Russia honours Palestine doctor as best cardiologist in 2019

A doctor 'scrubbing in' before a surgery [file photo]

A doctor ‘scrubbing in’ before a surgery [file photo]

The Russian Ministry of Health has honoured Palestinian doctor, Imad Meri, as the best cardiology and resuscitation doctor in 2019, Palestine Information Centre (PIC) reported on Friday.

According to the PIC, Meri was hailed as the best doctor as a result of a series of achievements during his career.

The attendants present at the ceremony in Moscow expressed their pride in the Palestinian doctor, who studied and worked in the Russian capital, where he has been known for his professionalism and dedication to his work.

The doctor, who is a Palestinian refugee from El-Buss refugee camp in Lebanon, was honoured for his commitment to his work.

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Press release

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Alaa Wahdan

Issued by the Islamic Women’s Movement – Hamas

The Israeli oppression machine continues to humiliate our people and make them suffer, defying all international principles, values, and conventions that guarantee the right to protect civilians in conflict zones.
Many Palestinians fall victim to crimes committed at the death checkpoints across the West Bank cities, where the number of violations committed by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinian civilians in the occupied West Bank during 2019 has reached 346, The killing of young woman “Alaa Wahdan” (28 years), who was executed by Israeli occupation forces in cold blood yesterday at Qalandia checkpoint north of occupied Jerusalem, is not the last one. This comes amid silence from the international community on the crimes of the Israeli occupation.

We condemn this crime, which was not the first and will not be the last of its kind against Palestinian women, as long as the Israeli occupation is not held accountable for its atrocities. We call upon the Palestinian Authority in charge of security in the West Bank. We stress that killing the Palestinian lady in cold blood, which was caught on camera, and leaving her to bleed to death is a policy adopted by Israeli occupation military that expose its true image _ finding pleasure in making the Palestinian people suffer throughout the past 70 years.

Islamic Women’s Movement – Hamas
Thursday 19 September 2019

Chile doctors carry out surgeries in Gaza

3 volunteer medical teams from South America and Italy crossed into the Gaza Strip to start providing medical care for injured and sick children, as well as training for local doctors 

A Chilean team of orthopaedic surgeons is carrying out urgent operations in the European Hospital in southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis, Al-Resalah newspaper reported yesterday.

Doctor Lautaro Campos headed the team which arrived in the Strip on Friday and is expected to leave tomorrow evening.

In a statement, the Palestinian orthopaedic surgeon Jamal Abu-Hilal said that the three-member team carried out 16 surgeries and they are expected to carry out 30 more.



This week, our volunteer orthopedic surgery team from Argentina arrived in Gaza to provide surgery for in-need children. The team screened over 80 children on their first day, scheduling 44 for surgery.

We are honored to work with these great surgeons from South America.

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The team is visiting Gaza for the second time in coordination with Palestine Children Relief Society. The first visit took place a year ago.

Abu-Hilal hoped that such visits will continue in order to help patients in need of urgent surgeries, to reduce the waiting lists and train local doctors.

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Gaza health ministry warns of ‘unprecedented’ shortage of medicines, medical supplies

A child receives medical care in a hospital in Gaza [File photo]

A child receives medical care in a hospital in Gaza

The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip said on Tuesday it was facing an “unprecedented” shortage of essential medicines and medical supplies.

“The medical crisis in hospitals and health centres is the most difficult during the years of the Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip,” the ministry said in a statement.

The ministry’s annual requirement of medicines and medical supplies amounts to $40 million, however during the first half of this year, only $10 million was available for medicines and medical supplies.

The statement noted that the shortage deprived 50 per cent of patients in the Gaza Strip from treatment.

It called on all parties to take urgent and effective measures to provide essential medicines for patients with cancer, blood diseases, kidney failure, neurological and psychological illnesses as well as chronic diseases.

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The Gaza Strip has suffered under a more than 12-year siege at the hands of Israel, with support from Egypt and the international community. Goods, food, aid, construction materials and other essentials have not been allowed into the Strip and people have been left unable to leave even to access medical care.

The General Federation of Palestinian Labour Unions reported last year that as a result of the siege, unemployment in the enclave almost doubled to 50 per cent, rising from 27.2 per cent before 2007.

Due to the ban on the entry of fuel, Gaza’s sole electricity plant has been forced to shut down leaving civilians with only 4 hours of electricity a day; further exacerbating the humanitarian crisis.

