Jerusalem is still alive

By Mohammad S Arafat

Sorry my readers.. My pen is still ill of the continuous events that occur in Palestine. He moves from a tragic situation to another that full of sadness. My pen wrote about Gaza, west bank and Jerusalem. He wrote about the 1984 occupied lands. One day he told me something made me angry and depressed. He told me that there are no other pens share him to show the truth of what is going on in Palestine to the world. Then I replied with tears that there are many pens and they write everything about this land, but he said that there are pens without leads or ink… They just imitate to write something about Palestine and its issues, but they don`t write. I then petted him gently and assured him by telling him not to be sad. I wiped his tears, the tears was so hot and made me trembled. I told him that if he moans a lot and stops writing, no one will protect the Palestinian issues. I asked him to be an example of other pens in trying to write something about this holy land. I asked him to try to protect the ignored truth of Palestine. Then my pen understood and hugged me a final hug before he went to his work. He told me that he will write an article about the oldest oppressed daughter of Palestine. He told me that he will write an article about Jerusalem and what is happening in it called JERUSALEM IS STILL ALIVE.

He chose this title in order to remind the people who are sleeping now in deep dreams. His aim is to remind the deaf who say that the old city will die and erased from the map. He chose this title to say without fear that Jerusalem will still as it was and as it is.

My pen began speaking’’ Jerusalem city is one of the oldest cities of the ancient world. It is also called the old city because it has been established since thousands of years. This old city has witnessed many kingdoms and empires.  The first people who lived in this city were in 3000 BC called the Ken`an tribes. They lived there in a safe and secure life. They constructed Palestine and named it with their name’’ The Land of Ken`an’’.

After a period of time, the Persian settled in the holy city in 586 BC and they established their empire. They governed Palestine and its people before the Great Alexander entered it in 232 BC. He failed in governing it, so the chaos filled Palestine. After that and in 636 AD, Jerusalem became under the control of Muslims after they had entered it. Muslims considered it as an important place for them because Allah (God) mentioned it in the Holy Quran. Allah says in El Israa Sura’’ Glory to( Allah) who did take his servant for a journey by night from the sacred mosque to the farthest mosque, whose precincts we did bless, in order that we show him some of ours signs: for he is the one who hearth and seeth all things’’. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has made a journey to the seventh sky from this holy place so that why Muslims considered it as a holy place.

After the Muslims have defeated the Romans in El- Yarmouk battle in 636 AD, the Kalif Omar Ben El-Khatab entered the city of Jerusalem and gave the security to its people. He allowed Christians to worship as they want in their churches and live in a safe life without any intervention, but he prevented Jews to live in Jerusalem with the Muslims and Christians.

Then the Umayyads and Abbasids came to Palestine and there was a great leader called Abdulamalik Ben Marwan who has built the Dome of the Rock in 691 AD. They continued their developing in the old city. They built many domes and mosques there for worshiping.

In 969 AD, the Fatimds and Asaljqah have occupied Jerusalem. Their ruling was so harsh with the people so that they destroyed El-Keyamah church and many other places. After that time, the crusaders overcame Jerusalem again from 1099 to 1187. They tortured its people and killed many of them. But the Muslims got their victory when the leader Salah El-deen El-Ayoubi liberated it in Hitin battle. He destroyed what crusaders have built and began to achieve the justice again. Then he spread the Islam religion in every place in Palestine again. He established many institutions and schools. Also he built a great hospital called Pemaristan. He ordered to build the Jerusalem wall to protect the old city from assaults.

After the golden period of Salah El-deen, the Mamluks governed the holy city in 1253. They did not stop developing it and continued what Salah El-Deen began. They reconstructed the Dome of the Rock and built many institutions. They related Jerusalem to Cairo where there government was, after it was related to Damascus. They built many schools like El-Soltaneiah and El-tankaziya schools. In this Mamluks period, Jerusalem became one of the most important places of education, so many students and teachers came to it from many far places to study and teach.

In the 1516, the Ottomans vanquished the Mamluks in mardg Dabeq battle and they assault Jerusalem. They also developed and constructed this city. They built mosques and hospices. The Ottomans stayed in Jerusalem until the First World War in 1917 when the allies occupied Palestine after Ottomans have been rejected from it. The Britain government stayed in Palestine until 1948 when the Jews came to Palestine and established their country on the 5th of may 1948. But Palestine is still Palestine and it will be forever.

