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News from Syria 10.02.2012

#Arbeen #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 sounds of clashes this evening between the Free Syrian Army and Assad…fb.me/1m0nnb433

SNN is reporting that the regime will begin a large-scale military operation in #Idleb in a few hrshttp://www.facebook.com/ShaamNews/posts/323812651002649#Mar15 cc @DASOS82

till now #Assad‘s army didn’t enter #BabaAmr area of #HomsOverland just randomly shelling from outside and Blockade and isolated it #Syria

I’m tweeting live from #Homs ,residences here talking about”trusted news” that #Assad‘s army will invade city with tanks this morning#Syria

Protesters are rescuing wounded people in Mazzeh, central Damascus. Gunfire by security can be heard

Pay attention to everything that goes on in Mezzeh. Why? It’s v. close to the Presidential Palace and Umayyad square

Hassakeh sec forces and Shabeeha stage a raid campaign of homes in Mufti area in search of activists

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a civilian being arrested by regime forces in the Maysaloon district

#Palmyra #Homs #Syria – 10th feb 2012 anti government demonstration kicked off this evening in the Palmyra area

#Mazzeh #Damascus #Syria – 10th feb 2012 a demonstrator being treated after he was injured by security forces

Stuart Ramsay – “The regime’s insistence that the attacks are carried out by armed foreign-backed insurgents is put simply…. nonsense”

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 another video showing regime forces in plain clothes in the Maysaloon

Zo al Nourain battalion liberated the security forces HQ and raised the independence flag on top – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZDLGKfdlP4 (Bayadah, Homs)

A Note from Ambassador Ford. Worth reading

#Maysaloon #Aleppo #Syria – 10th feb 2012 video that shows a member of regime forces armed with a sword (on the…fb.me/1ei2V4moJ

Syria Emergency Relief

Syria - Emergency Relief

A girl, wounded on Feb. 5 sits next to her mother in Baba Amro, a neighbourhood of Homs on Feb. 6. Syrian forces bombarded Homs, killing hundreds of people in a sustained assault.

The Syrian situation has escalated almost daily as the government responds to protestors with indiscriminate force and violence. The death toll has increased daily with many civilians, including women and children, being targeted and killed amidst the protests. More than 50,000 Syrians have fled to Turkey, Lebanon and other neighbouring countries over the last year.

Over ten thousand have been arrested for their participation in the demonstrations. The humanitarian situation in Syria went from bad to worse. Makeshift hospitals and poor emergency aid has lead to many being deprived from receiving adequate medical attention.

For months aid agencies have received worrying reports of violence against civilians in Syria, yet the International community still has not been granted full access to properly assess their humanitarian needs. We need access now, to provide aid and assistance wherever it is required.

We are particularly worried about the situation of children, young people, women, the elderly, the sick and wounded, and of people displaced by recent military operations, as well as by reports of arbitrary detentions. The injured and wounded must have access to medical treatment without fear of reprisals.

We need your support. Please help us support the cause and donate generously.

You can also donate via your mobile phone, Simply text HYBX74 to: 70070 and then your amount. e.g. £5.00.

(Image courteousy of Boston Big Picture)

(human-aid.co.uk / 10.02.2012)

News from Syria 09.02.2012

This is the final desperate act by the regime against the opposition. The army is a starving, morale is low there’s a lack of soldiers

Some children in Syria have pretend funerals now for their friends. They wrap their friends up and carry them like a real body. Sad

Baba Amr is now under a complete siege, no medical supplies, no food, no sleep for the 5th day in a row as shelling continues non stop

knackered – 24 hours under fire or detection from Syrian military

huge military offensive expected families saying goodbye to loved ones

Oh noes! Syrian governments email and passwords dumped by#LulzFin and cr3w http://pastebin.com/uaYDfCz0 #AntiSec #OWS#Anonymous #Syria #InfoSec

i’m tweeting live from #Homs city i confirm: intensive shelling is still taking place till now23:50by #Assad‘s army on #BabaAmro &#Inshaat

