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News from Syria 29.01.2012 III

Read this article about Samir Kassir. In the last part is says that Khalouf is known to interfere with Leb. elections http://t.co/prjrBbTT

#MyRumor Reports #Assad to move to Lattakia in next hours, Alawite’s state to be announced within few days on #Syria|n coast #StopRumors

Biggest news out of Homs was the FSA in Rastan gaining control of most of the town, but there are still clashes there

Biggest news out of Idlib was the FSA gaining control of Kafranbel. This is my personal opinion. A lot of things happened in Idlib today

Biggest news out of Damascus was the deployment of the military into the main squares and streets of the city and increase sec

Biggest news out of Aleppo today is the march from the University that managed to reach Jamaliah this morning

If news of FSA controlling west Guta #Damascus it means Assad’s army is finished,b/c all their fuel is there. #Syria

Come on Syria FSA, show Bashar how it’s done! love from #libya #Syria

LCC: Today’s death toll in #Syria has now reached 64 so far. Of those 64 martyrs, 4 of the martyrs found were children

#Daraa Jassem Massive explosions are heard in the city followed by intense shooting

#DeirEzzor sec forces renew their gunfire in Hajaneh Street

#Daraa Kaheel death of a defected Lieutenant from #Homs after being ambushed by the sec forces in the town

#Hama Renewal of the artillery shelling of Qalaat Madeeq by the regime’s army leading to two houses being subject to direct shelling

News from Syria 29.01.2012 II

Al Jazeera mubasher is showing simulatenous streams from Aleppo, Homs and Damascus. Wonderful.

Massacre in Hama due to shelling by tanks

Big RT @bencnn: Free Syrian Army source tells CNN fighting around airport has disrupted flights into Damascus. #Syria

58 martyrs in #Syria today up until now including 3 children, 16 of the martyrs fell In Damascus suburbs

VDC Syria has recorded 7897 deaths in Syria so far

#Idlib Jarjnaz Thousands of people are paying respects for the martyr Amer Sabaan killd by sec forces bullets at Sarqab Bridge

#Hama Intense gunfire using heavy weapons at Tal Maghreed junction

#Hama An evening demo started from Karama area after Isha (evening) prayer Chants for toppling the regime and in solidarity of #Damascus

#Daraa Extensive security deployment in Mahatta area where fully-equipped security members occupy all the buildings in the area

#Damascus death of Ahmad Mahmoud Kheir Eddein and a young man from the Edrees family by sec forces’ gunfire in Jobar area today

#Daraa Basr Al-Hareer Violent clashes at the checkpoint to the North of the city as a result of defections in the army’s lines

#Hama Light bombs targeted Bab Qibli area and the residents are reporting the spread of sleeping gases

#Idlib Saraqeb Intense shooting from heavy machineries coming from the area where the regime’s thugs (Shabeha) are stationed

#Daraa Basr Al-Hareer Intense shooting from the regime’s checkpoints in the Northern part of the city

#Aleppo Marea A massive demo calling for toppling the regime and providing International Protection of the Syrian people

#Aleppo Ezaz A demo in Souran town chanting for toppling the regime and bringing it to justice

#Homs Wady Arab A young man was shot several times by the residents of the nearby pro-Assad areas

#Aleppo the regime’s agents have detained Ahmad Othman Biology Sciences student at #Aleppo university

#DeirEzzor death of Oqbah Hussein Al-Ali by sec forces and thugs (Shabeha)

(01-29-12) Bab Amr | #Homs | Assad Forces Shell Homes, Baby Pulled Out from Under Rubble

News of Syria 29.01.12

Protesters in Aleppo near the Inshaa’t bridge

Security forces fire on protesters in Aleppo university, students respond by smashing shabeeha car

I want to see how Russia would react to that. How much is Russia willing to stand with the regime? #previoustweet

Someone should submit this resolution to the UN Security Council: “Assad is awesome and should stay forever, but Putin rapes little boys”

I’m very happy that Kafranbel is now under FSA control. Assad needs to learn not to mess with the small villages

Great news from Kafranbel. The Free Syrian Army is now in control of the center of the city: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eizv97vigPA No more occupied Kafranbel