Now after my pen had told what he insisted to speak about, he called the honored leaders to save Jerusalem before it dies. He sent me a message from Palestine tells’’ where are the people who always say that they will protect me and my children? My children are being spoiled by the occupation. They are suffering and torturing. Where are my supporters? Where are my old friends? Did they forget that I and my children were protecting and freeing many countries? Did they forget my efforts with them? Did they forget that they have holy places here in my heart? Did they forget that there is a holy Mosque in the Jerusalem? Did they forget Gaza and Hebron? Did they forget the 1948 occupied lands? Did they forget the mother of mothers? I think yes they forgot everything. They forgot me and my children. They try to remove my name in order not to have headache. They just want us to be murders by the occupation. I know that many people say that I`m wrong and there are many good and supporter people, but I say to them that I don`t need just help, but I need prayers and protection.  I love the good people who support and love us. I love the people who pray for us. I also of course love my family’’. Finally my pen concluded his article to ask the people to pray for PALESTINE.

An Oppressed pen

A Letter from the death of Sabra Wa Shatela

By Mohammad S Arafat

–  Before I begin my tragic words, I want to tell you that I`m the country of the massacres. I`m the country of tragic situations. I`m the country of blood and martyrs. Do you know me?  I`m of course Palestine. I`m the mother of Gaza, Ramallah, Jenin and Nablus. I`m the mother of the occupied Jaffa and Haifa. They belong to me because they are my children. They love me as I love them. I lost a lot of them. I lost Jaffa and Haifa. I lost my oldest daughter Jerusalem. I lost Gaza before it came back to me. I have been suffering a lot since 1948. I bet that other mothers don`t suffer like me. I bet that they don`t lose any of their children like me. They live in love and humanness and I live in nothing. I just live in suffering and torture. I have not lived in happiness or even seen it. I used to meet sadness and sorrow. Did you know why I began introducing my name? I did that because I have many enemies who hate the name of Palestine. I did that to make them avoid me and get off me when I narrate what will be narrated in this article.

–   I want to say that I had and still have many massacres occurred by my enemies. They used to kill my nation. They resulted Dier Yaseen and Sabra wa Shatilla massacres. Many of my children have been killed and injured. There were more than 1000 martyr just in those massacres. Of course as usual, other countries did nothing then. They just folded their arms and looked at me and at my innocent children while we were suffering and being killed. They were silent and are still. So will they open their deaf ears and hear their brothers` moaning?
–  At the end of 1982, I met one daughter of mine. She was full of blood and binky bangs. She was still bleeding and suffering of the pain. My daughter was wearing a white coffin. It was also spotted with blood. I did not have fear of that seen. Do you know why? I did not because she is my daughter. She is my beloved daughter…… She told me her story and how she was killed.

-Her name was sabra wa shatela. She is a refugee who was forced to go out Palestine and live in Lebanon. She was so tired and exhausted. She could not stand in front of me to narrate of paining , so she found a broken seat to have..….and then she began ’’ my mum, I’m so tired and I might pass away soon. I hope I can complete my story to you before I die. The militia and the Zionist occupation invaded me at a night of September 1982. My innocent people were sleeping in safe and sound. They were dreaming of the future. They were dreaming of how to get their food and water. They were dreaming of the future of their children, but they did not know their fate…. Accidently, the bombs and missiles began in my camps. The raids and assassinations policy entered the camps.  The flame of the fire began to be seen. The shouting and screaming began to be heard and the moaning began to touch the people who have consciences. The families in the camps began to call the deaf people.  The children of my families started to cry after the beautiful dreams. The girls and the boys were shouting. Many of eldest sick passed out of the fear, but the young men were brave and steady.

-The militias and the Zionists started their imperious arrogant assault. They had rifles and pistols. They had pockets full of bullets. Many heavy weapons were there. They destroyed the small houses of my families. They burnt them with fire, so the smoke began to go out of them. I then became like a black piece of burnt wood. ‘’