Aleppo: Protests in Mohafza, a rich neighborhood in central Aleppo

RT @AliAbunimah: If Israel were bombing Syria and killing the same people who are dying now, US would be justifying it. That’s sad reality

Ask Palestinians who spent time in Syrian jails under inhumane conditions what they think of Assad. Assuming they’ll be able to speak

#BabaAmr neighborhood which’s under randomly shelling since Sunday is one of most populated area here in central #Syria-n city of#homs

I don’t understand some people who think being Palestinian means supporting Bashar al Assad. Eww, makes me wanna vomit

Urgent: So far all efforts to conjoin Riyad al-Asaad, the Head of SFA, with the High Military Council to Liberate #Syria have failed: Source

Napoleon: “An army marches on its stomach.” Starving Assad soldiers means that the end is near for his shitty regime

#Assad thugs occupied the house in #Homs next to mine then they knocked the door and asked me for food to eat! #Syria

General Sheikh said that Assad’s army will collapse on February, and @Samsomhoms says they are asking residents for bread and potatoes

BREAKING: Foreign Troops on the Ground Inside Syria in Violation of International Law

According to Debka, the Israeli intelligence news media, both British and Qatari Special forces have been dispatched to Syria.

According to the report, the special forces units –operating in tandem with rebel forces in Homs– “are not engaged in direct combat” against Syrian government forces. They are described by Debka as “tactical advisers”, involved in supporting rebel communications systems as well organizing the supply and delivery of weapons, ammunition, mostly from Turkey. The dispatch of  foreign “fighters” was also mentioned in the report. DEBKAfile, First Foreign Troops in Syria, February 8, 2012

Debka also reports that “two foreign contingencies have set up four centers of operation – in the northern Homs district of Khaldiya, Bab Amro in the east, and Bab Derib and Rastan in the north. … ” (Ibid)

“The presence of the British and Qatari troops was seized on by Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan for the new plan he unveiled to parliament in Ankara Tuesday, Feb. 7. Treating the British-Qatari contingents as the first foreign foot wedged through the Syrian door, his plan hinges on consigning a new Turkish-Arab force to Homs through that door and under the protection of those contingents. Later, they would go to additional flashpoint cities.

The British-Qatari troop presence in Homs was at the center of Assad’s talks in Damascus Tuesday with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Russian SVR intelligence chief Mikhail Fradkov. Senior Syrian intelligence officers laid their updates from the field before the Russian visitors and received SVR data and evaluations in return.”

(www.globalresearch.ca /08.02.2012)

Nasrallah Calls for Unconditional Dialogue in Syria

A supporter of Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad holds a picture of him and Hezbollah’s chief Hassan Nasrallah during a pro-regime rally in central Damascus on 5 February 2012.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah reiterated his party’s solidarity with the Assad regime on Tuesday, accusing Western-backed powers and Arab autocracies of using the protests to try to force President Bashar Assad out of power to undermine resistance forces in the region.

In a wide-ranging televised speech to commemorate the birth of the Prophet Mohammed, Nasrallah also explicitly stated that his party receives financial support from Iran, without which, he said, the resistance in Lebanon would not have persisted and triumphed.

Nasrallah called for unity among Sunni and Shia Muslims in the face of US designs. The US, he pointed out, cares solely about the political loyalty of a leader, not their sect, citing the case of Iran’s Shah who was Shia.

“For America it is not about a sect which the leader belongs to, it is about his political orientation. The guilt of [the Iranian revolution] is that it overthrew America’s ally,” he said.

Speaking about the continued conflict in Syria, which has seen breakaway groups clash with government forces and over 5,000 people killed according to the UN, Nasrallah indirectly blamed the rebels for pushing for civil war when offered concessions by the governments.

Currently many rebel leaders have refused to meet with government figures without an explicit promise that Assad step down but Nasrallah called on all sides to negotiate without delay.

“The opposition in Syria has refused reforms and dialogue which triggered a civil war, not a sectarian one,” he said. “Those who are keen on Syria should engage in dialogue without conditions.”

