Netanyahu Not Really Considering Two-State Solution, Says Danon

Israeli lawmaker Danny Danon (L), then a deputy parliament speaker, stands near an Israeli police officer in front of the Dome of the Rock on the compound known to Muslims as al-Haram al-Sharif and to Jews as Temple Mount, in Jerusalem’s Old City, July 20, 2010.
“The Emperor has no clothes!” the little boy shouted in the classic Danish fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. Lucky for us, we have a little boy just like that to shout the news from the rooftops and to expose a reality that we all tend to deny. We have a little boy to point out all the lies and false promises made by kings, presidents and prime ministers. That boy’s name is Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon.

True, Danon isn’t really a little boy anymore. He is actually the deputy minister of defense. Nevertheless, this week he said something that most of us don’t like to hear: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of his party, keeps calling for talks with the Palestinians because he knows that Israel will never reach an agreement with them.

In an interview with the Times of Israel on June 8, the deputy minister of defense told the truth that we all deny. He said that the ruling coalition is “staunchly opposed to a two-state solution and would block the creation of a Palestinian state if such a proposal ever came to a vote.”

Jaws must have dropped in the prime minister’s office. How is it possible that this boy, Danon, who even received a special treat in being appointed deputy minister of defense, is shouting the truth from the rooftops? Danon wasn’t embarrassed about it, either. He certainly didn’t mince his words:

“Look at the government. There was never a government discussion, resolution or vote about the two-state solution. If you will bring it to a vote in the government — nobody will bring it to a vote, it’s not smart to do it — but if you bring it to a vote, you will see that the majority of Likud ministers, along with the Jewish Home [party], will be against it.”

The cat is out of the bag.

On the other hand, it isn’t really that surprising. Everyone could see it. Netanyahu and his government say one thing, but in practice they do everything they can to avoid implementing the one idea that can ensure peace with the Palestinians. What I mean, of course, is a two-state solution, an end to the conflict and Israeli recognition of a Palestinian state in exchange for Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish state.

The fact is that the tactic of saying one thing while doing the opposite was not the brainchild of Netanyahu and his government. Several other prime ministers did the same thing before him. The most sophisticated of them all was former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. This is what he did exactly 11 years ago on June 24, 2002, when then-US president George W. Bush presented him with his “Roadmap to Peace.” The plan called for an immediate cease-fire as a first stage. The second stage, to be completed by late 2003, called for a freeze on settlement construction and the creation of a Palestinian state with temporary borders. The third stage, to be completed by the end of 2005, was a final status agreement with international associates and supervisors.

So why was Sharon the most sophisticated of the lot? Because the first thing he did was to say “yes.” After consulting with his closest advisers, he immediately announced that he accepted the plan, even praising it. However, he also asked for 11 specific reservations to the Statement of Principles — just for protocol, of course.

Anyone who knew Sharon and his opinions was well aware that he would never be willing to accept Bush’s Roadmap. He would never agree to accept the establishment of a Palestinian state headed by the one man he detested more than anyone, then-Palestinian chairman Yasser Arafat.

We should remember that Arafat was then the head of the Palestinian Authority, and 2002 was a tough year for the intifada. Back then, Sharon used to take every visiting congressman and every European diplomat to the summit of Jabal Harasa in Samaria to show them Israel’s “narrow waistline” and the looming dangers if — God forbid — the territory is handed over to Arafat. On a clear day, they could see the ships docked in the port of Ashdod, the entire city of Tel Aviv and airplanes taking off and landing at Ben Gurion Airport. On the other hand, offering real resistance to such an important component of Bush’s foreign policy would be imprudent and lead to significant pressure on Israel. He knew that he could never say no to the US president, who was Israel’s closest friend on Capitol Hill at that time.

That is why Sharon decided to say “yes” but at the same time pulled a rabbit out of his hat that would kill Bush’s vision softly: unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip. In other words, his idea was to sacrifice Gaza, dismantle the Jewish settlements there and evacuate the settlers in order to save the West Bank.

In hindsight, it is safe to say that his plan succeeded. The disengagement is remembered negatively due to the firing of Qassam rockets and mortars at the settlements of southern Israel and an incessant series of clashes between Israel and the Gaza Strip. At the same time, Jewish settlements in the West Bank expanded and multiplied, and the Roadmap became obsolete.

Four years after the disengagement, in June 2009, Netanyahu gave a speech at Bar Ilan University that stunned everyone who knew him.

