Israel prepared to launch war on Syria: Israeli cmdr.

Israeli military commander Major General Amir Eshel

Israeli military commander Major General Amir Eshel

“The Tel Aviv regime has already carried out three air strikes on Syria.”

An Israeli military commander says Tel Aviv is prepared to carry out an attack on Syria if the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad collapses.

On Wednesday, Israeli Major General Amir Eshel said the Tel Aviv regime might launch a sudden war on Syria should Damascus fall.

“We have to be ready for any scenario, at a few hours’ notice,” Eshel stated.

He also said that the Israeli regime would even prepare for a “protracted” war with a “post-Assad Syria.”

The recent Israeli threat is seen as part of the Western-backed efforts to set up the scene for a military intervention in Syria.

The Tel Aviv regime has already carried out three air strikes on Syria.

On May 5, Syria said the Israeli regime had carried out an airstrike targeting a research center in a suburb of Damascus, following heavy losses inflicted upon al-Qaeda-affiliated groups by the Syrian army. According to Syrian media reports, the strike hit the Jamraya Research Center. The Jamraya facility had been targeted in another Israeli airstrike in January.

The May 5 Israeli aggression was Tel Aviv’s second strike on Syria in three days.

Turmoil has gripped Syria for over two years, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel, have been killed in the foreign-sponsored militancy.

Western powers and their regional allies including the Israeli regime, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are partners in supporting the militant groups in Syria.

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Israel Kidnaps 12 Children of the Orphanage School In Occupied Jerusalem

Wednesday, May 22 2013, The Palestinian News & Info Agency (WAFA) has reported that Israeli soldiers kidnapped twelve children, students of the Orphanage School in occupied East Jerusalem.

File – Image By Wadi Hilweh Information Center

Bassam Khalil, vice-principal of the school, stated that the army kidnapped the children as they left school in the Old City, and took them to a local Police station in the Chain Gate area.

He added that, so far, three of the kidnapped children have been identified as Mohammad Abu Sneina, Obaida Es’eed, and Marwan Dweik.

The army claimed that the children hurled stones at Israeli settlers’ vehicles in the area.

Earlier on Wednesday, the army invaded different parts of the West Bank and kidnapped six Palestinians in the districts of Nablus, Tubas and Jenin.

On Tuesday, the army also invaded various areas in the West Bank, kidnapped eight Palestinians, and kidnapped two children in Abu Dis town, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israeli soldiers invade the West Bank, and conduct arrests and home invasions, on a daily basis as part of the ongoing Israeli violations against the Palestinians and their property in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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With photos… Demolition of 7 residential houses in Jerusalem and 57 individuals are homeless

Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) —Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s camera spotted thedemolition process that occurred in the city of Jerusalem yesterday where 7 residential houses in Al-Tur and Jabal Al-Mukabber with 57 people living in them were demolished, under the pretext of building without a permit, knowing that they were built on lands that are threatened to be confiscated to proceed with the scheme of “National Parks” around Jerusalem.

ابو الضبعا ت

ابو الضبعات هدم

اثاث شعلان

شعلان اثاث

شعلان الطور


قوات خلة العين

هدم ابو الضبعات 2

هدم ابو الضبعات بناية

هدم ابو الضبعات

هدم البناية حبل المكبر

هدم البناية لابو الضبعات

هدم الطور شعلان

هدم المكبر 2

هدم المكبر

هدم عمارة

هدم بناية ابو الضبعات المكبر

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Israeli Attorney General slams Defence Minister for settlement expansion in West Bank


'There is hardly any criminal enforcement of planning and construction violations in Judea and Samaria...'‘There is hardly any criminal enforcement of planning and construction violations in Judea and Samaria…’

Israel’s Attorney General, Yehuda Weinstein, on Tuesday sent a strongly worded letter to Israeli Defence Minister, Moshe Ya’alone, accusing security forces of acting wrongly in protecting illegal settlement construction in the occupied West Bank, an Israeli newspaper said.

The Israeli daily, Yedioth Ahronoth, reported that Weinstein wrote to Ya’alone asking him to ensure criminal enforcement of planning and construction violations in the West Bank without delay.