Nasrallah also accused the Western media of deliberately overestimating the scale of the violence to try and help foreign powers influence the agenda in Syria.

On Saturday there were widespread reports of a military barrage in Homs shortly before Russia and China vetoed a UN Security Council resolution condemning President Assad and calling on him to step down.

Nasrallah said that the international media had aired misleading reports about the alleged attacks on the city in order to put pressure on the Council.

“On the day of the meeting of the Security Council…they said that Homs was under fire with up to 400 killed and 39 buildings brought down. I was touched by this,” he said.

“We have our friends in Homs who have nothing to do with the regime. We called them and said ‘what is going on?’ But they said nothing is going on,” he added.

“However [with] the timing of this news, anyone who sees this will be affected. Is this based on facts or is this part of a battle to achieve certain goals?”

“Nobody could deny that there is an American-Israeli plan for regime change in Syria,” he added.

Responding to accusations that Hezbollah forces had been involved in fighting in Syria to support the regime, Nasrallah denied the claims had any basis.

“They say Hezbollah is targeting Zabadani [in eastern Syria] with katyusha rockets. Oh my god. How is Hezbollah bombing with katyusha rockets?…Where are the bodies of the Hezbollah fighters? You couldn’t hide this,” he said.

Iranian funds

Nasrallah also confirmed that the movement has received Iranian financial support since they were formed in 1982.

In recent months a string of reports in Western media have claimed that the party is involved in drug trafficking and money laundering across the world.

Nasrallah categorically denied the accusations, saying that such practices go against the party’s principles and that there was no need for such support as long as the Islamic Republic of Iran is present.

“Time and again they speak about the drug networks in Latin America and Europe and they say Hezbollah is financing these activities. This is forbidden for us,” he said.

“God, with the Islamic Republic of Iran, has enabled us not to resort to others. We are enriched, not poor, we don’t need money,” he added.

Islamic unity

Nasrallah also used the religious occasion as an opportunity to call on Sunni and Shia Muslims to put their differences aside and unite against the common enemy of Western imperialism.

He denied accusations that Hezbollah are a sectarian organization and reiterated that he did not want Lebanon to be an Islamic state.

There has been increasing sectarian tension in Lebanon, with divides over Syria being reinforced by media reports.

“For all Muslims who worship different sects we don’t want them to be one sect. Nobody before [the Iranian Revolution] of 1979 claimed that unity means Sunni becomes Shia or Shia becomes Sunni.”

“We don’t want anyone to abandon their ideas or make concessions on Islamic ideology. Any sane person will tell you it is in the interests of the Muslims and the Christians in the East to cooperate with each other,” he said.

(english.al-akhbar.com / 07.02.2012)

Lavrov says Assad open to expanded Arab mission; GCC calls for tougher measures

Russia said on Tuesday that embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was ready to accept an expanded Arab League mission that he plans to call for a referendum on a reformed constitution, Russian news agencies reported.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov qwas quoted by the agency as saying that Assad had assured him he was “completely committed” to seeking an end to violence by all sides, 11 months into a revolt against his rule, and was ready to seek dialogue with all political groups.

Lavrov said that “Syria is informing the Arab League it is interested in the League’s mission continuing its work and being increased in terms of quantity,” Interfax reported.

“Russia is convinced of the need to preserve and expand (the mission), which is a serious stabilizing factor in Syria,” he said.

But Arab states appeared on Tuesday heading more toward the adoption of tougher measures against the Assad’s regime.

The six Gulf Cooperation Council states decided to expel Syria’s envoys and withdraw their own from Damascus over the “mass slaughter” of civilians in Syria, a joint statement said on Tuesday.

The statement added that there was “no point in them staying after the Syrian regime rejected all attempts and aborted all honest Arab efforts to solve this crisis and end the bloodshed.”

The GCC urged other Arab states to use an Arab League meeting next week to adopt “all decisive measures in response to this dangerous escalation against the Syrian people.”