“I told President [Barack] Obama in Washington: If we agree on the essence, the terminology will not pose a problem. I am stating the essence here clearly: If we get a guarantee of demilitarization, and if the Palestinians recognize Israel as the Jewish state, we are ready to agree to a real peace agreement, a demilitarized Palestinian state side by side with the Jewish state.”

Another four years of stalemate have passed, and we needed Netanyahu’s protégé Danon to reveal the big secret, even if he did so without the prior approval of the head of his party. Netanyahu is only saying “yes” so as not to upset Obama, just like Sharon tried not to upset Bush. Nevertheless, there is a big difference between the two of them. Sharon actually evacuated settlements, while Netanyahu only expands them.

So it is worth paying attention to Danny Danon, who naively told the truth, even if he’s not a little boy.

(Source / 12.06.2013)

Lebanon situation update, June 2013

Photo Ownership Unknown

The estimated number of Palestinian refugees seeking safety in Lebanon from the conflict in Syria has risen to 57,000, creating further economic and political strain on Lebanon, aid agencies and host Palestinian communities throughout Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps.

Lebanon – which has a population of about 4 million and is hosting over a half a million refugees from Syria – announced in early June that it may place restrictions on refugees fleeing Syria.

Both the existing Palestinian refugee population in Lebanon and the newly arriving refugees from Syria are facing increasing hardship as the already overcrowded camps strive to accommodate this influx.

The United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNRWA) reports that although the majority of Palestinian refugees from Syria are still sheltering in Lebanon’s camps, a growing number are seeking shelter elsewhere as the camps become steadily more overcrowded.

Palestinian refugees from Syria finding shelter outside of the camps are a highly vulnerable group as they may be less likely to benefit from UNRWA assistance.

A recent UNRWA survey has revealed the perilous situation that Palestinian families from Syria are facing in Lebanon: only 7% of Palestinian refugees from Syria have been able to find work; the average number living in one shared apartment is 12 people; 21% of families reported that their residences are not suitable for living in (in that they were missing walls, a roof or sanitary facilities) and 45% reported not being able to secure enough food for their families. In terms of health, 18% are suffering from chronic illnesses; 42% of households contain at least one member visiting a physician (97% of these consultations involve medication meaning that UNRWA’s stocks are running low) and 17% have had at least one member requiring hospitalisation.

MAP’s regular programmes continue in Lebanon, and we are also supporting programmes to help displaced Syrian and Palestinian refugees from Syria in the camps, who currently make up 10% to 30% of all beneficiaries of MAP-supported projects in Lebanon.

So far, the psychosocial emergency response project has reached over 500 beneficiaries and their families, and the emergency tertiary care relief programme, run in partnership with UNRWA, has supported 39 people to date.

We continue to monitor the political and humanitarian turmoil unfolding elsewhere in Lebanon as a result of the conflict in Syria, including the clashes between pro- and anti-Assad neighbourhoods in Tripoli and recent rocket attacks on Hezbollah neighbourhoods of Beirut.

(Source / 12.06.2013)

Report: Israel seeks to enlarge West Bank settlement

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Israeli government has advanced plans for of 550 residential units in a small settlement in the northern West Bank, Israeli media said Tuesday.

The Hebrew-language Walla news site said that if granted final approval, the plans for Bruchin settlement would expand the formerly illegal outpost by five times its current capacity.

The construction plans include sport centers and public facilities in addition to 550 residential units, the website said.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper reported that final approval would not occur until the end of a 60-day period for the public to file objections, followed by a final authorization.

The head of the Israeli army’s central command signed an order in 2012 granting the once-illegal outpost the status of a legally recognized settlement under Israeli law.

Settlements are widely viewed to be illegal under international law.

(Source / 12.06.2013)

Israel defense minister to visit Pentagon

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon gives a thumbs-up to US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on April 23.

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon leaves on Wednesday for talks with US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, his first visit to Washington since taking office in March, the ministry said.

“During the visit the two men are expected to discuss current security, diplomatic and regional issues,” it said.

It added that he would also meet US politicians, Jewish community leaders and members of the influential pro-Israel lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Hagel visited Israel in April.

Israeli daily Yediot Aharonot has said the focus of the talks would be military and intelligence cooperation on events in Syria and Israel’s concerns over the Russian sale to Damascus of advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missiles.

From Washington, Yaalon is to fly on to Paris to inaugurate the Israeli pavilion at the annual air show and for meetings with Prime Minister Laurent Fabius and Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian.

