Israeli Soldiers Invade Palestinian School West of Ramallah

Israeli forces raided, on Sunday, a Palestinian school and terrorized its students in the village of Deir Nizam, west of Ramallah in central occupied West Bank.

According to the Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA), soldiers invaded the school and ransacked classrooms, causing panic and fear among students as soldiers threatened to detain them.

Soldiers claimed that rocks were allegedly thrown by some students at illegal settlers’ vehicles near the village.

In related news, recently Israeli forces, demolished the foundations of a new school that was in the process of being built, east of Yatta town, south of the occupied West Bank city of Hebron.

Article 26 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, states that everyone has the right to education, and that education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.

(Source / 19.01.2020) 

Israel Opens Dams, Floods Agricultural Land in Gaza

For the third time in one week, on Saturday, Israel opened dams collecting rain water towards lands east of Gaza City, flooding hundreds of dunams of agricultural land, said witnesses.

WAFA correspondent said that Israel opened the dams and drained the collected rainwater toward the Gaza Strip flooding and damaging hundreds of dunams of land planted with wheat, barley, peas, cabbage, and cauliflower.

Losses to farmers were estimated in the thousands of dollars, the Palestine News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported.

(Source / 19.01.2020) 


Ramallah (QNN)- The Israeli occupation army on Sunday raided a school in the village of Deir Nidham in western Ramallah.

Sources told QNN that the students of the school were having a normal school day and there was no reason for the army to break into the school.

It also added that the soldiers suddenly broke into the school’s courtyards and the main building. The principal and teachers tried to prevent them from reaching the students and classes, however, they failed.

The army claimed that someone at the school threw stones at them.

The sources told QNN reporter that “the army raided one of the school buildings and searched eight classes in addition to the teachers’ room and the WC”.

“They were looking for a specific person”, the sources said.

Deir Nidham secondary co-ed school includes 232 students, who study in all grades from kindergarten to secondary level. 

(Source / 19.01.2020) 

Gaza Bombed for 2nd Time in 24 Hours

Occupation aircraft have carried out a fresh round of airstrikes, against targets in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, as Israel continues with its acts of aggression against the besieged Palestinian coastal sliver.

The Israeli military said, in a statement, that a combat helicopter attacked infrastructure used for by the Hamas movement, late on Thursday. No immediate reports of casualties in the aerial assaults were available.

The statement added that the attack was conducted after two balloons with explosives were flown from the Gaza Strip into Israeli-occupied territories, earlier in the day.

A video published by Israel’s Kan news network purported to show Hamas members leaving a post ahead of the strike.

Israeli police said that at least two clusters of balloons carrying explosive devices were launched from the Strip, into the southern sector of Israeli-occupied territories, earlier in the day.

One of the clusters apparently landed in an open field and the other became tangled in a tree. Sappers were called to the scenes in the Sdot Negev region east of Gaza, PNN further reports.

One of the devices purportedly went off as the sappers arrived at the scene. The explosion caused no injuries or damage.

Late on Wednesday, Israeli warplanes carried out several airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, targeting a number of areas in the north and the northwest of the coastal enclave.

Palestinian media reported that one of the airstrikes targeted a Hamas position. The attack caused an explosion and material damage to nearby buildings.

Another attack targeted areas in Jabalia and Beit Lahia, in Gaza’s north.

Gaza has been under Israeli siege since June of 2007.

Since 2008, Israel has waged three wars against Gaza, where about two million Palestinians live under a 12-year Israeli blockade. Thousands of Gazans have been killed in each of these deadly wars.

(Source / 18.01.2020) 

Three Palestinians Detained Near Bethlehem, Including a Former Prisoner

Israeli soldiers, on Friday, detained at least three Palestinians from the southern West Bank district of Bethlehem, the Palestinian News and Info Agency (WAFA) reported.

Security sources confirmed that Israeli forces conducted an invasion into Bethlehem city, resulting in the detention of two Palestinians, including a former prisoner.

Soldiers also rounded up another Palestinian after ransacking his family’s home in an incursion in Njeim village, located east of Bethlehem.

In related news, eleven Palestinians, including a 70 year old man, were abducted from their homes in Jenin, Jerusalem and Hebron, on Thursday at dawn.

(Source / 18.01.2020) 


Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli media claimed on Saturday that a Palestinian woman in her 50s attempted to stab armed Israeli soldiers at Damascus Gate area in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli channel 13 stated that a Border Guards Police unit arrested the elderly woman on Saturday, claiming that she attempted to carry out a stabbing attack at Bab Al Amoud.