A report released by the UN last month raised concerns that the Strip is “de-developing” faster than anticipated, such that the 2020 deadline by which it was said that Gaza would be “unliveable” may have already arrived.

Palestinians are regularly denied access to much needed medical attention, and unable to leave the Gaza strip to access it.


Infographic by The White Canvas

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Palestinian prisoners need our attention before they die

Palestinians demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, stage a demonstration in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Eastern Jerusalem on March 26, 2019. ( Faiz Abu Rmeleh - Anadolu Agency )

By Ramona Wadi 

Since 1967, 220 Palestinian prisoners have died in Israeli prisons. The latest victim is Nasser Taqatqa, detained in June from his home in Beit Fajjar, accused of purportedly having ties to Hamas. Taqatqa, age 31, was interrogated by Shin Bet, tortured and placed in solitary confinement. On Tuesday he was found dead, prompting another wave of anger among Palestinians and much needed focus on the plight of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

According to Haaretz, Taqaqta was discovered dead in the prison’s mental health centre where was taken for medical supervision. Palestinian media states that he was transferred to different interrogation facilities and constantly placed in solitary confinement. Taqatqa was last seen in Nitzan prison, where it has been said he died in solitary confinement.

Israel has claimed Taqatqa died as a result of a stroke. Meanwhile the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society declared that autopsy results revealed extreme torture and abuse, leading to Taqatqa’s death.

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The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying: “The martyrdom of Taqatqa in the interrogation cells demand an immediate action by the International Criminal Court and the opening of an official investigation into the crimes of the occupying power in order to pursue and prosecute Israeli war criminals.”

Needless to say, this statement fell on deaf ears. No call for justice has emanated from the international community. If the UN fails to take up the call of Palestinian prisoners while they are still alive, a tortured and dead prisoner will present no significance to the organisation.

Likewise, the Palestinian Authority’s continuous exploitation of Palestinian prisoners does not help to further its cause. On the contrary, it has facilitated the transfer of many Palestinians to Israeli jails, while the PA security services act like Israel’s extension in the occupied West Bank. The PA has no foundation whatsoever to speak about the rights of Palestinian prisoners. It is only a step ahead of the international community in terms of speaking out, due to perfunctory obligation which the UN can conveniently sidestep.

Meanwhile, the growing rift between the PA and the Palestinian people will continue to displace attention away from the Palestinian prisoners’ plight. Political authority is the determining factor which singles out the people as perpetual victims without protection from their leaders which is, of course, a favourable scenario for Israel.

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Away from the cloistered arena of human rights jargon, there has yet to be a single instance where such rights can claim a single, irreversible victory. The media reports reactions – prisoners banging on doors and refusing meals at the news of a Palestinian prisoner’s death – but what do such reports tell us about the prisoners in Israeli jails? Nothing. The collective efforts at stifling their voices, even to the point of murder through torture and medical negligence, is provoking an oblivion which is tantamount to a loss of identity, at least when it comes to perception from the outside. With the exception of Palestinians in close proximity with Israeli forces, who spares a thought for Palestinian prisoners before they are turned into temporary headlines by Israel’s colonial violence?

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Father: Gov’t Not Serious About Helping My Cancer-Stricken Daughter

Palestinian journalist Fathi Sabbah has accused the Palestinian Authority (PA) government and its health ministry of not being serious about providing medical treatment for his daughter, Rima, who suffers from blood cancer.

In Facebook remarks, Sabbah said he received pledges from premier Mohamed Shtayyeh over the phone to personally follow up the case of his daughter after he published her story a few days ago.

He added that he was also phoned by Ahmed Abu Houli, member of the Palestine Liberation Organization’s (PLO) Executive Committee, who pledged to provide his daughter with appropriate medical treatment in hospitals like any citizen.

However, he affirmed that the medical referral to Hadassah Hospital in Israel only included a medical checkup without covering the expenses of medication.

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Israeli bullet leaves Palestinian football teen amputated

Little Palestinian boy lost his leg after being shot by Israeli forces ‘while playing football.’

Mahmoud Salah, a 15-year-old Palestinian, was full of life, sparing no moment to joke and play with his friends in al-Khader town in the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem.

He was playing football with his peers in the town when an Israeli bullet ripped through his left leg, nipping all his dreams right in the bud.

“A month ago, I was playing football with my friends when the ball crossed the wire near an Israeli military checkpoint,” Salah told Anadolu Agency.