“There is hardly any criminal enforcement of planning and construction violations in Judea and Samaria [the West Bank], this is largely due to the absence of an investigative body charged with handling the issue,” Weinstein is reported to have written.

Weinstein wrote that he had highlighted the issue in his testimony to the Israeli High Court of Justice last year. He said that the defence forces are working to reinforce the Civil Administration’s inspection unit in the West Bank.

He also wrote in his letter to Ya’alone: “In my letter to the previous defence minister, I expressed my view that the unit charged with overseeing construction at the Civil Administration, which operates at the administrative level, should take on investigative duties at the criminal level.”

According to the newspaper, the attorney general noted that the issue was also raised by the state auditor in a report issued last year.

Weinstein said that the report of the state auditor suggested that the lack of criminal enforcement in the area of planning and construction violations in Judea and Samaria [West Bank] helps perpetuate the status quo where people are free to do as they wish.

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Israeli troops shoot Palestinian boy in W.Bank clash


Israeli troops take position on the Israeli side of the border as Palestinian protesters take part in a rally near the southern Gaza Strip's border with Israel, east of Rafah, on March 30, 2013. Israeli troops shot and seriously wounded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a clash in the West Bank on Tuesday, Palestinian security and medical officials told AFP.

Israeli troops take position on the Israeli side of the border as Palestinian protesters take part in a rally near the southern Gaza Strip’s border with Israel, east of Rafah, on March 30, 2013. Israeli troops shot and seriously wounded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a clash in the West Bank on Tuesday, Palestinian security and medical officials told AFP.

AFP – Israeli troops shot and seriously wounded a 12-year-old Palestinian boy during a clash in the West Bank on Tuesday, Palestinian security and medical officials told AFP.

They said that Atta Mohammed Sharadeh was hit during one of what have become almost daily clashes between young Palestinians and soldiers outside the Jelazoun refugee camp, near Ramallah.

The camp is close to the Israeli settlement of Beit El.

The officials said that he was hit in the chest by a live bullet which exited through his back and was in critical condition in a Ramallah hospital.

An army spokeswoman told AFP that troops opened fire at a protester about to throw a petrol bomb as dozens of rioters hurled rocks at them.

“The soldiers instructed the suspect to stop and when he refused to do so they fired warning shots, which failed to deter the suspect,” she said.

“To stop the individual the soldiers fired towards his lower extremities. He was injured and taken to a hospital.”

She said that his age and identity were not known.

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Israel hospitalizes hunger striker

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israel on Tuesday hospitalized a Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike, his lawyer said.

Ayman Abu Daoud was transferred from Ramle prison clinic to the Haemek Medical Center in Afula, said Jawad Boulos, a lawyer for the Palestinian Prisoners Society.

Abu Daoud has been on hunger strike since April 14.

The 32-year-old was released in Oct. 2011 in Israel’s prisoner swap with Hamas, but rearrested four months later and accused of violating his release terms by distributing financial allocations to persons affiliated with a political party, according to the prisoner rights group Addameer.

Military prosecutors are trying to reinstate the 28 years remaining on his previous sentence.

Abu Daoud, a father of two, denies the charge and has announced he will continue his hunger strike until he is released.

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Israel army warns Syria of Golan unrest ‘consequences’

Israel’s Lieutenant General Benny Gantz attends a ceremony at the Rabin Military Base in Tel Aviv.

JERUSALEM (AFP) — The head of Israel’s armed forces warned Syrian President Bashar Assad on Tuesday of “consequences” if fire continues from Syrian territory against Israeli troops in the occupied Golan Heights.

“If he disturbs the Golan Heights, he will have to bear the consequences,” Lieutenant General Benny Gantz said in an address at Haifa University and broadcast on Israeli television.

“We cannot and shall not allow the Golan Heights to become a comfort zone for Assad,” he said.

He spoke hours after Israeli troops and Syrian forces exchanged fire across the sensitive ceasefire line on the Golan Heights, but Israel denied Syrian claims one of its vehicles had been destroyed.

The Syrian army “fired on an Israeli patrol, which we confirmed six hours ago, but did not destroy a vehicle or kill anyone,” Israeli military spokesman Avichai Adraee wrote on Twitter.

Syria claimed to have destroyed an Israeli military vehicle it said had crossed the ceasefire line during the incident.

