Saudi, ‘Israel’ engaged in secret talks over Al Aqsa mosque custody

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- The occupation state and Saudi Arabia have been conducting secret talks about including Saudi representatives in the Islamic Waqf Council at the Al Aqsa mosque in occupied Jerusalem, Israel Hayom reported Monday.

“These are sensitive and secret discussions conducted with ambiguity and low intensity with a small team of diplomats and senior security officials from Israel, the US and Saudi Arabia as part of negotiations to progress the Deal of the Century,” said senior Saudi diplomats to Israel Hayom.

The move was said to come as Jordan is reportedly increasingly worried by the levels of Turkish influence in Palestinian affairs and matters concerning East Jerusalem, according to the newspaper.

Palestinians who were added to the council in recent months have allegedly been allowing for increased involvement of Islamic-Turkish organizations in the holy mosque, under the auspices of Turkey.

As a result, Jordan has sent messages to the occupation state and the US that they would be ready to soften their position when it comes to integrating Saudi representatives into the Waqf Council, claimed the newspaper.

Jordan’s royal family is the custodianship of Jerusalem Muslim and Christian holy sites. The legacy traces back to 1924 when the Supreme Muslim Council, the highest Muslim body in charge of Muslim community affairs in Mandatory Palestine, accepted Hussein bin Ali (Sharif of Mecca) as custodian of Al-Aqsa. The custodianship became a Hashemite legacy administered by consecutive Jordanian kings.

KIn 1967, the occupation state occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, which were both under the Jordan control, but the custodianship of holy sites in Jerusalem remained with Jordan.

(Source / 01.06.2020)

Israeli forces arrest two worshipers, allow 127 settlers to storm Al Aqsa mosque

Occupied Palestine (QNN)- Dozens of Israeli settlers on Monday stormed the courtyards of Al Aqsa mosque, while Israeli forces arrested two worshipers.

A source in the Department of Islamic Waqf told QNN that 127 extremist settlers, including 37 religious extremists from religious schools, stormed the courtyards of the holy mosque this morning.

Israeli forces had arrested dozens of worshipers and prevented them from visiting the holy mosque for a week.

Israeli forces also arrested two worshipers this morning after breaking into their houses in the old city.

(Source / 01.06.2020)

‘Israel’ arrested 750 Palestinians in Jerusalem this year

Ramallah (QNN)- Human rights resources said Israeli forces arrested over 750 native Palestinians in occupied Jerusalem this year so far.

The Prisoners’ association said in a statement issued on Sunday that Israeli forces have arrested over 750 native Palestinians from the Palestinian capital city since the start of 2020. The arrests included women, children, leaders, and activists.

The statement added that the occupation state hasn’t stopped arrests even with the spread of the coronavirus. over 300 Palestinians have been arrested since last March.

It also noted that the Israeli policy of systematic arrests in occupied Jerusalem aims to foil any activity that may support the resistance of Palestinians in the holy city or protect Al Aqsa mosque.

Several Jerusalemites have been arrested over ten times, while most of them got entry ban orders to Al Aqsa mosque or even to Jerusalem. House arrest was also imposed on hundreds of children in the city.

The association added that the Israelis deliberately rearrest prisoners the moment they get released to prevent them and their families from enjoying freedom.

(Source / 01.06.2020)

‘Israel’ arrests Jerusalem’s Governor and others

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces on Sunday arrested the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Gheith, and members of Fatah movement during a vigil, marking the 19th anniversary of the death of Faisal Husseini, a Palestinian politician who is believed to be killed in 2001.

Israeli Shin Bet repressed the vigil and arrested several participants, which was organized in front of the headquarter of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) in Jerusalem.

Ghaith has been detained several times in recent months, the latest was last April.

In February, Israeli occupation authorities banned Adnan Ghaith from entering the West Bank for six months and from communicating with the Palestinian Authority (PA), despite being the PA’s governor. He was previously arrested by Israeli forces in October 2019, and then again in November 2019.

Jerusalem remains at the heart of the decades-long Mideast conflict, with Palestinians hoping that East Jerusalem – occupied by Israel since 1967 – might one day serve as the capital of a Palestinian state. International law continues to view East Jerusalem, along with the entire West Bank, as “occupied territories” and considers all Jewish settlement construction there as illegal.