GCC states “follow with sorrow and anger, the increase in killing and violence in Syria, which has not spared children, old people or women with heinous acts that at best can be described as mass slaughter,” the statement said.

The Russian foreign minister said President Bashar al-Assad was “completely committed to the task of stopping violence regardless of where it may come from.”

Opposition activists have dismissed similar pledges made by Assad in the past because he continued trying to eliminate unrest with tanks and troops and branded his adversaries “terrorists” and “armed gangs.”

Russia, one of Syria’s last remaining allies, and China on Saturday vetoed an Western- and Arab-drafted resolution in the U.N. Security Council that supported an Arab League call for Assad to step down.

Moscow said the draft would have put too little pressure on armed opponents of the government, which Moscow says must share responsibility for nearly a year of bloodshed that has killed thousands of people.

On the referendum, Lavrov said: “President Assad informed (me) that he will meet in the coming days with the commission that prepared a draft of the new constitution,” state-run Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported.

“The work is finished, and now a date will be announced for a referendum on this important document for Syria.”

There are now only about 110 monitors in the sprawling country of 23 million, following the departure last month of Gulf Arabs from the mission in despair at continued bloodletting despite their presence.

Lavrov also affirmed Russia’s “readiness to help foster the swiftest exit from the crisis on the basis of positions set out in the Arab League initiative”, Interfax reported.

Russia has supported an Arab League peace proposal for Syria floated last November, but there was no indication from Lavrov’s quoted remarks that Russia had come around to specifically backing the League’s call on Assad to leave office.

(english.alarabiya.net / 07.02.2012)

News from Syria 06.02.2012

People of #Homs are crying out for BLOOD & MEDICAL SUPPLIES.#Syria

There is some serious lack of medical supplies in #Homs. The wounded are dying! #Syria @DamascusTweets

#Qouriyah #DeirEzzor #Syria – 6th february 2012 anti government demonstration took place this evening

#Homs Violent shelling by the regime’s army on Baba Amr al-Khaledieh Bayada and Wady Arab areas

#DeirEzzor An evening demo started at Al-Aarafy Mosque near the Madlaji roundabout; participants chanted for the besieged citie

#UN #CHINA #RUSSIA – you have assads trust and ability 2 #help! ORGANIZE MEDICAL AID NOW!!!! #SYRIA #SOSHOMS#BabaAmr #Homs #NOW !!!

There is acute shortage of medical supplies here in #Homs city espicailly in desaster areas BabaAmr,Inshaat&Khalidiya #Syria WE NEED HELP

If you have the ability to provide people of #Homs with ways to stay online to report what’s going on please let us know! Please RT!#Syria

I’m in #Homs now using international internet i confirm:heavy randomly shelling from #Assad‘s forces by Mortar has returned an hour #Syria

I’m tweeting live frm #Homs city which’s under heavy shelling from#Assad‘s forces since yesterday Mobile&Electricity&internet r down#Syria

#Midan #Damascus #Syria – 6th february 2012 anti government demonstration kicked off at 8.30 pm in the al-Zahira

Raqqa Another evening demo started at Shuhada Mosque; participants chanted for the detainees and demanded

With tanks deployed into #Zabadani area of #Damascus people there have experssed there fear of a massacre! #Syria

Sanctions sanctions sanctions blah blah blah. Maybe if you actually wrote a decent news report on #Syria, things might be different

Scores killed and injured as #Syrian army shells #Homs; shelling seen as ‘real war’

#Qara #Damascus #Syria – 6th february 2012 anti government demonstration this evening in the Qara area of Damascus

#Damascus An evening demo in Qa’a area within al-Midan area was attacked by sec forces amid heavy gunfire and unidentified explosions

A Statement from Members of the Alawite Sect Condemning the Regime’s Atrocities

A Statement of Condemnation from Homs the Coastal Cities (Alawites)