Israel earlier said it had responded to fire from inside Syria that hit a military patrol in the Golan Heights overnight, damaging a military vehicle.

Gantz said that at no point did the vehicle enter Syrian-controlled territory and suggested that Syria was fabricating a story with an obsolete Israeli vehicle left behind in Lebanon during Israel’s 2006 war there against Syrian ally Hezbollah.

“It’s a totally absurd story about an old 2002 model jeep,” he said.

The Golan Heights have been tense since the beginning of the conflict in Syria more than two years ago.

However, there have been only minor flare-ups in the area to date, with Syrian shells crashing in the occupied Golan and Israel firing in retaliation.

Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said on Tuesday that Israel did not want to get sucked into Syria’s war, but that fire at Israeli targets from across the border would not be tolerated.

“Our policy is clear: we will not intervene in the Syrian civil war, but concerning the situation in the Golan Heights, we will not permit gunfire against our territory,” he said in a statement.

Israel, which is technically at war with Syria, seized 1,200 square kilometers of the Golan from its Arab neighbor in the 1967 Six-Day War.

It later annexed the territory, in a move never recognized by the international community.

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Israeli forces shoot teen near Ramallah

RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — Israeli forces on Tuesday shot and injured a Palestinian teenager in Jalazoun refugee camp near Ramallah, witnesses and the Israeli army said.

Witnesses told Ma’an that Atta Sabah, 13, was walking with school friends when Israeli forces opened fire at the group and hit him in the back.

An Israeli military spokeswoman said soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian trying to hurl a firebomb at Israeli forces during a riot in the area.

She said the Palestinian failed to respond to warning shots and that soldiers fired “towards his lower extremities.”

Sabah is undergoing surgery at the Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah.

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Defence for Children International Palestine – The boys live in fear with their attacker still on the loose.

img_0069Ramallah, 18 May 2013—Defence for Children International Palestine is deeply disturbed by the sexual abuse of two Palestinian children by an armed Israeli assailant dressed in a police uniform late April in the Jordan Valley.

The perpetrator, driving a white car with yellow Israeli license plates, approached the two boys, both 14, while they grazed their goats in a field, north of the West Bank city of Jericho, according to their sworn testimonies. With his firearm visible, they said, he ordered them to strip from the waist down and sexually assaulted them one at a time. The boys described the assailant as average height and build, black hair, in his 30s, with a mole on his left cheek. Their grandfather said the Palestinian Liaison Office submitted a complaint to the Israeli Police Internal Investigations Department.

“It’s been three weeks since these kids were sexually assaulted, and they live in fear with their attacker still on the loose,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, Accountability Program director at DCI-Palestine. “We urge Israeli authorities to carry out a swift investigation and apprehend the suspect before he attacks again.”

Israeli investigators met with the children and obtained their statements. The boys said they can identify their attacker in a lineup. They spotted him again a few days after he assaulted them in the same area, driving toward them with two other passengers. They immediately left their herd of goats unattended and hid until he drove away.

This is the first case DCI-Palestine has documented in which Palestinian children were sexually assaulted by an Israeli perpetrator in police uniform outside of arrest and interrogation. Since 2009, there have been at least 20 cases of children alleging sexual abuse and threats by Israeli interrogators.

In February, DCI-Palestine submitted a complaint to the Israeli Police Internal Investigations Department to investigate allegations of ill treatment during the separate interrogations of two Palestinian teenage boys at Ariel police station, including verbal abuse of a sexual nature against one of them. Those responsible have yet to be held accountable or brought to justice.


One of the victims accessing the water tank used for their goats in the area of the assault

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Israeli forces issue demolition orders to Bedouins in Yatta

HEBRON (Ma’an) — Israeli forces issued demolition orders to seven Bedouin families in south Hebron on Monday, locals said.

Israeli military vehicles raided an area east of Yatta and issued the orders to Bedouin families from the al-Hathalin tribe, witnesses told Ma’an.

Salim Eid al-Hathalin, Muatasim Suleiman al-Hathalin, Halima Salim al-Hathalin, Khalil Shuib al-Hathalin, Ali Muhammad al-Hathalin, Salim Muhammad al-Hathalin and Eidah al-Hathalin all received demolition orders for several semi-permanent structures.

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