(Source / 01.06.2020)

In Videos| Israeli forces arrest worshipers, allow settlers’ raids into Al Aqsa mosque

Israeli police arrested worshipers, including a journalist and the head of a human rights watchdog, to make room for settlers’ raids

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli forces carried out an arrest campaign against worshipers at Al Aqsa mosque this morning while allowed dozens of settlers to break into the holy mosque and perform rituals.

QNN correspondence said Israeli forces allowed dozens of settlers to break into the courtyards of the holy mosque this morning.

She added that dozens of worshipers continued to stay in the holy mosque and its courtyards from pre-dawn hours. Israeli police kept trying to evict worshipers to make room for settlers’ raids.

Quds News Network10 hours ago

Israeli police detain three Palestinians in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in occupied Jerusalem, today.

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Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

The police arrested journalist Sondos Oweis although of carrying a press card. It also arrested Raeda Saeed, Ihab Abu Sneineh, Luwai Jaber.

Oweis and Saeed were released a few hours later but ordered to stay away from Al Aqsa mosque for one week.

Israeli forces also arrested Obada Najeeb from the old city and summoned the head of the Prisoners Association in Jerusalem, Naser Qous.

The Israeli arrests campaign continues until this moment, while settlers led by the extremist terrorist Yehudah Glick continue to break into the mosque.

Hundreds of worshipers had been waiting at the gates of Al Aqsa mosque from the very early dawn hours. The worshipers kept waiting until the gate of the holy mosque was opened for the first time in 69 days. All gates of Al Aqsa mosque were closed by the Islamic Waqf to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

(Source / 31.05.2020)

‘Israel’ demolishes four houses within Green Line

Tira (QNN)- Israeli bulldozers demolished four residential buildings in Tira, a city located within the Green Line zone, on Sunday.

Local sources said Israeli police stormed the city this morning before surrounding under-construction houses owned by Ibrahim Khafash and demolished them.

Israeli police claimed that all the four buildings had no construction permissions. Khafash, however, stated that “there is a lawsuit concerning the building” and that the court hasn’t issued any ruling yet.

“We started building those houses in 2013”, he said. “I paid everything I had to build them and I was shocked that they demolished them.”

(Source / 31.05.2020)

Why the annexation of Palestinian lands should matter, globally and to every one

By Qassam Muaddi 

The annexation of over thirty percent of the West Bank by the occupation state, announced by the Netanyahu-Gantz government for next July, can best be described with the title of Garcia Marquez’s novel; “Chronicle of a death foretold”. Not the death of the two-state solution or the peace process, but rather the death of a lie that has been held on artificial breath system for twenty-nine years. At least since the first peace conference at Madrid in 1991.

It is the lie by which Palestinians could rely on international law and a supposed international community to obtain some kind of statehood, independence, freedom, a place under the sun. It was a death foretold by Yitzahac Shamir, then Prime Minister of the state of Israel, at the Madrid conference itself, when he said that Israel was going to negotiate for twenty years without any timeframe commitments. For some reason, the world back then including some Palestinian leaders decided to pretend it did not hear Shamir’s words, and proceeded. What happened next is history, now more than ever, useless to repeat.

Today, at the event of another Israeli mocking of International law that will be forgiven and rewarded by the international community the next morning, only one question is worth to be asked. At the sight of eviction orders being distributed to Palestinians across the Jordan valley, from North to South, of settlers running to grab as much hill-tops and water wells as they can, of Israeli bulldozers leveling any Four walls with a water tank on the top of them and Palestinians holding to whatever they have left with their teeth, only one question deserves to be thought of seriously: What should the world be doing to stop this crime? Not the governments of the world or the UN organization, No. The citizens of the world, each and everyone in their place and role, what should they be doing to stop this colonization machine that has been, for over a century now, smashing lives and dreams under its caterpillars?

Everybody is concerned

The question is worth asking because everybody is concerned. It touches you, me, personally, no matter where we live. To think otherwise is hiding behind one’s own finger. The reason is not that coronavirus proved how much of a “small town” the world has become, but because it has reaffirmed how much of a place it is where human life and dignity come at last. And unless genuine, global citizen solidarity is built, we would all be giving our consent.

The eviction of a Palestinian family from their land, after destroying their home and business, in order to install a settler who just arrived from Russia in their place is the result of that consent. Just like the murder of George Floyd by policemen in Minneapolis, in the middle of impunity because of his skin color, is also a result of that consent. Our collective, world-wide, repetitive consent.