We the citizens, political activists, and intellectuals from the Alawite sect in Homs and the surrounding suburbs of the coastal cities, strongly condemn the massacres committed by Bashar al-Assad. In particular, we condemn the bombardment of our city, the brave city of Homs, where hundreds were martyred and hundreds more wounded, including women and children. These people are oppressed innocent Syrians that have been affected. We condemn the massacres and raids committed by the regime in Damascus, Hama, Idlib, and all the Syrian cities and towns. Out of fear for our beloved Syria, we are committed to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. We call upon all sects and ethnic minority groups to unite as one and to halt all efforts put forth by the Assad regime to drag the country into a never-ending civil war. We, the Syrian Alawites, warn all of our brothers and sisters in Syria that Assad’s Army has been using Alawite dominated neighborhoods in Homs, to launch its assaults on the remaining neighborhoods and surrounding areas. It has been doing so to spark a sectarian revenge among the people of Homs. We hold Assad’s regime and forces along with Ba’ath Party members at home and abroad, completely responsible for the massacres in the country. In particular, we hold them responsible for igniting sectarian strife to divide Syria.

Moreover, we call upon all honorable military soldiers, officers, aides and security members to defect from the regime’s destructive army; a killing machine that is destroying our beloved Syrian nation.  We also call upon them, to stand united against this unpatriotic regime that promotes sectarian and regional strife in its attempt to divide Syria.

In addition, we condemn the irresponsible stance of the killer Russian regime and hold them entirely responsible for each child, woman and man murdered by their bullets and weapons.

We announce the following:

– Our public and unconditional support of the Syrian revolutionaries

– Our public and unconditional denouncement of the Syrian thugs ruling the country and everyone supporting it despite of his/her motivations and excuses.

– Our public and unconditional support against those who encourage the killing of the unarmed civilians; for they are the true enemies of the new Syria regardless of their sect.


Long Live Syria: One Independent, Free and Democratic Country

Dr. Tamador Abdallah

Dr. Taofic Dunia

Dr. Rami Hussein

Rasha Omran

Nizar Hammoud

Kifah Ali Deeb

Obab Riad Kalil, JD

Adel Mahfouth

Artist Louise AbdelKareem

Artist Reem Ali

Yamen Hussein

Fouad Malla

Abdelkareem Ali

Fayek Almeir

Firas Saad

Oula Ramadan

Maher Ibrahim

Marah Wassouf

Ninar Hasan

Sarah Saleh

Ali Badrieh

Ali Aboud

Rami Kousa

Rouba Hasan

Ghayath Aljundi

Raghida Hussein

Rawan Masoud

Milad Amin

Ali Nazir Ali

Suheir Asmar

Khaldoun Ibrahim

Mahmoud Salman

Mahmoud Abdallah

Asma’ Ammar

Susanne Salloum

Tamim Ahmad

Ahmad M. Ahmad

Shaban Wassouf

Suleiman Ali

Hussam Wakkaf

Habib Mohammad

Nidal Sa’id

Maher Ismail

Jamileh Barakat

Nidal S. Salamah

Rouba Haddad

Adel Masoud

Abeer Mohammad

Nahla Abbas

(Facebook / 05.02.2012)

News from Syria 05.02.2012 II

Another video of the heavy clashes in Idlib. Continuous machine gunfire – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX3iAdG1rp0&feature=youtu.be Let’s hope FSA will be victorious.

Video showing sounds of very strong clashes in Idlib –http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CqeSkemI-o&feature=youtu.beVery heavy gunfire

Morale of FSA soldiers is higher than ever. “Come and get us Maher, we are ready.”

#SNC: Stop UR political embellishment You need to provide 100% support for #Syria n Free Army.There is no political outcome only military

FSA is carrying out a massive attack in Idlib, Attacking the main base for the regime in the city

11 policemen defect in Idlib and join the Free Syrian Army

#Syria n Free Army: You need to establish contact with #Iraqiinsurgents. They will be more than happy to destroy the oil pipeline

#Dummar #Damascus #Syria – 5th feb 2012 large anti government demonstration in the dummar area of damascus this evening

#LCC#Idlib: Violent clashes between the #FSA and the regime’s army at several areas in the city. #Syria

America, do you really think that a man who has killed thousands of his people to stay if power will step down if you ask him nicely?