“As I moved to get the ball, I heard heavy gunfire; I was shot and injured,” he said.

Despite his injuries, the Palestinian minor was arrested by Israeli forces and was moved to a hospital for treatment.

After a three-day coma, Salah woke up on a very tragic scene; his left leg was amputated.

“It was an unexpected shock that I have never imagined,” Salah said, trying to hold back his tears.

“This amputation has destroyed me,” he said. “It would have been easier for me to be sentenced to life in prison than amputating my leg.”

“I do not know how I will pursue my life, how I will live with my friends,” Salah said. “Today, I’m disabled.”

“My dream of life has been killed,” the Palestinian boy said.

Hardest moment

Despite his shock, Salah still hopes to complete his treatment and install a prosthetic leg, and go to university.

“Sometimes I feel that my leg is still there, but when I look down, I see it amputated,” he said.

Salah was accused by Israeli interrogators of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at the Israeli military checkpoint, charges he denied.

Salah’s mother, Aisha Salah, says her son’s leg amputation was the “hardest moment of her life”.

“It was one of the most difficult moments of my life,” she told Anadolu Agency.

“It feels like they have cut a piece of my heart,” she said.

Notably, Salah’s brother Bakr is held by the Israeli authorities.

“The [Israeli] occupation is fighting us with everything,” the bereaved mother said. “My eldest son was arrested, and the other son was handicapped.”

Targeting children

Amana Farahna, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Prisoner Society, an NGO, accused the Israeli army of intentionally targeting children and arresting them.

“The case of Mahmoud Salah is similar to a number of cases of children, who were subjected to gunfire and medical negligence that resulted in amputations,” she told Anadolu Agency.

“The Israeli army is deliberately targeting children in the limbs and turning them into disabled people, to create a state of deterrence against children.”

Farahna cited that the Israeli army has arrested around 220 Palestinian minors under the age of 18, held them in inhuman conditions and subjected them to harsh interrogations.

She denounced “the policy of arresting children, which contradicts with the rights of the child, and international law”.

According to the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority’s Commission for Prisoners’ Affairs, the total number of Palestinians in Israeli custody currently stands at 5,700 — including numerous women and children.

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Popular women’s conference in Gaza against Bahrain Workshop

Women's Conference1

By Ghada Haniyya

The Islamic Women’s Movement (HAMAS) organized a popular women’s conference titled “Defending the Right of Return and Confronting the Deal of the Century and the Manama Conference” on Monday in the Rashad Al Shawa Cultural Center in Gaza City.

The head of the Islamic Women’s Movement, Rajaa Al-Halabi, said that all conspiracies will be destroyed on the rock of steadfastness of the Palestinian people. And the Palestinian women will not spill the blood of the martyrs in vain, as well as claiming the rights of detainees in occupation prisons.

In addition, she stressed that the deal of the century will not pass, and the Bahrain conference will remain a joke for the whole world, because the Palestinian decision is not sold and bought. Also, the people will never compromise or surrender their land.
She pointed out that Palestinian women in all their spectrum reject the process of normalization, the Bahrain conference and the deal of the century that wants to end the Palestinian cause.

For his part, said the vice-chair of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas in Gaza, Dr. Khalil Al-Hayya, “that Palestine has been subjected to attempts to liquidate over 100 years, so as Palestinians, we must stand united against plots that target our just cause”.
Al-Hayya pointed out that the first steps to counter the deal of the century is to dissolve the shame of Oslo and to stop the security coordination.

He pointed out that the deal of the century is not aimed at Gaza alone, but at the Arab and Islamic civilization, and wants to loot the wealth of the nation and the rupture of individuals in one country.

He added that the deal came to expand the occupation in all countries without shame, and take away all the projects of resistance and the meanings of confrontation to the Zionist enemy.

The vice-chair of the Hamas movement in Gaza said that Hamas rejects the deal of the century and the Bahrain conference, and will work by all necessary means to encounter its output. Hamas also is calling on Bahrain to withdraw from participating in it, because it seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

In turn, Ektimal Hamad, Member of the Central Committee of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, explained that the Bahrain Conference is a gateway to infringe the rights of our people on the road to complete liquidation. Therefore, we must invest the Palestinian position rejecting the deal of the century and the Bahrain Conference.