(Source / 12.06.2013)

This Blog is Now Censored by Google – Content Control to Mute News from Occupied Palestine

While mining your data and thoughts, Google’s determines their ‘search-engine’ is limiting ‘results’ to feed your new thoughts with selected info…


June 12, 2013 | by occpal

A message from occpal to all our 27.639 followers (for new ones won’t find us through google anymore)

We almost missed out on the short message between all subscription notifications, there is a ‘quality issue’ with this blog using alleged ‘forbidden techniques’ which over the last years – with many work and countless hours – has been build into a news archive with the sole purpose to disseminate the news as widely as possible to create awareness for the Palestinian plight and the suffering of Palestinians inside occupied Palestine and all those in exile.

google webmaster tools

Google decided that this no longer qualifies to be listed in the searches, hence, they even banned all content so it’s not possible to find a single link to this weblog.

As Israel slowly takes over the whole of Palestine, it also controls MSM, manipulates internet content and even pays people up to 92$ an hour to report content or sites, every button is being pushed to silence those who speak up for the Palestinian plight.

Now we have seen similar censorship and muting of free speech for tens of times in the light of the zionist war on truth. And tens of times we started from scratch all over. As we will do now. We will not be silenced.

A simple message to those who try to ban truth:

You can steal the milk but not the udders!

Our gratitude to all contributors to this blog. The activists who risked their lives to provide us from live updates for live blogs, a salute to the photographers who are deliberately targeted with violence in effort to give you a real time insight of the truth and are your eye into the ugly occupation, and last but not least all the friends and followers, fellow activists and supporters who helped this blog to become what it is today.

We condemn the censorship especially for the voices we want to continue; of those who lost their lives in the genocide. We salute the Shuhada of Palestine and took – and still take – the pledge to keep voicing their sacrifice,  as well as the suffering of the loved ones that were left behind.

Blocking listings of news by a search engine anno 2013 is like buying a book with pages torn out. And we will not remain silent to fill up the gaps in the censored manipulated main stream media by all means possible to inform people of information they are looking for.

Of course sharing of this post over your networks will be appreciated as it will not reach no person anymore through the google malfunctioning engine of partial information.

Free Palestine!

Update 1

We files a request for reconsideration of Google’s decision to ban this weblog from it’s listings. We sincerely hope after Google put Palestine ‘on the map’ it did not fall for anynegative SEO to succumb for any such reason by deleting supportive Palestine’s news sources.  This request should not be considered as a negotiation. For we will not negotiate the right to inform(ation). We will protest this action to ban our content and efforts online, until it is lifted.

In the meanwhile we want to thank some friends for offering us – non profit, no budget activists – the funds to transmit paid submission to search engines. May Allaah SWT/G-d/God reward you although for your generous offers and support. Ame(e)n

Yet, we offered with this weblog news and updates to 3 million visitors since December 2010 by hard work and dedication, structural daily updating of news to become a reliable source and archive for resource and updates, live blogs and opinions about Occupied Palestine. We prefer to stay non profit and will continue this blog in this same way. And with the same dedication as this blog was compiled, we will keep fighting this censorship.

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IOA transfers 12-year-old detainee to hospital

BETHLEHEM, (PIC)– The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) transferred a 12-year-old Palestinian child to Hadassah Ein Karem hospital in Jerusalem only few hours after his arrest.

The director of the Palestinian prisoner’s society in Bethlehem, Abdulfattah Khalil, told Quds Press on Tuesday that medical sources informed the family of the child Husam Khalifa, of his transfer to hospital late last night.

Khalil said that the child’s father, from Bethlehem, was with him until 02:00 am (local time) Tuesday after Israeli occupation forces summoned him to a roadblock where his son Husam was being held.

He said that Husam was in good health and did not suffer any health problems before his detention.

Khalil expressed concern that the child might have been beaten and tortured after his father left him, holding the IOA fully responsible for his life.

(Facebook / 11.06.2013)

Health condition of detainee Thaer Halahle

A Palestinian human rights group has warned of the rapid deterioration of the health condition of detainee Thaer Halahle who suffered from a liver infection few weeks after his detention.

The Palestinian prisoner’s society said in a statement on Tuesday that Halahle was not treated for his disease, which worsened his condition.

Halahle charged the Israeli prison administration with attempting to kill him, explaining that he underwent dental treatment during his interrogation in Askalan jail during which “contaminated” tools were used.

He said that his health condition was worsening and his abdomen was swelling because of the infection.