The lady was attacked and arrested then sent for interrogation before the Israeli soldiers closed Bab Al Amoud area.

 (Source / 18.01.2020) 


Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Palestine Prisoners Center for Studies has documented 200 arrests throughout historic Palestine since the start of 2020.

The center revealed that the arrests include 21 children (under the age of 18), the youngest of them is Muhammad Abu Qalbein (13 years old) from the neighborhood of Bab Al Amoud in occupied Jerusalem.

Israeli forces also arrested Hussein Younes (17 years old) from Bethlehem after shooting him in the knee, causing fractures. The child has undergone several surgeries to fix his knee.

The arrests also included seven Palestinian ladies and girls, most of them are from Jerusalem. They also arrested a pregnant woman in her last month of pregnancy along with her husband. She was released after long hours of interrogation and a 20,000 Shekel fine.

Six Palestinians from Gaza have been arrested this year as well, two of them were arrested at Erez border crossing and four others were arrested near the separation barrier.

(Source / 18.01.2020) 

Israel Displaces Jerusalemite Family After Forcing It To Raze Home

Photos File

Photos File

The Israeli occupation municipality on Friday forced a Jerusalemite citizen to demolish his own house in Jabel al-Mukaber neighborhood at the pretext of unlicensed construction.

Ammar Nassar, the homeowner, had to demolish the house after the municipality gave him until next Tuesday to raze it, or else he would have paid exorbitant money to the Israeli occupation authority if it had carried out the demolition.

A family of six individuals, including four children, was living in the house and they have no other place to live in.

The municipality had already forced Ammar’s brothers, Maher and Mohamed, to demolish their own homes in the same neighborhood last week. The measure led to the displacement of 15 individuals, including 11 children.

(Source / 18.01.2020) 

Israel army demolishes school to disrupt education for Palestinians

chool in Gaza shelled by Israeli forces

File photo of a school shelled illegally by Israeli forces

A school that was in the middle of construction in the town of Yatta located in the south Hebron hills of the occupied West Bank has been destroyed by Israeli soldiers, reported the official Palestinian news agency Wafa.

The foundations of what would have been an elementary school was built between Yatta and Bani Naim, in an area close to the illegal Israeli settlement of Beni Hefer.

The demolition came just one week after Defence Minister Naftali Bennett declared that he was embarking on a battle for Area C of the West Bank to ensure that it remains in Israeli hands.

The school was intended to serve children in the remote villages who often have to travel long distances and through rough and hazardous terrain to reach their schools in nearby towns.

Representative of the Anti-Settlement Committee in the West Bank Rateb Jabour told Wafa that no prior notice of demolition was given to the school administration in a bid to impede Palestinian children’s education.

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This is not the first school to be demolished by occupation forces in Hebron. A similar school near Al-Dahriya town south of occupied Hebron was demolished last year.

Naomi Linder Kahn, the representative of the right-wing settler group Regavim which campaigns for the demolition of Palestinian villages, said: “What is new – and is very welcome and long overdue – is the fact that the Civil Administration has begun to take the strategic threat posed by these illegal PA outposts [Birin] seriously.”

“The Civil Administration exercised its authority to demolish new structures – and stood up, at last, to the EU’s brazen meddling and unabashed support for illegal construction. We hope this new resolve will gain momentum, and turn the tide back on the PA’s hostile takeover of Area C.”

The town of Yatta, which exists in complete and utter isolation from the rest of the occupied West Bank, is located in Area C, which constitutes the larger territorial chunk, about 60 per cent, of the West Bank.

Over the years, villagers have also lost access to large parts of their agricultural land as a nearby Israeli settlement expanded.

(Source / 17.01.2020) 

Israel Demolishes School Foundation Near Hebron, Closes Two Schools in Jerusalem

Israeli forces, Thursday, demolished the foundations of a new school that was in the process of being built, east of Yatta town, south of the southern occupied West Bank city of Hebron, according to Rateb Jabour, member of the National and Popular Committee Resisting the Wall and Settlements.

Jabour added that Israeli soldiers came to the school, located close the illegal Israeli settlement of Beni Hefer, and began to demolish the foundation laid out for the construction, and no advance notice given to school administration.

In related news, Israeli forces, on Tuesday, prevented the opening of the second semester for two schools in the occupied Palestinian city of Jerusalem, Alray reported. Palestinian schools Al-Wad al-Sadiq and Al-Fursan, were closed under the pretext that the schools lack construction permits.

(Source / 17.01.2020)