Moreover, she stressed the need of the restoration of national unity and structuring a consolidated strategy to face the deal of the century. She Also noted the importance of investing the energies of the Arab nation and developing a clear plan to face this deal.
She called for the abolition of the organization of the workshop and demands the Arab states not to participate in it, because it is a gate of the portals of the implementation of the deal century, and everyone must besieged the policy of occupation and trial by international law.

For her part, said member of the Islamic Jihad Munira Shafei, the message of the Palestinian people to the President of the United States Donald Trump is that, “we will die for our land and will not leave, although there are those who sold their dignity to America and Israel, there are those who remained on the sacrifice and dignity.”
She pointed out that Bahrain does not represent the free world, and many honorable people carry out the issue of Palestine and the issues of the free world, and that the process of normalization with the occupation will not change history, and the road to Jerusalem is not far away.

A representative of the National Commission for Refugees, Fadwa Shurafa, indicated that the Popular Conference comes as a confirmation of the legitimate constants of the Palestinian people, and rejected all forms of Zionist normalization.

She said that the Bahrain conference is categorically rejected, and that the Palestinian refugees are the only who suffer from injustice and siege and they constitutes 70% of the Palestinian people.

She stressed the need for UNRWA to fulfill its duties in support of the Palestinian people, and everyone should intensify efforts to deal with the deal of the century impartially.

Women's Conference2

Deal of the Century or Eon of Disasters?

By Jamal Kanj*

June 24, 2019

The Trumpian hyperbole marketing brand had generated unrealistic expectations for the “Deal of the Century.” For over a year and a half, Jared Kushner promised but missed at least three dates to unveil the “secret” plan.

Assisted by two bono fide Zionists, Special Envoy to the Middle East Jason Greenblatt and US Ambassador David Friedman, Kushner’s lone political experience with Palestine/Israel is his family’s tax deductible contributions to building “Jewish only colonies.”  

Kushner’s predisposed conviction and his parochial bias were palpable in the June 2nd interview with Axios on HBO. In the interview, he opined that Palestinians were not “capable of governing” themselves or become free from Israeli occupation.

After more than a year of hyped promotion, Kushner’s Zionist team revealed a scaled down version of Trump’s “concrete plan.” Evident in the leaked conference agenda, the goal of Kushner’s gathering is not to offer economic support to Palestinians, but rather to provide a cover-up for opening the doors of Arab capitals to Israeli officials.

Israel gets the reward of the illusionary peace upfront while US tantalizes to Arabs a peace process that may never materialize. Deferring and circumventing political process is archetypical Israeli trademark strategy that seeks to harvest fruits before the tree blossoms. Hence, the fruits of the US proposed miniature workshop in Bahrain. 

In the Oslo Accord in 1993, the PLO agreed to recognize Israel, in advance, over 78% of historical Palestine. There was no reciprocal Israeli obligation toward the PLO on the remaining 22% (West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza). 

A quarter of a century later, peace did not blossom and the only implemented sections of the Oslo Accords were the PLO recognition of Israel. In addition, it relieved Israel of administering the life of five million Palestinians, security coordination and outsourcing―free of cost―the security services to the Palestinian Authority.

Meanwhile, Israel continued to violate and effectively buried the Oslo Accords under new expansive “Jewish only colonies” changing the demographics of the population in areas allotted for the future Palestinian state.

Ten years following the Accord, George W Bush proposed a Road Map for peace. To placate Israeli reservations, Bush rewarded Israel, in advance, with an official American letter agreeing to annex “Jewish only colonies” in the West Bank as part of any future peace agreement.

Israel crushed Bush’s Road Map under the bulldozers of yet more “Jewish only colonies.” The American letter remains the sole outcome of the Road Map. Greenblatt and Friedman are using Bush’s letter to advocate Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

Kushner’s economic peace is an age old Israeli contrived gas bubble intends to skirt compliance with international law and UN resolutions. Shimon Peres floated the idea to equivocate Israel’s commitments under the Oslo Accords. Current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revived it in 2009 to sidestep the American (Bush and Obama) administration’s support for two-state solution.

Yet, for quarter of a century since the establishment of the Palestinian authority, Israel had systematically strangled the very economy it (and now Kushner) claims to champion.

Since 1993, the European Union invested billions of dollars in economic infrastructure, including an airport and seaport in Gaza. In 2002 after the failure of Camp David, Israel obliterated both facilities denying Palestinians access to trade and fishing.

To further stifle the economy, Israel erected walls separating farmers from their olive groves and farms, spiked the West Bank with intrusive military checkpoints encumbering the movement of goods, divided towns and cities and misappropriated tax money held on Palestinian imports.