Don’t give your consent

At the dawn of the end of World War II, a new international system was inaugurated, supposedly based on an international declaration of human rights, but at the same time tens of thousands of civilians were being burned alive at Hiroshima, and an entire generation gave its consent. Three years later, Cont Folk Bernadotte called out the injustice that was being committed against the Palestinian people and he was murdered for that, by those who a few months later proclaimed the state of Israel, and the world gave its consent.

But our generation has its part of responsibility too. Millions around the world watched on tv how Iraq was being bombed to the ground in 2003, based on a lie. Many did not give their consent. They protested and said No, but most of us did. And every time that any life from Hiroshima, from Iraq, from Chile or from Palestine did not matter, it was a black life, a white life, a human life anywhere, and at any time that did not matter.

More Palestinians than it was thought

The Palestinian people have today, more reasons than ever to feel that they have been let down by the international community. As they watch what remains of their land being annexed away, they have all reasons to believe that they are alone. However, when Afro-Americans protest against the murder of black people by policemen, when a Colombian student is beaten to death for protesting against cuts on education when Algerians demonstrate against dictatorship and French against the stealing of their retirements, one can only conclude that there are more Palestinians in the world than is has been thought.

It is not surprising, therefore, to see how the Palestine solidarity movement has been systematically criminalized in several European countries in the recent years. Any solidarity is a chance for a different kind of world. A more humane and just world. A world that is worth struggling for. And the forefront of that struggle, right now, is in the hills and valleys of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley.

(Source / 31.05.2020)

In Video| Israeli forces kill man, wound another with Down Syndrome in Nabi Saleh

Ramallah (QNN)- Israeli forces on Friday shot a Palestinian man dead and wounded another man with Down Syndrome in western Ramallah.

Local sources told QNN that Israeli soldiers opened fire at a Palestinian vehicle in Wadi Rayya near the village of Nabi Saleh in western Ramallah. The army claimed that the man, named Fadi Samara, was planning to run over them.

WAFA quoted local sources, who said that the soldiers prevented medical teams and journalists from reaching Samara and left him bleeding until he died.

Violent confrontations erupted in the village. Israeli forces used live rounds and tear gas canisters against citizens, wounding a man with Down Syndrome in his leg with a live bullet.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

‘Israel’ forces family to demolish house of handicapped mother

Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli authorities on Friday forced the family of Rasmiyyeh Basheer, a 72-year-old handicapped mother, to demolish her house in occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said the grandson of Rasmiyyeh had to demolish the house, in compliance with the Israeli orders.

The family of Rasmiyyeh had built the house 7 years ago specifically to suit her health condition, according to her son. The old lady has been using a wheelchair and suffering from several chronic diseases.

The Israeli army demolished the 85-meter house, displacing three of Rasmiyyeh’s family in addition to her.

(Source / 30.05.2020)

Israeli police executes intellectually disabled man for holding toy

Israeli cops directly executed Iyad because he was holding a “suspicious object” that turned out to be a toy

Occupied Jerusalem (QNN)- Israeli police on Saturday shot dead a Palestinian intellectually disabled man near Al Asbat gate in occupied Jerusalem only because he was holding a toy.

Israeli media confirmed the victim is Iyad Khairi Hallaq (32 years old), an intellectually disabled student, who was on his way to school.

The Israeli police claimed in a statement that police officers who were stationed near Jerusalem’s Al Asbat Gate noticed a young man holding a “suspicious object,” that they claim looked like a gun, and told him to stop in his tracks, after which the man began to flee, so they executed him immediately.

UltraPal quoted a member of his family, who said that Hallaq’s disability makes him with the capacity of a 7-year-old. He also has hearing and speech troubles, which is probably why he didn’t stop when he was ordered to.

Hallaq used to study in a school, specialized for people with intellectual disabilities, near Al Asbat gate. He was executed while on his way to school.

Israeli Police chased the man on foot, during which they fired at him, resulting in his death, admitted Israeli police.

Following the crime, the gates to the old city have been closed by police, fearing of protests.

Hamas issued a statement, condemning the Israeli crime and stating that “the execution of a Palestinian with special needs proves the sadism of the Israeli leadership.”

“Such crimes are a fuel for the Palestinian people’s revolution, which will not stop fighting until the withdrawal of the occupiers from all our lands,” Hamas said. “The response of our people, every time, will be continued resistance and intifada.”

(Source / 30.05.2020)