Look at the situation in Jubar, an area near old Damascus:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OS6tX7c5SY Security forces are desperately trying to stop protests

SRGC: 48 dead in Syria including 3 children, a woman, and 4 under torture. 17 in Damascus. 11 in Homs. 7 in Idlib. 6 in Daraa. 6 in Hama

Homs have renamed one of the neighborhoods in the city to the “Arab Spring Neigborhood”

This will be the situation soon for the regime as the FSA get closer to the capital

Kafranbel now have Free Syrian Army protection. The battalion is called “Martyrs of Kafranbel Battalion”

#Syria soldier ’82 #Hama “we killed people everywhere. We didn’t ask ‘whats your name, whats your id.’ We killed children..”@BBCNewshour

#Syria: RELAYED: Ppl in downtown #Damascus can hear the shelling in the suburbs. That loud

I thought the Canadians know nothing about #Syria, but I was surprised how many of them are inspired by the Syrians and supporting them

News of Syria 28.01.2012 II

98 Martyrs Today and 102 Martyrs yesterday and 320 Martyrs In the Last 5 days, 520 Martyrs in a week in #Syria

Assad forces combine tear gas and live fire for maximum casualties. The gas disorients people making them easier to shoot

First your lungs are hit hard by the gas. Imagine someone punching you as hard as they can continuously in the chest. Then your eyes..

At least 98 killed in Syria on Saturday, according to local opposition group

#Damascus Deir Asafeer Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and the regime’s army on the Airport highway

#Aleppo sec forces have been carrying out a campaign of arrests since the morning prayers in the areas Maysar and Qosour

#Hama Sahl Ghab Random gunfire towards houses from the direction of the Mahata security checkpoint in the village of Qastoun

#Damascus Marj Al-Sultan the sound of intense firing from heavy machineguns is being heard

The first time you inhale teargas is indescribable. It’s like all your senses are being raped. Eventually you start to build up a resistance

Many injuries in Sukhoor neighborhood in Aleppo and reports of the death of two people due to injuries

Raids and arrests are now taking place in Sukhoor neighborhood in Aleppo

200 deaths in 2 days in #Syria – do me a favor, imagine two hundred people that you have met in your life…now imagine them all dead…

Sounds of gunfire are heard in Aleppo city centre. Looks like Assad is getting desperate to control this erupting volcano

LCC have now added the massacre in Hama to their death toll. Will post it now

FSA attacks have also got stronger, more effective and they can now hold towns and areas successfully. I salute you Mustafa Al-Sheikh

Al-Sheikh said that he will arrange large scale defections where high rankers will defect along with their men

The massive defection today of a Brigadier General and 300 soldiers shows that new FSA leader Mustafa al-Sheikh is true to his word

News from Syria 28.01.2012

#Lattakia a demo started from Al-Ta’a mosque in Al-Skantouri area in solidarity with the stricken cities

#Idlib death of Eyad Taha from Mastooma after being shot in the head His corpse is now at the National Hospital in #Idlib city

#Homs death of military recruit Mohammad Khattab (From Sha’afa area in Bo Kamal) after he defected with some of his colleagues

#Homs Random intense shooting continues at Baba Amr area

#Hama Heavy gunfire in al-Saha area amid a random arrest

#Homs shooting at Al-Safsafa area coming from the Citadel

#Damascus Hatetet Al-Terkman Siege on the city with tanks from all directions and several tanks stationed at the entrance

#Damascus Erbeen Amer Quaider was martyred with a shot to the head by sec forces that kidnapped him after

#Homs Talbiseh A number of homes along Karameh Street and the souther area are under continuous random shelling

#Homs Houleh Marsal Mohamad Al-Shouyoukh 16 was martyred due to sniper fire Regime forces continue to shell the area

#Idlib Maaret Nouman Four soldiers defected near the National Hospital and joined the Free Syrian Army

#Damascus Erbeen Powerful explosions are heard from the direction of Hamoriah

#Aleppo Qubtan Jabal A demo started in solidarity with #Aleppo city and in defiance to the siege of Darat Ezza by the army and sec forces