-‘’ Then the militaries attacked the houses and started killing the innocent people.  They killed many families completely from the old man to the little child. They killed pregnant mothers with their babies. They killed old sick men and women who cannot defend themselves. They burnt and killed children who don`t know what was going on or even why they live in that land. They burnt the tents of the refugees. So the final scene of the camp became full of blood and many corpses were spreading on the land’’.
– My daughter paused her speech and began to cry. I asked her not cry because our luck is this. Allah gave us this and we must respect and accept what Allah does with us. She told me that she have many tragic sad scenes in her mind, so she had to cry in order to get them off her mind…. Then she resumed her speech and completed’’ my mum, my innocent pure families are now under ground. I know they will get to the precious paradises Inshallah and the murderers will get to the hell ….. My mum, when will other countries think of us and hear our voice? When will they stop the massacres? When will they protect the Al- Aqsa mosque? When will they release our prisoners? Our detainees are suffering in the jails every day. The jailers did not stop torturing them..….Will others hear their voice or not yet? When will they free my brothers and sisters? When will they free you my mum? When will they remember that there is a country called Palestine is about to be erased from the map? Will they realize that we live in tragic situations? When will they force the enemies to stop building the settlements? We are their brothers not their enemies. We belong to them as they belong to us.. We are not from the Venus or even the Mars. We are from this earth. Is that believable that they forgot us quickly?…. My mum, I must stop talking and let my brothers and sisters to complete our tragic continuous stories.
-That was one of my children called Sabra wa Shatella, she forced to go out Palestine and to live in Lebanon. So why you don`t look at my family?.  We don`t need your help because we know who you are. We just need you to pray to Allah to protect and help us. Will you answer my children screaming? I hope yes!!!
One day I will be FREE!!!

Gaza Is a Big Cage Again!!

By Mohammad S Arafat      ©

…… I don`t know what to say and to whom!! I don`t know what to write and to whom!! Yes I have no rights to speak in this world, but I have the rights to write everything…. I have the rights to express what`s going on in my mind… My pen refused to write and began to cry and moan firstly, but I wiped his tears and persuaded him to write….. He told me that he cannot write because the people refuse to read what`s written about Gaza those days… But I told him ‘’ yes you are right, but there are many great people in this imperious world can support us and can read what we write’’… I told him that we can just get the victory by those people who support and stand by us…. finally the innocent pen obeyed me and began to compose his words to show the world the truth of what`s happening in Gaza.

Gaza passed and is passing and I think will pass many dangerous wars and problems from 1967 until the near future. The occupation has invaded it until 2005, so in that period the people suffered and sacrificed a lot and a lot. After the militaries had withdrawn its troops from Gaza, many people outside and inside thought that the seizure has finished, but the situations showed the vice versa. Yes they took back from Gaza totally, but they are still controlling and governing it with its people completely.They closed the boarders and the crossing points between Gaza and them and even between Gaza and Egypt. They began the assassinations policy and killing the innocent children and women, although there were ratified agreements.

The siege on Gaza began and the poverty reached the maximum dangerous line. No one looked at the poor people except Allah (God) and some respectful convoys and supporter delegations from the UK, US and some Arab countries. Those bad dangerous situations forced the people of Gaza to invent something useful for them to get at least their main goods. Finally they made long underground passages between Gaza and Egypt called tunnels.

After inventing the tunnels, many people thought that Gaza became a not besieged city. Yes I can accept their opinions in that time because Gaza became free just for less than four years. But the tragic dangerous unbelievable thing is that when the Egyptians made their second revolution on 31st of June, we thought that the situations will get improved and improved. Gazans thought that there will be a new land port for passing stuffs, and the Rafah crossing point will get opened, but alas, many people shocked of what they saw and felt. They shocked of the dangerous things that happened and are happening those days in this stricken strip. The Egyptians military destroyed about 90% of the tunnels which were the nerves of the life according to Gazans. They closed Rafah crossing point temporarily and they are planning to create a buffer zone between Gaza and Egypt…

If you my reader try to visit Gaza, you will find out the truth clearly. You will find no main food for even the little babies and the poor families. You will find neither cement nor gravels for building. There are about 60000 building workers are now without salaries and those workers have big families, so let’s say that every worker has about five organs in his family, so the average will be 300000 persons have no sources in this city. You will find many buildings which were about to be reconstructed after the war are now empty of workers. If you visit Gaza, you will find no diesel for the transportations. If I want to speak about myself, I cannot get to my university those days because there are no traffics, and even if I find a car or a bus to ride, I must pay a lot, and you can apply that on other university students.

That`s the new life in Gaza. What a harsh new life we live here in Gaza, ahhh!!…. Gaza says to herself because she does not have any friend right now to speak with, ‘’ I understand what is going on in our Egyptians neighbors and I respect what they are doing. They are my families and Egypt is my mother. They cannot be my enemies like what others say, but they must stand by me…They must stand by my nation. My people are suffering of everything. My poor people are dying. They have innocent babies who need food and milk. They have children and women cannot live without eating and drinking ‘’. And then asks herself,’’ why they do that with me? Why will they create a buffer zone? That zone just for enemies… Am I an enemy?  Am I a terrorist? Am I a killer? Am I an arrogant? Am I imperious? I`m just an innocent mother wants to let her children to live in safe and sound with no problems in this holy land…

The Effects of Egyptian Crisis on Gazan People

By Mohammad S Arafat

No one can deny that he or she does not know Gaza strip and its great people. Gaza strip is located in Palestine (a besieged strip from Palestine) and it has the most populous area around the world. It has about 1.79 million people (26400 people per kilometer).