(Facebook / 11.06.2013)

Rechter verbiedt deportatie van Abdellah


Zojuist heefstop_deportatiest de advocaat van Abdellah ons bericht dat de rechter in zijn voordeel heeft beslist: de uitzetting van Abdellah mag morgen niet doorgaan!

Abdellah’s familie is overgelukkig met het goeie nieuws; de afgelopen tijd is zenuwslopend geweest. We hopen dat Abdellah vanuit detentiecentrum Schiphol snel contact kan opnemen met zijn familie en ons – waarschijnlijk weet hij het zelf nog niet.

Nu de rechter de uitzetting van Abdellah verboden heeft, heeft de advocaat – nu één die wél in het belang van Abdellah handelt – de ruimte om hem uit detentie en deze rotsituatie te krijgen.

De strijd is nog niet voorbij: naast de procedures voor Abdellah zelf, zullen er ook stappen komen tegen zijn vorige advocaat, die herhaaldelijk met opzet de procedures heeft gesaboteerd.

“Meester” Kleijweg, u hoort nog van ons!!

(Source / 11.06.2013)

The wave of night time invasions and arrests by the Israeli military continues in the village of Ni’lin


A wave of night time invasions and arrests by the Israeli military continues in the village of Ni’lin. At 3am on the 10th of June Ahmad Daood, 26 years old, was arrested in his home. Six military jeeps and more than thirty soldiers invaded the village in the night and tore down the gate to the Daood house. Ahmad was awakened from his sleep and brutally dragged out of bed. He was handcuffed, blindfolded and beaten in front of his family before being taken away in one of the jeeps.

Ahmad Daood (Photo by Ni'lin Sons)

Ahmad Daood (Photo by Ni’lin Sons)

Ahmed was taken to Ofer Military Prison but it is still unclear whether or not he has received any medical treatment for the wounds that he sustained during the arrest. Witnesses stated he was bleeding as he was taken away by the soldiers.

Nighttime incursions in Ni’lin are still a very common occurrence and on the night of Ahmad Daood’s arrest the village was invaded twice; the first time around 1:30 am where no arrests were made. As the villagers just settled back to bed, thinking that the soldiers had left for the night, Ni’lin was invaded yet again.

On an average week the village is targeted for nightly invasions two or three times and since last month 29 people have been arrested during these incursions. Most of those arrested are likely to face sentences of more than a year in prison for their participation in peaceful demonstrations against the  annexation wall separating Ni’lin farmers from their land. Many of the arrested have previously spent time in prison and therefore can expect harsher sentences, sometimes even double, as the Army prosecutors claim that they have violated the conditions of their release.

We ask ourselves how probation conditions could regulate basic human rights such as taking part in peaceful demonstrations against the occupation of one’s land. Once again the makeshift order of the Apartheid Israeli justice system only serves to facilitate the colonization of Palestine.

(Source / 11.06.2013)

NAM concerned over Israeli violation of Palestinians rights

File photo shows a meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

File photo shows a meeting of the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“The Iran envoy also urged the immediate release of Palestinians, especially women and children, held in Israeli jails, and called on the international community to take action in favor of the Palestinian prisoners with regard to Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of detainees out of the occupied territories.”

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has warned the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) about the Israeli crimes in Palestinian territories, calling for an end to Tel Aviv’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Addressing a UNHRC session on Monday, Iranian Ambassador to the UN Office in Geneva Mohsen Naziri-Asl voiced the bloc’s concern over the increasing brutal carnage of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, the construction of a separation barrier in the occupied West Bank, Tel Aviv’s land grab, and the ongoing siege of the Gaza Strip, among other things.

Iran currently holds the rotating presidency of the NAM.

Naziri-Asl called for the reversal of illegal sanctions on the populated coastal sliver and freedom of travel for over 1.5 million Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip.

The Iran envoy also urged the immediate release of Palestinians, especially women and children, held in Israeli jails, and called on the international community to take action in favor of the Palestinian prisoners with regard to Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention, which prohibits the transfer of detainees out of the occupied territories.

The official condemned the continued occupation of Palestinian territories by the Israeli regime as the violation of the very basic rights of Palestinians.

He called for an end to the occupation of all Palestinian territories, especially the illegally annexed city of al-Quds (Jerusalem), and the return of all Palestinian refugees to their homeland.

Naziri-Asl further stressed NAM’s support for the Palestinians’ right to live in their homeland, decide their fate and hold assemblies.

He also called for investigation into the condition of Palestinian prisoners and the commercial activities of Israeli firms in the illegal settlements built in the occupied West Bank.

(Source / 11.06.2013)