Kushner and Israel’s invented economic peace is a political shenanigan to sedate the bird cage (walled) economy, or leverage it in the form of collective punishment to suppress resistance and subjugate Palestinians.

Like Oslo Accords, the Road Map, and now ahead of rolling the political plan for the “Deal of Century”, Trump conferred on Israel another advanced installment by recognizing Jerusalem as its capital, cut financial aid to Palestinians including UN organizations, and the annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights without any Israeli concession.

In addition to normalizing contacts between Arabs attending the Manama workshop and Israel (another advanced installment), Kushner’s plan would relegate the cost of the caged Palestinian economy to Arab countries, gifting Israel yet more freebies without negotiation. 

Kushner economic peace workshop is a false allure to salve Palestinian (and Arab) capitulation before rolling out the eon of all political disasters.

*Mr Kanj ( an author who had written weekly newspaper column and publishes on several websites on Arab world issues. He is the author of “Children of Catastrophe,” Journey from a Palestinian Refugee Camp to America. His recent coauthored book “Bride of the Sea” was published in Germany and Poland. 

The race to fail Palestine: the two-state compromise and Trump’s ‘deal of the century’

Palestinians stage a protest against the 'Deal of the Century', planned by US President Donald Trump to solve the conflict between Palestine and Israel, in Ramallah, West Bank on 2 July 2018 [Shadi Hatem/Apaimages]

Palestinians stage a protest against the ‘Deal of the Century’, planned by US President Donald Trump to solve the conflict between Palestine and Israel, in Ramallah, West Bank on 2 July 2018

By Ramona Wadi 

As the unveiling of US President Donald Trump’s “deal of the century” remains uncertain and probably postponed, the international community has pitted itself against the proposal and deeming it an incentive to stand unequivocally in favour of the two-state compromise, which UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has repeatedly described as the only possibility. In the US, a similar scenario is taking place.

A resolution drafted by Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen has raised Israel’s ire for its endorsement of the two-state compromise. Israeli diplomats, it was reported, have been lobbying for the removal of the two-state clause.

Palestinians, on the other hand, have been eliminated from the process except for necessary reference, and this is not due to the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to entertain US prospects of a deal. Its insistence on the two-state compromise has gradually eroded the focus from Palestinian rights to the PA’s willingness to accommodate the international community. Hence, the PA’s stance is just a continuation of the façade it committed itself to since its establishment.

Pompeo: Deal of the century ‘unexecutable’ 

Last April, former EU diplomats insisted that the bloc should “formally reaffirm” its agreement to the two-state paradigm and refute the US plan. The reason, however, was the EU’s international standing as regards its purported peace-building role, rather than Palestinian rights which are non-existent in the two-state hypothesis. With a prolonged diplomatic confrontation between the US and the international community over which plan to follow for Palestine, and with the PA persistently advocating for the two-state despite the losses Palestinians have incurred, the last shards of pretence were eliminated.

Not one single entity has proposed the obvious – ask the Palestinian people what they want – lest there is a departure from the historical process of international interference which created a colonial entity in Palestine. Instead, the diplomatic battleground was extended to create a parallel where external actors’ decision-making is only concerned with what benefits their meddling will reap to enhance their international standing.

Trump's Deal - Cartoon [Sabaaneh/MiddleEastMonitor]

The same process is now being repeated in the US, pitting proponents of the two-state against Trump’s deal. Had the Trump administration not concocted a new plan to fail Palestinians, the entire international community would have intermittently continued to coerce Palestinians into its diplomacy. With two prospects spelling disaster for Palestinians, the race as to who will fail Palestinians first has begun.

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As the PA continues to limit itself to a choice between both disastrous options, it is aiding a complete manipulation of Palestinian rights. PA leader Mahmoud Abbas’ refusal to entertain US scheming holds no value while his faction is still supporting another form of facilitating Israel’s colonisation of Palestine.

Indeed, the PA’s stance is reminiscent of Jared Kushner’s refusal to discuss a two-state hypothesis, in terms of how detrimental both outcomes are for Palestinians.

While pretending to oppose Trump’s deal, the international community is pushing for a paradigm that covertly leads to the same outcomes. It is only because of the widespread hostility that Trump has generated since taking office, that the illusion of two camps for a solution has become ingrained and which is now being played out across the world in complete conformity.

(Source / 10.06.2019)