Gaza is always full of crises and bad situations with dead conditions. It`s affected by any country around it or even far of it. This great strip was living in good conditions before the occupation besieged it. It was besieged in 2006 after the legislative elections. As a result, all the ports were closed from the two sides (Egyptian and Israeli). So Gaza felled of crises and touchable problems from that time. The average of sick people has increased and the diseases have spread. Many poor people have emerged in Gaza and the poverty began to increase gradually, so Gaza was suffering with no answers from the other countries.

In that siege, Gazans did not relinquish and they stayed patient with faith of Allah. They did not lose the mercy of Allah and used to make Salah( Praying) daily and nightly  to Allah to get them their main rights of life. They always say that Allah is with them and will never forget them.
All the world know that Gaza has about 97% of literate people full of genius youth, so a bunch of these clever people has invented underground passages between Gaza and Egypt used for importing and exporting the missed goods called ( Gaza tunnels). That news made Gazans happy and proud of their genius clever inventors. This news began to emerge in the other countries. Some of them refused that and the other agreed with the great people of the great strip and became proud of being supporters of Gaza.

Gaza tunnels became the only nerve of life for Gazans. They import what they missed from major and even minor goods. They import petrol for power stations and power generators. They import cement which Gaza lost for four years. They even export some goods. The tragic sarcastic thing is that the tunnels are used for people to travel by. So the tunnels are great way for feeding and serving Gaza and its people.

Of course the nation in Gaza is related directly to Egypt and its people. We all know what happened in Egypt in January of 2011. The Egyptians made a great revolutions called 25th of January revolution. They were protesting daily and nightly until they made the ousted president Mubarak step down. And these days the Egyptians are protesting in order to oust Mohammad Mursi and finally they did. But the problem is now Egypt is divided into two sides, the first one are is Mursi`s supporters and the other is the opposition of Mursi. So All these problems affect Gaza and its fate.

As a result, The tunnels were blocked and even the Rafah crossing point which opened recently. The blocking of tunnels and the crossing point of Rafah resulted many bad situations and problems in Gaza.

1-No Petrol.
2-No Gas.
3-No Cement.
4-No main goods.
* The Effects of Lacking Petrol on Gaza:

Petrol is the column of the industry revolution. It`s used in factories and power stations and even for transportation and boats. And of course Gaza uses it in industry and for vehicles and even for the only station power. The lacking of petrol made many bad conditions in Gaza. It made many cars and vans stop. Most of ambulances and fire trucks have stopped suddenly.  Many factories and bakeries stopped of working. The streets in Gaza became empty of vehicles and even of people. Many fishers stayed home because of lacking the petrol for their boats. There are about 3700 fishers has stopped working and they have big families need food daily and they are hundreds of other workers stopped of working those days.

Lacking of petrol resulted many accidents in Gaza like firing homes and choking children of smoking when the families make fire instead of the light of power. Many children have killed of using fire and candles to make lights.

*The Effects of Lacking Gas on Gaza:

Gas is used in many ways and for many usages. No home can stand without gas. The housewife uses it for cooking and boiling water for showering, but in Gaza those days, the housewives sit in their homes without gas. They use the fire for cooking and boiling water. That resulted many fire accidents and killed many families in Gaza recently. Nowadays every home must has fire to cook by and many of them don`t have the wood for fire.

*The Effects of Lacking Cement on Gaza:

Gaza has about more than 40000 building workers. Lacking of cement and its derivatives resulted many problems in Gaza and made those entire workers stay home with no work nor money to feed their families and even their children.

*The Effects of Lacking Main Goods on Gaza:

The tunnels opened in order to get the main goods that lost in Gaza. In the recent events in Egypt and after blocking the tunnels and the ports from the two sides, most of main goods were missed from Gaza and that of course warns of what will happen in Gaza of starvations and poverty.

The tunnels solved about 70% of Gaza requirements. Many of unemployers got new jobs with good salaries and could feed their families easily, but now 95% of those workers have no job to get money by.

So will the world look at Gaza and see what does it need?

Will the Egyptian army open the tunnels again and let the people of Gaza complete their short life on their land safely?
Gaza strip hopes to get answers soon because its people are dying slowly!!!!!