It’s nice to see countries like Qatar, France and Turkey giving us vocal support, but that will not change anything on the ground

The Arab world sees Turkey as a role model. We all want to be as rich, strong and stable as you. Actually do something to help us

I like you Erdogan. I respect you. But please don’t warn the regime not to commit another Hama massacre but then ignore the events in Homs

Reports from many pages on FB say that #Assad‘s army is trying to deceive activists by raising independence flag on several buildings.#Syria

I wish the news networks wouldn’t censor violent images. There is no blur covering the gore for people seeing this every day in Syria

Syrische oppositie wil steun wereld

BEIROET – De Syrische oppositie heeft de internationale gemeenschap zondag gevraagd om ‘politieke en economische steun voor de revolutie’. De Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton riep ‘de vrienden van een democratisch Syrië’ op zich te verenigen en de strijd aan te binden met het bewind van president Bashar Assad.

Zaterdag blokkeerden Rusland en China een resolutie die Syrië zou verplichten het vredesplan van de Arabische Liga uit te voeren. De oppositie vreest dat het vredesplan daardoor krachteloos is geworden en de Syrische regering de gelegenheid aangrijpt om af te rekenen met haar tegenstanders.

Honderden aanhangers van de regering-Assad gingen zondag in Damascus de straat op om Rusland en China dank te betuigen. ”Dankjewel, China en Rusland, voor het ondermijnen van de westerse samenzwering tegen ons land”, jubelde de 24-jarige lerares Nibal Hmeid. Ze sprak de hoop uit dat de president nu ‘beslissend en met militaire middelen tegen die gewapende misdadigers’ zal optreden. De Syrische staatskrant Tishreen bezwoer zondag dat de regering de strijd zal voortzetten tot de orde is hersteld.

De Syrische Nationale Raad, de koepelorganisatie van de oppositie, zoekt onderwijl naar een alternatieve oplossing voor de politieke crisis in het land. ”Het veto is niet het einde van de wereld. De revolutie gaat door en zal met Gods hulp overwinnen”, verzekerde kopstuk Radwan Ziadeh op zijn Facebookpagina.

Ziadeh riep landen die voor de afgewezen resolutie hebben gestemd op een bondgenootschap te vormen om de Syrische omwenteling te steunen. De Verenigde Staten, Frankrijk en een reeks Arabische landen voelen wel voor zo’n coalitie, verwacht hij.

De Amerikaanse minister van buitenlandse zaken Hillary Clinton zinspeelde in de Bulgaarse hoofdstad op zo’n coalitie. Het dubbele veto op de VN-resolutie, dat Clinton een ‘wanvertoning’ noemde, maakt het in haar ogen noodzakelijk te handelen buiten de VN om. Bronnen bij de Amerikaanse regering voorzien een samenwerkingsverband dat het Syrische regime middels sancties in haar bewegingsvrijheid beperkt, de oppositie samenbrengt en humanitaire hulp verleent.

De tegenstanders van het regime-Assad bedienden zich lang van vreedzame middelen, maar steeds vaker nemen naar de oppositie overgelopen militairen de wapens op tegen het leger. De bevelhebber van het zogeheten Vrije Syrische Leger zei zondag dat hem door het uitblijven van VN-ingrijpen geen andere keus restte dan de gewapende strijd. Het Russische en Chinese veto heeft volgens Riad al-Asaad niet alleen de oppositie, maar het hele Syrische volk getroffen.

De oppositie roept de internationale gemeenschap vooralsnog niet op het Vrije Syrische Leger te steunen. Zo’n oproep ligt erg gevoelig. Als de oppositie voor gewapend verzet kiest dreigt Syrië volgens velen in een burgeroorlog te geraken.

Zondag raakte het zogeheten Vrije Syrische Leger volgens activisten slaags met regeringstroepen in de noordwestelijke provincie Idlib en het zuidelijke Daraa. In Idlib zouden negen regeringssoldaten zijn gesneuveld.

(www.nd.nl /05.02.2012)