#Lattakia sec forces attacked a massive demo with female participation on Askan al-Askary Street

#Damascus Zamalka death of Khalid Ahmad Hedar by securoty forces gunfire

300 The Defection of the general Brigadier along with 300 soldiers and four tanks to join the FSA in #Damascus

#Aleppo Dar Ezza The regime’s army is srrounding the entire area from three directions and erecting checkpoints on the roads leading to…

#Homs The Hekma hospital in Enshaat area was targeted with an artillery shell by sec forces and the building was massively damaged

#Hama death of Khalid Horiya in his fifties married and has 6 children from a splinter shelled by sec forces in Hamediyeh area

#Homs The regime’s forces are shelling the Sultaniya Baba Amr Jobar and The Youth Residentioal areas

‘Hands off Iran & Syria’: UK activists

Britain’s Stop the War Coalition has organized a protest rally in front of the US embassy in London on Saturday 28 January to stress opposition to an invasion on Iran.

The protest rally entitled “Hands Off Iran and Syria: No Western intervention”, will be held on Saturday from 2pm-4pm outside the US Embassy building in Grosvenor Square London W1, said the Stop the War Coalition in a statement.

The protest campaign is supported by Unite union, War on Want, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Campaign against Sanctions and Military Intervention on Iran (CASMII), Friends of Al-Aqsa, Goldsmiths Student Union and SOAS Student Union, the statement added.

It said that the growing threats against Iran in recent weeks have been backed up with increased unilateral sanctions imposed by the US, Britain and their European allies in the NATO military alliance.

“As we know from Iraq, these (the threats and sanctions) are a prelude to war, not an alternative to it. There are signs of covert intervention already in Iran, as there are in Syria. Stop the War opposes all military intervention from the west in the region, for which there is absolutely no justification”, the statement added.

Israeli regime is talking more and more of an attack to ‘deal with’ Iran’s nuclear capability, even though it is the only entity in the Middle East that actually has developed nuclear weapons, the coalition noted in its statement.

“Following a year when Britain and France led the intervention in Libya the dangers of further western attacks in the region are very real. Under the guise of ‘humanitarian intervention’ there are already signs of covert intervention in both Iran and Syria. An attack on either country would set the Middle East on fire. Now is the time to start building opposition to these new wars. Join with us to say no to western intervention”, added the statement.

(www.presstv.ir / 28.01.2012)

Arab League confirms will freeze Syria mission

Members from Arab League observers delegation walk in a government building during their visit Deraa city southern Syria, Dec. 29, 2011, in this handout photograph released by Syria’s national news agency.
CAIRO (Reuters) — The Arab League’s monitoring mission to Syria has been frozen given the escalation of violence in the country, the Arab League said Saturday.

“It has been decided to immediately stop the work of the Arab League’s mission to Syria pending presentation of the issue to the league’s council,” the Secretary-General of the Arab League said in a statement.

The mission would remain in Syria, a source at the league had earlier told Reuters, but would temporarily freeze its work.

The head of the monitoring mission, Ambassador Adnan al-Khodeir, had earlier said that the General Secretariat of the league would take all the necessary procedures to protect the safety of its monitors in Syria.

(www.maannews.net /28.01.2012)

News from Syria 27.01.2012

#DeirEzzor Violent clashes between the Free Syrian Army and sec forces in the old airport area

#Idlib Maaret Nouman 10 army soldiers have defected at the Khaima checkpoint south of Maara

#Aleppo Bab Campaign of raids and arrest of activists and demonstrators in the city now

Head of #Farouk Brigades in #Homs Abdel Razzak Tlas confirms to me they are holding seven Iranians; 2 civilians and 5 Revolutionary Guards

more children killed in the city of #Homs yesterday, adding to the 384 #children dead in #Syria as of january 7

#Aleppo An evening demo in Hallek district within one of the most concentrated presence of sec forces in the area

#Damascus An evening demo numbered in the 100’s in Malieha; participants chanted for the regime’s ouster and are saluting the martyrs

