufian Allaw said Thursday that Western sanctions on Syrian oil exports have cost the country $2 billion since September.

Activists said that least eight people were killed in Syria Friday, including six activists in two villages in the country’s northern Idlib province and a warrant officer whose body was found dumped in the street in the southern city of Daraa after he had been kidnapped from his home earlier.

The Local Coordination Committees activist network accused pro-regime forces of the warrant officer’s killing and said he had been helping the opposition.

Thousands of regime opponents protested across the country following Muslim prayers Friday, some of them calling for the withdrawal of the observers.

“Arab League, your hands are now soiled with the blood of Syrians,” said one banner carried by protesters in a Damascus neighborhood, a video of which was posted on the Internet.

In addition to Zabadani, some of the largest protests were held in the Damascus suburb of Douma, another hub of regime dissent. Activists said around 20,000 people demonstrated there.

Protesters also called for the release of thousands of detainees, denouncing an amnesty declared by Assad on Sunday for “crimes” committed during the 10-month uprising. His government blames the violence in Syria on terrorists and armed gangs that it claims are part of a foreign conspiracy to destabilize the country.

Many in the opposition say the amnesty is merely a media smoke screen.

Rami Abdul-Rahman, director of the Observatory, said about 4,000 detainees were released this week, many of them on bail and pending trial. But he said 20,000 more were believed to be detention, not counting thousands of soldiers who were imprisoned for trying to desert.

“It was an amnesty for the media, nothing more” he said.

(news.yahoo.com / 21.01.2012)

News from Syria 21.01.2012

#Idlib shooting inside the national hospital in the city

#Idlib sec forces fire at activists and residents in the National Hospital in the city News of more martyrs

(01-21-12) Busr al-Harir | #Daraa | Leaked: Assad Soldiers Suppor t Bashar, Shoot in Front of Homes

(01-21-12) Tafas | #Daraa | No Hezbollah or Russian Government

#Damascus Douma sec forces open fire and launch nail bombs on mourners near the Hawa Mosque

#Idlib Violent clashes between defected soldiers and regime’s army in the villages of Ain Baida and Kherbet Al-Joz on the Turkish borders

Blast ‘kills 11’ on bus in Syria

Blast 'kills 11' on bus in Syria

Syrian activists say an explosion killed at least 11 people on a minibus carrying prisoners in Syria’s northwestern province of Idlib on January 21. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave no further immediate details and no independent confirmation was available. In other violence, heavy fighting broke out between the Syrian army and soldiers who have defected to join anti-government insurgents in an area near the border with Turkey.

(www.nation.com.pk / 21.01.2012)

News from Syria 20.01.2012

WTF? This is child abuse. Why would anyone call their child this?

Pictures from different Syrian provinces today wwwphotoblogcom

#Homs Hawla Intense gunfire from medium and light machineguns by sec forces and the regime’s thugs (Shabeha) at the western checkpoint

#Daraa Daeel Heavy gunfire is reported from all checkpoints throughout the town

#Hama Madiq Citadel One person was wounded as a result of sec forces’ random gunfire in the town

#Idlib Jabal Zawiyeh Heavy gunfire is reported at the security checkpoint in the village of Maghara

01 20 2012 Douma Amazing large protests Our tears

#Damascus Douma Three explosions were just heard along with heavy gunfire in the Jisr Misraba area

Nice sign from Kafranbel today. Stop trying to revive your past glories Russia, you don’t control anything anymore.

Nice protest in free Zabadani today

#Lattakia an evening demo in Doren town chants for releasing the detainees toppling the regime and also greeting the disaster cities

A Red Crescent aid truck also arrived with the BBC carrying medical supplies and food

BBC reporters and camera crew in liberated Zabadani today

#Aleppo An evening demo started in Ratyan; participants chanted for the detainees’ release and and saluted the Free Syrian Army

News from Syria 18.01.2012

(01-18-12) Moadamiya | #Damascus | If its Yellow Let it Mellow, But this Brown, Flush it Down

(01-18-12) #Homs | Another Shabeeha Caught, Wanting to Kidnap Girls for Syrian Intelligence

17 #Daraa Kafar Shams Alaa Maher Al-Hamawi 17 years old was killed due to his injury after being shot by sec forces

#Homs death of the soldier Najeh Al-Hazoomi from Dameenah village by sec forces fire in Kanaker where he was serving his military duty

#Damascus Kisweh A huge explosion is heard in the area followed by intensive shooting

A banner from Mesyaf Coordination Committee that participated in today’s demo in Mezza area in #Damascus

#Damascus Barzeh A demo started in the Mesaken area standing in solidarity with the besieged cities Participants demanded

#Idlib Khan Shiekoun sec forces stationed at checkpoints killed three people including a child in the city

#Damascus Jober A huge explosion is heard from unknown source near Zamalka bridge

Hasaka Al-Hol The Revolution Youth raised the Independence Flag atop the tallest electricity pole in the city

#Daraa Hara An evening demo got out in the city in solidarity with the besieged cities Protestors chanted for toppling the regime