Russia “disappointed” with UN Syria draft -envoys: UNITED NATIONS, Jan 27 (Reuters)

#Damascus Qudsaya An evening demo started; participants chanted for the encircled cities and reaffirmed their right to self-defense

#Aleppo Alansari An evening demo is underway; participants are chanting in solidarity with Marjeh the martyrs and the encircled cities

#Damascus Mouadamieh Private Khaled Hasanein Hasanein was martyred by security operatives because he supported activists

News from Syria 26.01.2012 II

#Hama sec forces and armed gangs (shabeeha) launched a raid campaign in the Sakan Shababi (Youth Housing) in the area of Baath

#DeirEzzor Intense gunfire near the State Securty Branch in the city

26-1-2012 Karm Zaitoon nieghbourhood

#Homs Several powerful explosions are ongoing in Karm al-Zaytoun in addition to the horrific humanitarian crisis in al-Karthy district

#Daraa Heavy gunfire from al-Jeezeh and Musaifra checkpoints near the northern enterance to al-Jeezeh

Unlike daily habit, #Assad‘s forces didn’t shut down electricity here in central #Syria-n city of #Homs even they r shelling us intensively

Shooting explosions and shelling still taking place here in central #Syria-n city of #Homs till this moment 12:12am .A very critical night

#Daraa Nahta Heavy shelling on the village by sec forces and army and sounds of explosions heard from all areas

#Aleppo Mar’e Massive protest now in solidarity with besieged districts of #Homs and chanting for the toppling of the regime

20 #Daraa Hirak death of soldier Ahmad Salama Al Hariri 20 years old at the hands of sec forces

Latakia sec forces stationed at the checkpoint on Harash road open fire towards Bustan Saydawi to scare residents

Latakia Night protest in Antakya Street in solidarity with Karam Zeitoun and besieged districts of #Homs chants for toppling the regime

Intensive shelling via heavy machine taking place right now near my home here in #Homs i see them as red lines in the fogy sky #Syria

News from Syria 26.01.2012

#Homs Mortar shells and RPG’s are being launched by the regime’s forces in Bab al-Sabaa

While i’m tweeting about massacre in #Homs today i think another one is happening coz i hear now huge explosions #Syria

#Assad killed 11 kids in #Homs While #AssmaAssad visit an orphanage in #Kafarsous #Assad is a killer & should be sent to #ICC#hrw #Syria

At least 10 children, 4 women and 7 defectors were killed today in Syria

(500) #Hama Gunfire from machineguns 500 snipers and light weapons from the towers in Al Sharqiah area

#Daraa Al Sanamin sec forces and regime’s thugs are deployed in the town and conducting random arrest campaign

Banyas Night time demo in AL Qala’a area condemning the horrible massacres that the regime’s thugs conducted in Karm AL Zaiton calling

Hasakeh Night time demo in Kalaseh area chanting

Qunaitra Clashed between the Syrian Free Army and the regime’s forces Heavy fire has been reported near Naamyeh Village

#Homs Several powerful explosions are heard in the vicinity of #Homs University dormatories near the Southern living units and the camp

#Homs Qusair Night-time demo in the town Protestors chanted in solidarity of the besieged cities and demanded toppling the regime

#Damascus Naher Ayeshe A dmonstration started after evening prayers despite a complete electric outage; participants demanded

#Idlib Tanftanz The people in the funeral of the martyr Mustafa Shaban chanting

#Homs Intensive gunfire in Al Barazel Street in Insha’at area

#Breaking :Activist Ghassan Al Shami has been killed by #Assad ‘s forces in #Hama . #Syria

Qamishli A night demo started in al-Massaken area; participants demanded

#DeirEzzor Massive demo marched in Jubailah area chanted

#Daraa Jassem sec forces waged several raid campaigns in the Southern area of the city

#Damascus Kafr Souseh Massive demo in solidarity with Douma and the besieged cities took off from Hadi mosque

#Idlib Taftanaz sec forces and regime’s thugs murdered Mustafa Shaban in AL Sawaghia area

#Hama death of Abdullah Orfali by sec forces gunfire while they were storming Al Faraiyah area they also kidnapped his corpse